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Practicing attorney and former Magistrate in Sarasota gives lessons in the law.

I have been an attorney for over twenty-five years and I am admitted in New York State and Florida. I have given tutoring lessons to law students, a paralegal and I am actively seeking students that need help studying for the bar exam. I recommend various handbooks and manuals to read on research and writing to my students.

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Case studies, case comments or texts, essays ... Explanations, methodologies, experience, examinations,

Hello, My name is Jocelyn, I did almost all my schooling in Montpellier, I have a master 2 in public business law. So this year, I prepare the avocado competition in Paris at the Sorbonne. During my years in Montpellier, I gave private lessons to many students. Now that I'm in Paris and I do not know anyone, I thought why not this site that will allow me perhaps to have students. See you, Jocelyn.

Forhad ahammed
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I guarantee best teaching for my students as I feel law is all about interest & common sense.

I accomplished my LPC (Legal Practice Course) from BPP University , LLM (Master of Laws) from BPP University, LLB (Bachelor of Laws) University of London, and MBA from Northampton University, UK, Diploma in Law from the University of London.

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Tutoring with results, specializing in ACT/SAT, LSAT, GRE, Spanish, and legal studies.

Hey scholars! I graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN with a B.A. in Psychology in Spanish. I received my J.D. from the University of Arizona in May 2015. I graduated summa cum laude and was able to secure a judicial clerkship with the Arizona Supreme Court.

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College student in forensic psychology. Studied Mathmatics and criminal justice to earn a general associate degree at Youngstown State University. Offering tutoring in Spanish,Law,Mathematics,and Engl

I am "Del" I am a college student furthering my college career to obtain more degrees. I give lessons to all students ranging from pre-k to senior level high school. My method is personalized to each students need. I aim to make learning fun and more emorable. To ensure each pupil will be granted the best service I will mold my teaching to his or her required help level.

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An experienced Tutor with major interests in Law and Research I am fully experienced in writing law essays, structuring, preparing students for exams and moots, Assisting and proof-reading coursewor

An experienced Tutor with major interests in Law and Research. I teach undergraduate students from 1st year - 3rd year of University. I am fully experienced in writing law essays, structuring, research, preparing students for exams and, Assisting and proof-reading coursework.

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Second year University of Nottingham Law undergraduate keen to tutor current/ prospective law students in London

Having just completed my second year in Law school, I now have a good grasp on studying efficiently for it. As a student in one of the most rigorous law schools in the UK, I have developed a system on how to study effectively using a combination of materials.

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I teach Criminal law, Contract law, Public law, Legal System and method, Tort law.

I accomplished LLM (Masters of Law) from BPP University, MBA (University of Northampton), LLB (Bachelor of Law) from University of London, Diploma- in-law (University of London). Now studying LPC (BPP law School). I always try my best to make sure the best result of my students. My speciality is that I teach my students exam techniques from the beginning.

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Basic and intermediate lessons of civil, constitutional, EU, public, for students in middle school, high school. It provides tutoring for students of vocational and university courses.

Mattia I have 30 years of Nuoro, a degree in Administration and Organization at the Faculty of Economics, legal and policy of the university of Cagliari. My classes are particularly suitable for students of commercial technical schools, professional but also for students of evening classes, it also offers a mentoring system in preparation for university exams.

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University Law Student giving tutoring to any students or non-students looking to broaden their knowledge or learn the beginnings of Criminal law and public law.

I am looking for keen students and non-students who are interested in entering into the field of Law, or even only to learn the beginning area of law (Criminal, Public, Contracts or the English Legal System). I will be taking each person on individually, therefore I will be developing your lesson structures from what I learn about you.

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Hi, I am a patient, laid back and friendly tutor. I specialise in legal education. I gained a First Class Degree with Honours from The University of Sheffield and a Distinction in a Masters (LLM) at t

I have done some tutoring within the University of Sheffield and personally. I can assist with core modules and certain specific topics, in particular Company law, the law of restitution, Conflict of Laws, European Law amongst others. I have all of the available materials to hand and an abundance of revision and learning techniques to suit your personal style.

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Law and Text Formatting for Law or History / Geography and Writing students for high school students

Hello my name is Jessica and I'm graduating in Law from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University, I already have OAB and I intend to give a public contest. Classes usually follow the following script: theoretical explanation of the point to be taught, set up of schemes (I think very valid for fixing the malaria), solving questionnaires, as well as create a routine of study with the student.

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Civil Procedure - Jurist and doctrinaire. William Christen Möller - Blumenau (SC)

Through an easy language, seek untangle the Civil Procedure Law and help from beginners, even large processualist in all aspects of this branch, as well as issues that have interconnection. In addition, the study is working with practical elements and their interconnection with the theory.

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Interactive, engaging and friendly fist-class law student giving tuition in the Bristol area!

I am a final year, fist class law student who is passionate about sharing my knowledge! I enjoy teaching law in a simple way so that it is accessible for all. I believe it is important for my student to feel comfortable asking questions and enjoy a flexible and interactive teaching style.

La Vernia
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Law Made Easy and interesting to understand and comprehend for every individual

Retired former state prosecutor specializing in criminal & civil cases, private practice litigator and former lecturer/instructor at University of San Diego and for various agencies including Dept. of Defense, US Navy, US Air Force, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and USEPA.

Sinking Spring
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Laying Down The Law in Berks County....Developing Scholars in the Study of Legal Theory. I teach through questions and answers; role playing etc.

I have earned an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies from Northampton Community College. I have 2 years of experience working in various aspects of the law. I have worked in an Intellectual Property Firm; one that works with Construction and Business Law; and another that deals with Legal Aid.

Carmen elena
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To study Law, to practice International Law or to teach is all what motivates me and if you look after somebody to solve and find solution or to teach there where others have failed or lost the hop

For me will be the first time when I will teach Law or other sciences, I just finish my education too, but I can adopt something from my best teacher style what I have it in my student life. They were really good. I would like my teaching style to be based on example, concrete in practice. Even if will happen one day to not know the answer for my student, then together we will find out.

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Former Barrister - Now Teaching on LLB - Experienced Tutor - DBS Checked

Tailored lessons to suit a students need Experienced tutor at A-Level & LLB level Taught in colleges & universities Value importance of exam technique as well as subject knowledge Exam maker for LLB Happy to mark practise answers & work on problem question structures / essay format

League City
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Five - O Law (Civil and Crimial )in Black and White ,Your thist for Knowledge will be queched in Cafe Five 0

Welcome to my page. Once you enter Café Five O, you will be treated as an Advanced student with the upmost respect. All students are capable of learning . It is my job as an educator to create a comfortable learning environment even if it is online. I can tutor you in crimina and civil law enforcement weather it be High school or College.

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BTT course,LLB Hons, Dimploma in law, A-levels law, Dhaka, private teaching and online teachings

i am an advocate had done my graduation from University of London. i have also undertaken my masters degree and Btt course. i do provide teachings in Contract law, criminal law, tort law, EU law, Company law; alongside i do also teach bar transfer subjects. students can also get assistance as regards to practical problem solutions.

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English, Spanish and French Language with a bit of Undergraduate Law Tutor

I teach the English language, Spanish and French as a foreign language. I can also help with undergraduate law subjects such as criminal law, public law, tort law, land law... I can teach students from primary school level to A-Level and undergraduate law students.

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Graduate with a Law Degree from red brick university, affordable tuition offered.

I graduated with a high second upper from the University of Manchester. The structure of the classes will be tailored to the individual student. The key will be to tackle any areas in your course material that you find difficult.

Lyon 7e
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Student tray 6 offers support to law school / prep contest, in Lyon or webcam

Degree in criminal law and currently in preparation contest ENM (eligible 2016), I intend to help you in the acquisition of legal knowledge, preparation of TD, examinations and competitions; to aid in long-term or ad hoc. I am available for courses in Lyon or via skype.

Overland Park
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Experienced lawyer with a very successful law school career and an LSAT in the 99%.

I was an adult learner when I studied for and aced the LSAT; I was fortunate to receive an academic scholarship which covered my entire law school education because of my steady work to do well on the LSAT. Likewise, I studied about the Socratic method in order to do well in law school, and I developed my own method to do well on the bar since I could in no way afford courses like BarBri.

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Graduate law student based in Hackney holding a Bachellor's Degree and Graduate Diploma available for private tuition

I am available to assist students at varying stages of their legal education from GCSEs to University Students. I hold a 1st Class degree in Classical Music and a Graduate Diploma in Law. My teaching style is very relaxed and individualised.

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Professional Interpreter giving criminal justice classes to adult and middle/highs school levels in Denver

I am a professional interpreter and will be giving lessons in law I have over 15 years of experience in the criminal justice system and have a BA in the subject The techniques and methods of instruction I use are depending on each students needs. We all do not learn the same and so cannot be taught the same.

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PHD student offers Online French business and civil Law classes in English language

Hello, I am a PHD student in Business Law and I offer private lessons in all areas of the law . In fact, complement my studies in Business Law, I also specialized in International Environmental Law and in Public law. I am used to teach to various level of students and professionnal wishing to understand some aspect of French law.

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Business law in a society and community and lam expert of businesslaw

l answer question that i have been ask l student on homework l no language which they understand l dont skip lesson and quiz l always been available and l love teaching l like to be collected and l am always thier for you any help alm available

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Qualified solicitor and experienced university law lecturer offering online lessons from A level to postgraguate level

I am passionate about the law and seek to pass my enthusiasm on to my students my making my lessons fun, interactive but also informative. Every lesson is tailored to that student's individual needs. I am able to offer one off sessions to help you with an assignment or ongoing support to help you achieve the best possible mark in your exams. I am able to teach most subjects on the LL.

Santo André
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Bachelor of Law, Administrative Law classes for beginners college in São Paulo

Bachelor of Law specializing in administrative law, my teaching method is through examples and flowcharts with keywords for better understanding of the applied field, thus making a better understanding of matter as feared by all, will take 10! email: (concealed information) Skype: nihmaio

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