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Paris 4e
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QI GONG TAI JI: feed the energy of the body and mind

10 years of practice : ASCAM, Beijing Sport University, IQ Institute therapeutic gong Beidaihe Hebei Academy of Kung fu wudang) Formed energy Arts in Body Time (Paris) methods: Nei Yang Gong, Pets Wudang Dao Yin Tai ji quan yang style)

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Coauch and martial arts master teaches internationally recognized qigong, tai chi, relaxation, meditation, self-healing in Mallorca and the rest of Spain, specialized in teaching

At 7 years shows their interest and search with different Masters in the way of martial arts. Begin your workout through various disciplines both competition in the field of contact sports and work culture and refinement of the internal energy (chi) and meditation. You are having enjoyed the wonderful instruction of renowned and talented teachers.

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Easily Learn to Relax mind and body using self hypnosis,meditative,releasing tension skills

I am a Therapist with 20 years experience helping people to improve their lives and enjoy learning knew skills. My lessons firstly assess where you are at, and what you wish to change. Maybe you are unable to sleep, perhaps you have obsessive thoughts, maybe life seems to be racing away, perhaps it's impossible to complete the work or speak in front of collegues.

Herne Bay
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Tantra and Meditation in stillness and in movement in all aspects of life: yes!

I am a body oriented Integrative Sex Therapist offering a holistic multi-dimensional approach to Tao and Tantra meditative practices to women and men. I aim to support and educate women and men in their individual personal growth, empowerment and integration, as well as in their emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual well-being.

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Meditation and internal work class. Explore and enhance your inner self to improve your physical, emotional and mental aspects of your health. You will learn a variety of exercises and techniques spe

I take a very holistic approach dealing with everything, giving you the tools that you need to improve yourself. Everyone of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. If you have a physical problem such as an illness or pains in your body; stress, anxiety, depression or any other mood related problems.

San Diego
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San Diego yoga teacher and healer offers fitness for Body, Mind, and Spirit: Yoga, Chi Gong, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Yoga, Ch'i Gong, Mindfulness, and Meditation classes can be taught to individuals and to groups. Paul has studied at Yoga Centers and Meditation Ashrams for many years. He can introduce beginners to Inner Fitness; He can also advance your practice in a short period of time.

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Qi professor hinge graduate Quimetao gives private lessons and group

Since September 2014: - Study of kung fu style Wing Chun Sifu within the school Didier Beddar in Paris from September 20, 2013 today: - Training Dao harmony at the Institute of Quimetao in Paris From 14 September 2010 to September 2013: - Vocational Training qi gong at the Institute of Quimetao in Paris April 14, 2012 - Training in China to qigong masters and tai chi chuan From September 2005 to...

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Integrative disciplines exploring the human condition as it relates to

I work with students ranging from graduate level to fifth grade. It is important to see the main points of a subject. I assign homework, expect effort and can only ask people to do their best. My teaching method involves relating a topic to something the student finds familiar. I believe I need relate how they perceive.

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Vinyasa Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation with Wilmien Bos (Spanish + English)

Private sessions are a great way to truly experience the practice, tailor made for your needs. This directly effects your well being, mentally, emotionally and physically. Most of my clients come to me to relax and release some tension and stress. Yoga and meditation are great ways of relaxing.

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Workshops and meditation gong IQ Rezé certified teacher (group and particuliers- children and adults))

Collective meditation workshops are for beginner or initiated a public adult. Those will last 2 hours and are held in Rezé every 15 days. We explore the emotional sphere and meditation techniques mindfulness and Taoist. Qi Gong workshops are taught in class every month with extensive theme such as working on an organ or internal alchemy.

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Qigong classes in Madrid (metro Puerta del angel), style Ba Han Sheng

Classes aimed at anyone wanting to improve their physical and emotional health. Including disabled of any kind (exercise needs adapting) and / or chronically ill, qi gong is a therapy in itself of great importance in Chinese medicine. Chi kung is a tool that helps a lot to improve health, to restore calm and reduce stress. It is a moving meditation.

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Learn Stilling and Moving Meditation Methods to Reach a Personal Full Potential

I am the Author of two books in my specialty: (concealed information) As a professional writer in Amazon, advisory board member of the World Martial Arts College and inductee of the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame, my name can be goggled to learn more about my professional and personal life: Master Gurjot Singh Martial Arts. The webpage presents my academic credentials.

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Conceptual Health & Psycology, Weight Loss Fitness Increase, Cognitive Enhancement Techniques

Counselor, Trainers, Instructor specializing with TBI, also multiple physical and or psychological issues. Health improvements vis Self Esteem & Self Confidence Masters in Psychology, Bachelor's World Governments Global Religions, Associates Criminal Justice. Master Practitioner (5th Dan) Black Belt Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, Chi Kung, Qigong. Police/Corrections Advanced Self Defense Instructor.

Paris 10e
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Taoist Qi Gong - Mantak Chia - Universal Tao, He Dong Gui-ling

I propose courses of Qigong, Tai Chi, meditation according to the Taoist principle of Mantak Chia (Universal Tao). The practices are based on the connection heaven / earth, inking, series of movements to circulate, strengthen the body and mind become the gardener of his inner landscape .... the inner smile, the 6 sounds the microcosmic orbit, Tao Yin ... I adapt the course to the person ...

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