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I offer Private and group yoga lessons, Pilates and Thai Massage Therapy

I am a Yoga instructor certified by the Yoga Alliance in India (200h RYT); Thai Massage therapist certified by the Thai Healing Alliance International in Chiang Mai, Thailand; Pilates teacher and certified by FEDA (Spanish Federation Directed and Fitness Activities). I offer classes at home, also group classes in Sala Polivalent D ARTS, located in 17 Monlau Sagrera street in Barcelona.

São Paulo
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Physical Education Professional for pilates and functional in Ibirapuera Park in SP

Classes are for individuals from 6 years of age. Different methodologies depending on the age group, level of development, objective and specificities. The basic fundamentals serve for all the sub-modal of the skate and later one can evolve to a specific modality.

Santa Maria de Vigo
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Graduated in dance and Pilates teaches private lessons, at home in A Coruña (English or Spanish)

Anuska's Pilates classes are influenced by her training in dance and other somatic techniques such as yoga or Feldenkrais. According to the specific needs of each student Anuska offers a complete training, from the most classic to the most contemporary Pilates technique.

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Pilates teacher, nutrition and relaxation ... my goal: your health and well-being !ng!!

I share with my students the essential information for good health and the techniques that reinforce it : - pilates to boost energy, relax and strengthen the body - nutrition that has to adapt to each and lifestyle - relaxation and visualization to imagine the desired results - art therapy: together we will find creative activity that you will be most suitable -the personal development,...

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Pilates, Windsurfing and functional training! group classes and Personal Training also in English! Catania and province.

The Pilates method is an effective method to develop the body uniformly ... focused on strengthening the core (or power house or just center of gravity), and the total control of the body by connecting to its mind, and spirit to reach the precision of the movement. This method, tone the muscles, giving us a postural alignment too and "heals" the physical pain due to poor posture right.

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Pilates classes (possibility for group lessons from 3 to 6 students)

Hi, I'm an ex international professional dancer. I have a jazz state diploma and I also have a Pilates Mat training. I wanted to do some training rather than teaching a bit of everything and anything, and especially because I wanted to incorporate it into my dance classes. T's a regular course kind warm up, Pilates exercices, then back to the quiet / relaxation.

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Sports coach with 12 years of experience gives Pilates beginner and advanced level

I'm Christelle I'm 34 and I'm athletic coach for twelve years. I hold BPJEPS AGFF (French state diploma of fitness) and trained in Pilates, discipline that I teach for five years. I adapt the session to your level, your age, your state (health problems, pregnancy) and I specialize in post-childbirth training.

Marseille 5e
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Professional dancer graduate Vinyasa Yoga gives particular yoga at home

We are in a good mood when we feel good in our bodies. This is the feeling I have since my discovery of Vinyasa Yoga, this learning of attention, concentration and mental peace. What quality alloy in order to focus on yourself and accept it as such. As choreographic artist, yoga has given me a different view of physical exercise as well in practice as in his feelings.

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SPORTS COACH - State graduate - Pilates Instructors ground school and machinery

Planning a corporal work program offering individual treatment. Deep Work and Global focuses primarily on building muscle on the rectification of your posture and breathing allowing you improve your energy. Job ensuring muscle tone, abdominal and keeps your physiological flexibility. The proposed program conducted at their own pace, in achieving its objectives.

A Coruña
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Pilates classes, an instructor by the Spanish Federation of Pilates, Monte Alto area Coruna

Hi! I teach pilates in the area of ​​Monte Alto in Coruña. I also teach classes of hipopresivos (Low Pressure fitness) and training funcional.The class suits the student's needs, we start by a low level and we will progress as demonstrating the student is ready to move on to more difficult.

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Especially Pilates class at home or in a collective class in studio on Paris

Pilates is a gym called "soft" which aims, through work on the breath, strengthen the deep muscles of the entire body. It is a physical practice that suits everyone regardless of age. With Pilates, work on posture you practice, proprioception exercises, one muscle, it stretches and back pain is prevented.

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Physiotherapist dedicated to sport, teaches Pilates and personal training gives home and outdoors in Barcelona city

I am Diploma in Physiotherapy and thanks to this profession I have dedicated to the health and welfare of my clients. I have made functional training courses, advanced therapeutic massage and pilates MAT. The class can be in Spanish or English language. Class time: 1h - 1h: 15m approx.

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Polestar Pilates method instructor with many years of experience offers individual lessons or small groups

Hello! Iam a passionate teacher of Pilates Matwork, discipline that I have practiced for many years as a student until graduating as an instructor at the CSEN. I offer individual and small groups lessons according to the Polestar Pilates method. Classes include bodyweight excercises or with small tools (elastic, fitball, softball) and last 45 or 60 minutes.

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Especially during fitness pilates

My accesible courses at all levels, sedentary seeking to work in a specific part of athletes seeking to expect performance. I promise to keep my students to get the required results. Your objective will be my priority.

Los Angeles
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15 years experience Yoga, meditation and Pilates instructor - Los Angeles, CA

I'm a Yogi with 18 years of experience and have been Certified since 2002. I can teach a variety of styles, including Kundalini, Hatha, prenatal, postnatal, children's yoga and Pilates. I began my yoga education as a committed student at City Yoga in 1995, and went on to study with Shiva Rea and Gurmukh Kaur Kahlsa.

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Pilates certified instructor for prestigious National School. Specializing in pregnant and TRX

Monitor experienced Pilates (floor and machines) in group and individual classes. Try Pilates student to take achieve both mental and physical relaxation. The classes are customized taking into account the conditions and limitations of the student. The Pilates technique is suitable for all kinds of people to be controlled and supervised exercises.

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Coach Michel athletic, physical trainer

Michel, Coach for over 10 years. I am a professional, qualified and experienced! My role is to guide you in accomplishing your fitness goals, weight loss, weight or other using personalized and tailored courses and sessions.

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Teacher of yoga, pilates and fitness

Yoga classes for all levels. Yoga relaxation and dynamic. Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga in a hammock or on a chair. Pilates and fitness in a hammock. Therapeutic and energetic approach.

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