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Case studies, case comments or texts, essays ... Explanations, methodologies, experience, examinations,

Hello, my name is jocelyn, i did almost all my schooling in montpellier, i have a master 2 in public business law. So this year, i prepare the avocado competition in paris at the sorbonne. During my years in montpellier, i gave private lessons to many students. Now that i'm in paris and i do not know anyone, i thought why not this site that will allow me perhaps to have students. See you, jocelyn.

Tutoring with results, specializing in ACT/SAT, LSAT, GRE, Spanish, and legal studies.

Hey scholars! I graduated from vanderbilt university in nashville, tn with a b. a . In psychology in spanish. I received my j. d . From the university of arizona in may 2015. I graduated summa cum laude and was able to secure a judicial clerkship with the arizona supreme court.

Method and preparation of TD - 50 euros / h - PhD student, 4 years of teaching experience, teaches law at Paris.

Doctoral student in general and former public law responsible for td, i provide civil law tutoring (undergraduate level), constitutional and administrative law (bachelor, master) and also offers trainings to oral (licence, master, crfpa). Subject courses: assistance in the preparation of tds or oral, helps the assimilation of knowledge, improving the methodology of the dissertation, the case study.

Giovanni antonino
I offer support teaching in Catania for university studies; graduated in Law with full marks, I have an interdisciplinary education and special attention to detail and Head

The lessons are aimed at university students and others, with an educational background. In the explanations it will be helpful to use concrete examples, charts and comparisons to better reinforce the concepts. Earnings will also be presented oral arguments, once learned, the better to store the key points.

Basic and intermediate lessons of civil, constitutional, EU, public, for students in middle school, high school. It provides tutoring for students of vocational and university courses.

Mattia i have 30 years of nuoro, a degree in administration and organization at the faculty of economics, legal and policy of the university of cagliari. My classes are particularly suitable for students of commercial technical schools, professional but also for students of evening classes, it also offers a mentoring system in preparation for university exams.

Lessons of public law, constitutional law and administrative law to high school students and university

I am a phd candidate 36-years old who always gives private lessons, in the provinces of caserta and vicenza, in legal or economic subjects, generally the lessons go on between 2 and 4 hours and they are based on a method that provides the interaction between teacher and students.

Overland Park
Experienced lawyer with a very successful law school career and an LSAT in the 99%.

I was an adult learner when i studied for and aced the lsat; i was fortunate to receive an academic scholarship which covered my entire law school education because of my steady work to do well on the lsat. Likewise, i studied about the socratic method in order to do well in law school, and i developed my own method to do well on the bar since i could in no way afford courses like barbri.

I teach English and various areas of the law, including international law

I am a retired attorney who has taught various areas of the law and has two separate law degrees. I also have advanced degrees in english composition and literature. I have specialized in african american literature while in graduate school. I believe in a student orientation methodology in teaching.

Experienced Attorney & Business Executive provides effective legal tutoring in South Florida

I am an experienced attorney and business executive, combining real world skills with 20 years of legal teaching experience, to make complex & difficult subjects highly understandable. Can tutor at all levels, from hs through law school to adults.

Trainee-Lawyer in Paris and holds a Master 2 in Public International Law, my method is focused on the methodology, critical to a law student. Courses can be given in Eng

I hold a master 2, university panthéon-assas and soon holder of capa (final review of the paris bar). I propose to give you courses tailored to your needs and always focusing on the current methodology (practical case, commentary, essay). If you are a foreign student, i can give you courses in english.

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PHD student offers Online French business and civil Law classes in English language

Hello, i am a phd student in business law and i offer private lessons in all areas of the law. In fact, complement my studies in business law, i also specialized in international environmental law and in public law. I am used to teach to various level of students and professionnal wishing to understand some aspect of french law.

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Tutoring during preparation of CRFPA, Public Law , International law, Homework, in Paris (75017)

Currently at bar school, i offer tutoring classes, and homework help. About to complete my law studies, and willing to invest myself , i am available immediately, weekends, and every evening after 19. 30h. Fluent in english thanks to several long-term stays abroad (taiwan), i always kept my grades at a high level.

Student holds a BA Political Science Law gives right course Loire / Rhone / Haute-Loire

I am a student at the university jean moulin lyon 3 and holds a law degree, political science with honors. I have previously obtained a bac es honors. I want to continue my studies in master in general public law and phd. My classes are for students, high school students, or others interested in the law, philosophy, political science and would like to have support or advice.

Paris 6e
Graduate level M2 teaches public and European law at Paris and southern suburbs

Freshly graduated from a m2 in public business law, i am preparing for this year from 2016 to 2017 to make a second m2 in litigation & european law (university paris 2) in order to strengthen my skills to prepare as serenely as possible the entrance examination to the national school of administration.

Student lawyer gives law and methodology courses in Paris and internationally by webcam

Always smiling, patient and motivated, i propose different courses to help you from the first year of the license to master 2 and with the preparation of the french bar exam (crfpa) by adapting my courses to your level and objectives. I also give methodology courses and correct your workout copies. I can give the lessons in paris at your place, in libraries or cafes.

Graduated Student offers tutoring sessions in Constitutional / Public Law, European Law, International Law (also in English) in Bologna

Student msc course in health economics and management. My tutoring sessions are addressed to college students, teenagers (middle and high school) and adults.

Diamond City
Legally speaking

Bachelor's degree in criminal justice 2016 achieved from argosy university online classes. Deans list 3.

(1 reviews)
Professor of Law and Methodologies (private / public law / general knowledge)

- courses for beginners, future law students or current law students who want to strengthen in one or more fields of law; - the possibility of general education courses in order to prepare the competition; - reinforcement learning and methodological legal essays / case studies and case comments; methods of teaching face-to-face individual face or via skype.

Holds a law license, offers law or french courses in any subject

Student in law and licensed in this area, i offer french courses, english, law and methodology to students of primary to the end. I can also perform hours of tutoring in other subjects. The study of law allows me to have a working capacity and rigor and excellent methodology and strong writing skills. I would love to share my skills.

Experienced teacher gives general law courses in midi Pyrenees for all age groups

I am a trained lawyer with significant experience in higher education in civil law, public law, international law (public and private), business law. Teacher, listening to my students know i give my time to the needs and keen to provide answers to the questions of my students.

Holder M2 international law, provides support and assistance to students from elementary school to university (bachelor)

Currently studying m2 european law, i have an m2 human right, obtained after a law degree and an m1 in european law. Having an exchange abroad, i am able to offer courses in english. I have the experience, but not with the students of the college. Since two years i using the terminal to primary children to become autonomous in their work. I am teaching and very patient, friendly and attentive.

Manage your Studies in Public and International Law

My teaching method is about pragmatism; i aim to give you the best chance of success in competitions and examinations through a solid method adapted to different legal exercises, but also "stuff" that will make you earn points. It is also to take with you the essentials for an understanding of the specific knowledge, while training you to work independently.

Solicitor offers support in Private and Public law (methodology, key concepts, deepening)

After getting a master 1 degree in business law and a university degree from the university of rennes as franco-british business lawyer, i went to england to spend the bar. My specialty is private law, including business law. I also have a background in public law in general and fundamental freedoms in particular.

La Vernia
Law Made Easy and interesting to understand and comprehend for every individual

Retired former state prosecutor specializing in criminal & civil cases, private practice litigator and former lecturer/instructor at university of san diego and for various agencies including dept. Of defense, us navy, us air force, federal law enforcement training center, and usepa.

Student in L2 right provides current level L1, L2 and high school.

I can give high school level courses (french, philosophy, english and spanish), level 1 licence in law (civil law, constitutional law, history of law) and licence 2 (criminal law, administrative law, civil law, public finance ). As a student, i am able to understand the challenges and can give you tips of significant methods (dissertation, arrest record, stop commentary, practical cases).

Student M2 international Business Law gives private lessons at home or at Tours University

These courses are open to students in llb (private or public) to help with tutorials, understanding / learning courses and preparation for examens. Appropriate method according to the difficulties or needs of the student: a review of current learning plan, learning methods for specific home works (case comment, dissertation, case study.

Paris 17e
Courts of Law and Methodology (Essay / Commentary)

General law (with specialization for public law and international). My course is ideally cater to 1st and 2nd year students. Law degree (uppa / sorbonne) / master 1 public law very good experience in this area (methodology) as at the practical level as educational.

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