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Profesora de francés y de inglés da cursos privados o de grupo en la región de Bilbao

Curso de francés o de inglès para principiantes y avanzados, para niños o adultos Las bases de la lengua. Me ajusto a las necesidades del estudiante y el vocabulario irá dirigido al uso que le quiera dar. Cada persona aprende de manera diferente. Doy cursos a medida.

(3 reviews)
Paris 20e
Collective courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry Paris 5th high school college ASPP

Professor insa engineer (supporting documents). I teach math / physics / chemistry of the 6th to bts (and paces), rue gay lussac in the 5th district (near the jardin du luxembourg). During the first course, i spend a 10min test that allows me to target the deficiencies of the student and to adapt the course to his profile.

(9 reviews)
FLE - FRENCH COURS - for adults or KIDS - SKYPE ALSO !

Fle professional trainer, i propose courses in group or individual, to adults and children (tutoring in french). More than learning a language, i teach everyone how to use it to express themselves in daily life and how to communicate based on the objectives, to feel the french.

(1 reviews)
Kobrasol (São José)
ENGLISH - Conversation / Grammar School and Strengthening. Classes by skype throughout Braisl.

I have experience in teaching english for nine years with work focused on the learning of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The teaching approach is guided by constructivist principles supported by a theoretical framework developed by an extensive primary and secondary experience, curriculum, professional and communication studies.

(8 reviews)
Professional trainer with experience offers individual sessions or small group

Individual or group tutoring, homework help, french, english, chinese initiation, and methodology (learning techniques). These sessions are open to anyone (child, adolescent or adult) who wants to learn new skills or who needs support. Listening skills, taking into account individual characteristics, educational resources tailored to each learning assessments, regular checkups.

(2 reviews)
I am a PhD in Linguistics (UFPR), and will help you develop writing skills for college entrance

I am psychologist, master and phd in linguistics from the federal university of parana. The teaching methodology for development of writing is based on the individual level of each student.

(2 reviews)
Teacher with over 10 years experience offers on line French courses

Hello, i teach french on line (skype) and in annecy with adult and / or child. I have over 10 years of teaching experience with adults and children. I love my job! I created a blog where i post regular videos to learn french. I am currently writing an ebook learning french. I can do online tutoring. I have a degree in french language. Feel free to contact me for more information.

(2 reviews)
Experienced and graduate teacher, great international experience gives Lessons English-Russian-French-Homework Help in the Médoc and region of Bordeaux, for

- teaches modern languages ​​(english, russian) and tutoring (french, philosophy, history / geo, economics and trade finance) - Level: college, lyceum and high school students (any specialization) or adult wishing to learn russian or to perfect english or french - tutoring and homework - Help to succeed in tests for bachelor's and bts + business schools - Method of learning languages...

West Jordan
College Student in Economics providing Academic Tutoring & homework help in english, reading, history, and creative writing to grades 3-12

I am available to teach elementary school students all the way through high school. I graduated from juan diego catholic high school and i am now in college getting my bachelors degree in economics.

(8 reviews)
Biligual Swiss Language coach French mother tongue offers French courses in Geneva

Build your confidence with private lessons and stay motivante with my dynamic approach. I have been teaching french for 15 years to children and adults. I have trained different levels in several countries. My students appreciated the seriousness of the teachings provided, the flexibility to adapt myself and have all progressed well. My approach is fun, dynamic, varied and motivating.

Positive, warm, stress-free environment where learning is fun! Develop Confidence Livingston area

Students will want to come for tutoring. The environment is positive and all learning is hands-on and interactive. Students will develop more self-confidence with each session. I tutor math, reading, writing, science, social studies and more. My clients range from preschool through 8th grade. I work with students who need enrichment, homework help, study skills and test strategies in all subjects.

(4 reviews)
El Masnou
Graduated in primary education provides tutoring REINFORCING primary, ESO, high school entrance exams and study in the Maresme.

I am a primary school teacher with extensive experience teaching school support. The methodology i use in my classes is: 1. Duties as from these you can see and analyze which are the most difficult for the student content. 2nd resolution of questions with exercises for the student to understand the content well worked.

(2 reviews)
Porto Alegre
Teacher gives Portuguese classes, literature, writing for Vestibular and tutoring for any series in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Teacher graduated in portuguese / english ufrgs gives school tutoring (portuguese, english, writing, literature) for the various grades of primary and secondary education and for students paying entrance exam. Assists in exercise and offers more activities, if necessary. Each lesson is planned in order to bring it as close as possible to the reality of each student, facilitating the learning.

(3 reviews)
Speak English fluently - Prepare the TOEIC or any type of examination

Do you really wish to speak fluent english? Let me help you :-) Apprentissage sur mesure en fonction de vos besoins réels et en travaillant sur des cas pratiques utiles, découvrir le plaisir de parler et penser en anglais!

(1 reviews)
Certified teacher and licensed for private lessons and school support progress and results

Associate professor graduate and experienced / serious and effective / educational monitoring the observed and quantifiable results offers tutoring and upgrading in french: spelling rating, grammar, conjugation exercises and dictations, essays and abstracts, dissertations and summaries read, write and s express objective: to review and deepen the concepts necessary for effective command of the...

Tutoring, methodology, homework help and advice of an experienced student in the central Valais

Freshly graduated from high school-college planta in sion, i got my bilingual degree in english with honors in june. I wish to share my knowledge and the working methods that i have developed and that allowed me to succeed brilliantly with younger students.

Fun Elementary teacher helps all levels of students become proficient, confident, and successful with a struggling subject.

I am an elementary educator who is also a home school mother of two. I specialize in helping children/students who struggle in certain areas of elementary subjects. I have a special way of teaching that i believe caters to every student. People learn quicker and retain information longer when the subject matter is brought into a physical act.

Succeeding your academic writings, academics, and professionals with research professor and writer

School teacher, involved in vocational training, creator of an association arts, citizenship, culture and media, i want to put these experiences to students service and young adults through a journey including tip sheets, and short exercises interviews. I can help english speaking people to improve their writing in french or translate short or long tests.

English Language Arts Tutor. Essex/Union Counties NJ. Masters in Education. Degrees from Duke and Rutgers.

Hi there! My name is krystal reddick. I have a bachelor's degree from duke university and a master's in elementary education from rutgers university. I taught high school english courses at an independent day school for 5 years. And have also worked as a substitute teacher and a paraprofessional. My methodology is very much open-ended.

Nice student in Modern Literature teaches courses in French, Litterature and History

I'm william, studying modern arts degree. Eager to put my free time advantage to share knowledge and support students in its materials related to literature, to history and even english, i am available to supervise courses based on sharing, patience and efficiency. I turn to an elementary / middle school, and a method prone highlighting the knowledge gathering.

(2 reviews)
Student in business school at the European Business School, I give private lessons for 3 years now in all the

I validated a bac es and was just one on a tray post-renowned business school in paris, i agree to both primary students that terminal. I can adapt depending on the student profile and level; my first goal is to get my students to their difficulties. It is necessary for my hand to perform regular monitoring with each of my students to progress at their own pace.

A qualified teacher offers Spanish classes in Terrassa, Sabadell and surrounding area

I have taught for several years to students of different nationalities, ages and levels so i know how to fit the classes to the level and requirements of each student. My lessons focus on learning at the same time the four language skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading comprehension.

(2 reviews)
Degree in pedagogy offers classes and help with homeworks. If you need help, I'm here!

Use the game as a learning tool. My methodology is dynamic and very participatory, i believe that learning is personal and adaptable, so as childbirth educator level and student abilities to give out their full potential. I try to understand the ability of every child.

(2 reviews)
University professor provides tutoring in literature, philosopohy, academic writing for HS and University students.

I earned my ba in english literature from providence college in 1968. I hold a med from boston university, a master of divinity from the episcopal divinity school and a master of theology from boston college. In my tutoring, i try to build on a student's current strengths as a first step to improving their academic performance.

(9 reviews)
Normalienne PhD student Fellow in Modern Literature gives private lessons in French / Literature

All levels of college master and beyond through contest preparation (administrative ens-capes-agreg-competition). - methodology (reading and comprehension, essay, commentary, memory writing etc. ) - private adhesives cpges / capes / agreg - memories proofreading - (re) learning love of reading - etc. I provide short courses and / or intensive.

Vero Beach
An English Literature major in college, I am excited and prepared to help you grow in your spoken and written skills in English, and to help you show those skills in the classroom and beyond.

I have two bachelors' degrees in english and spanish, and take great interest in the study of languages. With years of experience as a manager, trainer and developer in the business world, i know the importance of having a patient and detail oriented approach that emphasizes clear feedback and a positive attitude.

Employee in logistics offers practical help in French or English in Rouen

With a professional background, bilingual french / english, i am very comfortable in terms of expression, both oral and written. My courses are both pupils of school age to adults, such as foreign persons who wish to improve their knowledge of french.

Maria paz
A master's student in learning disabilities and special education classes gives home English, literature, spelling, reading, writing and all kinds of school support. Experienced and

I graduated in early childhood education 1 year, i am currently studying a master in intervention in learning disabilities and special education. My methodology varies, always adapting to the needs of each student and making the class dynamic, fun explanations and above all, my goal is to generate a lasting learning.

College Graduate in Business gives homework help, tutoring, reading, and English help online worldwide, or in Bibb and surrounding counties, Georgia.

I have a bachelor's in business and information technology. I taught for a year and a half at miller middle school in macon, and that experience led me to believe i would be more effective in a teaching environment like superprof. I taught special education for all subjects while at miller, and i am familiar with newer teaching methods.

Vestavia Hills
Experienced teacher and instructor who can help you get to the next level by holding you accountable to study habits and times.

I have a master's degree and 15 years of teaching adults and children. I like to have fun and try to make all lessons memorable by using stories and ideas from my personal experiences. I love interacting with people and knowing i might make a difference in their lives.

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