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I offer Private and group yoga lessons, Pilates and Thai Massage Therapy

I am a yoga instructor certified by the yoga alliance in india (200h ryt); thai massage therapist certified by the thai healing alliance international in chiang mai, thailand; pilates teacher and certified by feda (spanish federation directed and fitness activities). I offer classes at home, also group classes in sala polivalent d arts, located in 17 monlau sagrera street in barcelona.

Wellness Coach, offering services in Art Therapy, Meditation, and Relaxation. I am a social work graduate student at Fordham University.

Hi there! My name is krystal reddick. I have a bachelor's degree from duke university and a master's in elementary education from rutgers university. I taught high school english courses at an independent day school for 5 years. And have also worked as a substitute teacher and a paraprofessional. Currently, i'm enrolled at fordham university for a master's in social work.

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RELAXATION YOGA course in Île de France - beginner level all ages

Initiated the sources of yoga in india, i invite you to join me in this journey to wellness and relaxation. I travel home. Possibility of courses in small groups. Provide carpet yoga per person and a blanket.

Mary joy
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Meditation, courses open to all, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Individual course customized according to the desired needs: managing stress and anxiety, wellness, use of the qualities of meditation in everyday life, support for people with social, emotional and conflicting challenges, discover who we truly are, developing joy and loving kindness to yourself and others at all times.

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Hatha Yoga and Integral Yoga teacher. Yogatherapist. Group ir individual classes. Customize yogatherapeutic programs.

Integral and hatha yoga. Yogatherapy. I offer individual or group classes according to the students needs, focused mainly on breathing and relaxation. The practice focuses on the body postures integrating Breathing, attention and awareness to work on different levels. I design individual practices and therapeutic processes to enhance health and wellness.

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Yoga classes calm or dynamic by Delphine certified Hatha Yoga teacher .

Delphine offers home yoga class or at hers. Choose one to one or come with friends or colleagues to organize a wellness output. The courses have a duration of 1:30 and varies depending on the request of the student. Choose your type of courses and yoga, delphine is always listening to the student and will depend on your expectations.

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Hatha Yoga teacher (Therapeutic), Kundalini and Meditation, for all ages. Classes and private centers in Madrid. Reiki therapist.

Yoga teacher certified in several discipinas (hatha, kundalini and nidra) and meditation. I am also a reiki therapist, supported by the spanish federation of reiki. In my classes, i try to be rigorous by using a therapeutic approach according to the needs and abilities of students / as.

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New York
Group and Private Yoga Lessons, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Meditation in English/Portuguese

200 hour yoga teacher training certificate at associação de yoga, sao paulo, brazil. Course in physical awareness with physical therapist dr. Carolina andrade ribeiro, são paulo, brazil.

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Sophrology Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Angel Card Reader - Belgium, Macedonia and international

My name is lepa, i am macedonian by origin and i live in brussels since 2004. I am an executive assistant at the base, with +/- 15 years of international experience and i became dynamic sophrology practitioner and massage therapist in meantime. I am now training to become a master practitioner in dynamic sophrology.

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Personal Growth, Spiritual Development, Life Coaching, goal achievement, improving self-esteem and confidence

I deal with personal growth and i work with people all over the world (europe, america, asia) who wish to change and improve their lives. Mostly i use psych-k and movimento arcaico, all in a highly relaxing and pleasant climate.

Therapeutic Yoga teacher that helps you overcome emotional blocks online and in Barcelona.

Hello! I am gonzalo, ayur yoga therapist, specialist in stress management. I only use effective techniques and methods of quick results and adapt fully to your needs. We will do a complete job that includes the physical part of postures, breathing and meditation techniques along with other tools that accelerate results.

Phenix City
Stress Relief Made Simple: A One on One Guided Session of Meditation and Breathing Techniques

1 . Completed level 1-3 reiki healing masters program with the international school of reiki 2 . Interfaith minister with over 10 years in the fields of divination, personal and spiritual development 3 . Honorary life coach from the ulc 4 . Master of wicca from the ulc 5 . Ministry ordination in 2010 through the ulc 6 .

Ciudad de México
Relax, equilibrate, regain your health -Teacher Certified YOGA / MEDITATION / BREATHING / WORKSHOPS (couples, Prenatal, 3rd age)

Sivananda yoga hatha yoga pranayama - breathing meditation - zen and guided yoganidra - meditation and mantras workshops- deep relaxation introduction to yoga / yoga philosophy / sanskrit / yoga vedanta scriptures and custom classes, private, prenatal couples, elderly, corrections and alignments

Polestar Pilates method instructor with many years of experience offers individual lessons or small groups

Hello! Iam a passionate teacher of pilates matwork, discipline that i have practiced for many years as a student until graduating as an instructor at the csen. I offer individual and small groups lessons according to the polestar pilates method. Classes include bodyweight excercises or with small tools (elastic, fitball, softball) and last 45 or 60 minutes.

Naoussa studio
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Yoga and relaxation home for individuals and companies, do not hesitate to contact me !

Hello everyone! My name is emilie, i'm 24 and i practice yoga for over eight years. I graduated from international yoga alliance and i offer home study courses, for individuals and businesses. I can move at your convenience for individual or several courses in the area of ​​annecy and geneva.

Yoga, meditation, relaxation, handling emotions, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE for children and adults. Classes can be in: ENGLISH / CASTILIAN / VALENCIANO. Area: VALENCIA (north zone) AND REGION l'HORTA NOR

Adult classes: hatha yoga classes, where i combine breathing exercises (pranayama), postures (asanas), relaxation and meditation, use of mantras, mudras. Working on a physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual level. Classes for children, where i work through movement, postures, games, stories, mantras, breathing, relaxation.

Emotional healing and personal growth. Coaching, meditation, working with the inner child...

Personal growth is perfect for anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves, to improve our relationships, to understand our blocks and fears, to reconnect with our essence and our inner voice and thus improve our lives at all levels. Learn to manage your emotions, to unlock and understand them.

Creativity techniques, from idea to action, a degree in art therapy, region of Aix-Marseille

I suggest you work your everyday creativity to develop new ideas, concepts, relationships at work, to the others: no artistic talent is required, participants will learn how to give meaning to their daily life (stress management, development self-confidence, motivation, image enhancement, link building. ) and unleash their imagination.

Naucalpan de Juárez
Yoga classes. I like to integrate Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini)

My name is evelina. I teach to both individuals or groups. Classes last 1 hour and a half, which includes a series of postures synchronized with breathing techniques and meditation. I am certified in ashtanga and hatha yoga by the vaishnava school of india.

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The YogiGuy - home yoga classes - Neuilly sur Seine - Paris -Yoga for all - Postures - Breathing - Relaxation

I travel home for a personalized yoga session. A session lasts from one hour to one hour and a half. Lessons for all levels 60 € the session (one or two person) Group of three: 25 € per person Group four: € 20 per person More information on theyogiguy. Fr Discover yoga in the comfort of your home, at your own pace.

Los Angeles
15 years experience Yoga, meditation and Pilates instructor - Los Angeles, CA

I'm a yogi with 18 years of experience and have been certified since 2002. I can teach a variety of styles, including kundalini, hatha, prenatal, postnatal, children's yoga and pilates. I began my yoga education as a committed student at city yoga in 1995, and went on to study with shiva rea and gurmukh kaur kahlsa.

El Segundo
Yoga Lessons for all in El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, and Torrance CA.

Ryt 200 certification through cloud nine yoga I teach vinyasa, hatha, and restorative yoga in el segundo, hermosa beach, and torrance ca. I foster a fun, flexible, personable environment when i teach. I am able to teach beginner and intermediate yogis.

South West Michigan Massage and Relaxation In-Home Classes with a Holistic Approach

My name is jhai and i am a certified massage therapist with international experience in guided health consultations. I typically offer my services to clients who are experiencing pregnancy, those bearing discontent with their physical/mental health, those seeking weight loss support, those with limited mobility and/or those seeking out a healthier lifestyle in general.

Ewa Beach
Meditation, Relaxation and Mindfulness Practice with Buddhist Therapist

I'm a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist with 20 years of professional experience with a wide range of individuals, but i am also a buddhist and meditator. H My lessons begin with the basics of relaxation and meditation -- focus on breathing, letting go of intrusive thoughts or sensations, and achieving inner-focused state of calmness and acceptance.

Yoga Teacher and Stress Management Coach offers one on one bespoke classes for all ages

Trained in vinyasa and restorative yoga my classes are a combination of both using breath, poses, and writing practices to shift your experience of stress and it's multiple side affects such as low self-esteem, fatigue, scattered thoughts, difficulty sleeping.

(3 reviews)
Hatha Yoga Classes by Amandine - Postures, Breathing, Relaxation, Meditation, All Levels - Certified Diploma

Postures | breathing | relaxation | meditation. The sessions begin with a body awareness in the present moment, to reconnect the body and mind together and focus on practice. A guided meditation is also proposed to further reduce the attention inwards, towards relaxation and concentration of mind.

(3 reviews)
Feldenkrais practitioner in the Northwest area of Madrid and Madrid Capital

I teach two different class formats, either in spanish, french or english: 1 . During a group class or atm (awareness through movement®) i guide verbally the participants into the exploration of pre-established sequences of movements designed to increase self-awareness. Depending on the lesson, participants can work on a mat on the floor or sitting on a chair.

Integrative disciplines exploring the human condition as it relates to

I work with students ranging from graduate level to fifth grade. It is important to see the main points of a subject. I assign homework, expect effort and can only ask people to do their best. My teaching method involves relating a topic to something the student finds familiar. I believe i need relate how they perceive.

(3 reviews)
Hatha yoga and kundalini yoga teacher. Meditation, mantras, asanas, and pranayama practices

Namasté! I am an experienced yoga teacher. I´ve been teaching it for more than ten years. I have been trainned as a kundalini teacher, and i´ve also done an anusara yoga training course. Since then, yoga has been part of my life, aplying its teachings in my everyday experiences. Thatś the beauty of yoga, itś a very practical tool for living more conscious, centered and calmed.

(1 reviews)
Hatha Yoga Flow and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in Paris, I teach two dynamic forms of yoga, linking breathing and body moves. Certificated by Yoga Alliance, I give private classes at home

I teach yoga vinyasa and dynamic hatha yoga, two dynamic forms of yoga, linking breathing and body moves. Thus postures flow from one another as in a choreography and are tuned with longer lasting ones. Body and heart are being toned while the mind is relaxing.

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