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(4 reviews)
Paris 19e
Pianist gives lessons at home in classical piano and music theory in Paris

Introduction to classical piano and musical culture for kids, teens or adults. We will create the most effective teaching strategy to reach your goals. The course is divided into hand technique, studies and exercises, repertoire. The first part will be dedicated to the position of the hand because a good technique is the basis for playing well.

(20 reviews)
Paris 15e
Anti-conservatoire music method. Professeur recognized competition jury C. Kahn.20 years experience

20 years experience as a teacher of graduate piano, recognized by the profession and the professional piano middle: jury member of the national claude kahn piano competition since 2007 (renamed contest on paris and france, 46th edition this year).

(5 reviews)
Paris 9e
Professional jazz and soul singer gives singing and vocal technique classes in Paris

Jazz singer gives singing essons, all levels, in paris (11th). The courses are to those who wish to improve their vocal technique or simply discover the singing. You can, at your convenience, practicing on all musical styles (jazz, soul, rnb, pop, variety, etc. ) . Each class starts by a theoretical approach (functioning of the vocal chords, warming up. ) to progressive mastery of song.

(13 reviews)
Paris 1er
Piano, music theory and composition, for all ages and levels in Paris

Hello, formed in a russian school at tchaikovsky moscow conservatory (piano, composition) and actually pursuing studies at the paris conservatory in the class of composition, i offer piano lessons, music theory, music composition for people of all ages and levels. I can help you in many areas: listening, intonation, theory, writing, composition, orchestration and improvisation.

(13 reviews)
Paris 5e
Pianist/Composer with PhD gives EXPERT PIANO and COMPOSITION LESSONS via Skype, all levels & ages

Expert piano & composition lessons online With experienced, friendly and professional pianist/teacher with a phd • would you love to be able to play anything you hear immediately, by ear? • would you benefit from a fun, powerful system integrating playing, ear training and music reading? • would you like to go beyond the written notes and learn to improvise and compose? ...

(6 reviews)
Experienced teacher gives lessons in piano / theory / history of music in Montrouge

I taught music for 25 years i took a double degree -the first is musical conservatory (piano first prize, music theory, chamber music, writing, analysis) -the second university after a masters iv sorbonne paris to radio france in collaboration with science po paris capes my music education teaching methods revolve around two poles on the one hand, about 1/4 hour music theory mainly (play ground...

(31 reviews)
Paris 11e
Piano lessons with a smile for all levels (beginner as superior, preparation for competitions or exams ....) in Bastille street rocket or moving. On your keyboard :) ^^ ^^ :)

Eric graduated from the national conservatory of paris (1st prize and diploma of master artist and winner of the third cycle of over 20 national and international competition), gives piano lessons for all levels and all ages, amateurs or professionals. Very nice and patient and adapts to any level. Street rocket (11th) on a grand piano.

(25 reviews)
Paris 6e
Play the Piano ! The pleasure of playing the Piano & the passion for the Piano

I suggest: 1) private piano lessons for children, adults, all ages and all levels, based on a custom musical followed : discovery - methodical learning - development - concert at the end of the year 2) coaching comedians and actors (piano) for example, i was professor of piano actor romain cottard in the preparation of the play by yasmina reza, "how do you tell the game".

(11 reviews)
Classical piano lessons, jazz, pop, qualified teacher, experienced, friendly, efficient, Paris (75012)

Qualified teacher, experienced, friendly, efficient. My teaching approach adapts to the student so that he can acquire or perfect the more intuitively possible musical parameters under study: listening, theory, technique, posture, touch, style, history. The correspondence of the music with the fine arts, architecture, philosophy, literature, poetry will also be addressed.

(12 reviews)
Piano lessons for all : jazz, classic, pop, in Paris and suburbs

Hello! I travel home to teach you to play in a good mood. Whether you are old or very young, eager, patient, eager for knowledge or rather especially attracted to the fun of playing, i open the doors of the keyboard at the pace that suits you. During an hour adapted to the styles of your choice, method 100% pleasure.

(21 reviews)
During individual and group guitar Meaux and idf with or without music theory

Good morning, everyone, i teach individual guitar at home or at my home (meaux 77100) and group sessions in the studio to meaux. I travel all over the island to france. All styles, all levels, all ages because the practice of the guitar should be accessible to all.

(12 reviews)
Concert pianist graduated from the Moscow Conservatory and the National Conservatory of Paris gives piano lessons in Paris

Concert pianist, formed by the followers of the most famous master of the russian piano school h. Neuhaus, graduated from the tchaikovsky conservatory in moscow, national superior conservatory of music and dance in paris and shola cantorum, professor of piano at the conservatory slave offers piano lessons at all levels and all ages.

(63 reviews)
Paris 9e
PIANO & VOCAL COACHING - Leisure & Pro - From 18 € in group and from 30 € in individual - singing coaching for castings tv & pro - vocal coaching for public speaking - all styles & levels -

Courses of singing / speaking & piano with setting in situations and free open stage every 2 months for the students who wish it 1 .

(5 reviews)
Vocal coach - music therapist : singing lessons to measure

I travel at home Singing teacher, singer-musician (trained by sarah sanders, coach of the voice.

(11 reviews)
Paris 15e
Piano lessons – Classical/Jazz/Improv/Learn how to compose your own music/Know how to accompany in any style

I try as much as possible to adapt to what my student is yearning for while keeping the necessary rigor to develop the musical project. Music in itself is demanding, only in proportion to the openness it brings to the player, beginner or experimented.

(11 reviews)
At home, play the piano with a concert pianist, teacher for 15 years

Dear future pianist - child, adolescent or adult With 15 years of expérience as music teacher, i would be very happy to come to your home to teach you piano and music theory. I love listening and discussing with you and answering your requests. Our agreement seems a fundamental element. I like to share your musical curiosity by giving you new standards.

(7 reviews)
Pianist and cellist gives private piano, cello and music theory classes for all age groups

A graduate in cello and music theory teaching, with a ba in musicology from the paris university la sorbonne, and a holder of a number of awards – 1 award of excellence, 3 awards from the sacem and 6 gold medals – i have been teaching in music academies for several years.

(10 reviews)
Language classes Music Piano, intonation, dictation, modern Harmony, Jazz, Blues, Boogie Woogie.

Private lessons in piano, musical language, modern harmony, jazz, blues, improvisation, piano classic and modern, all courses and levels, support for conservatory exams, professor entitled to great professional and teaching experience, the author of the method piano master. Free asesoramieno in buying pianos. Possibility of parking aparcamiento. Profesordepiano.

(5 reviews)
Piano course with international concert pianist, fluent English interactive and online dedicated lessons

Yumeki ohashi is a world class concert artist ―pianist with exceptional gift of feeling of the european music in period of xviii― xxi century , her repertoire range is quite huge which covers all of piano music works from german, french, austrian, and czech and slovak republic’s composers.

(8 reviews)
Musical language classes, music and piano initiation, in person or via Skype

Higher education degree in music. I do remedial classes in music theory and piano. In the theoretical classes (music theory) i incido quite in sight reading and study, apart from the actual theory. In piano lessons. A part of the body position and hand, i insist on musicality and the student to convey feelings through your body and hands touching a piece.

(4 reviews)
Music teacher in the Lille region, gives piano lessons, saxophone, music theory and MAO

I give piano lessons for all levels, in different styles (classical, jazz, variety, modern music. ) . Possibility of custom partitions, i adapt according to the expectations of the student. (see my blog on google weapon-keyboard). I teach saxophone for beginners or students who want to perfect the technical approach of improvisation and reading grids, jazz harmony, quantifications of agreements.

(2 reviews)
During Piano, guitar, music theory and music history

Fabien, 26, composer graduated from a degree in musicology. My courses are for beginners as insiders. The young and old. My method: work according to the expectations of the student and its objectives, working on a suitable method.

(2 reviews)
Piano, composition and computer music, 4 prizes from the Paris Conservatory, UK Ph.D. in composition

I am a pianist and composer, i offer courses at all levels. We can work on the classical repertoire, learn how to improvise in different styles classical / jazz, and computer music. I can teach piano, music theory, composition, and computer music (logic, live finale, sibelius, max. ), all levels, € 35 at home (222 rue de la convention 75015) and € 40 in displacement home.

(8 reviews)
Professor of piano and solfege, composition, harmony at home (and paris paris suburbs)

Professor at the conservatoire de paris gives lessons at home in classical piano, jazz, rock, pop, film music, folk music for children from 4 years and adults without age limit. Beginner to upper with different teaching methods for each child or adult is unique with its own sensibility. The teacher and the student must form a harmony to succeed.

(6 reviews)
Paris 15e
Young concert pianist gives private piano lessons for all levels in Paris

Learn with pleasure and ease to play the piano! Piano lessons all levels with professional pianist and young teacher, a graduate of the ecole normale de musique in paris and brussels royal conservatory with distinction, winner of numerous international competitions. Discover the beauty of the whole repertoire for piano through enjoyable pieces.

Ana isabel
(4 reviews)
Rio de Janeiro
Private piano lessons in your home in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Piano teacher formed in école normale alfred cortot gives private piano lessons in portuguese, french or english.

(3 reviews)
Culver City
Professional Music Teacher Offers Fun and Effective Lessons in Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet and Piano

I truly love sharing the gift of music with my students! As a professional musician for over 20 years, i can help beginners all the way up to advanced students studying saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano, music theory, composition, arranging and improvisation. My focus is always to help my students build their skills and confidence, step-by-step.

(1 reviews)
Piano lessons in Paris 14th by certified teacher, homeroom teacher in a conservatory in the Paris region

Piano teacher originally from eastern europe, holder of the contest pea, the de, classroom teacher in a conservatory gives private lessons to students motivated all ages and levels.

First lesson free! Piano and Cello private teacher looking for students around Dallas area. I teach in your home so you do not have to drive anywhere. I am a student at SMU, Meadows school of the A

I am currently a 3rd year student at smu, meadows school of the arts pursuing a b. m . In piano performance with a focus on pedagogy. I also play cello in chamber groups and with the meadows symphony orchestra. I am an entertaining, outgoing teacher who is not afraid to use new methods and techniques that cater to each of my unique students.

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