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J'enseigne le français depuis 18 ans

Enseignement du français

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French culture g english preparation for large schools contest, optimization research use

Interactive courses. Various media, transmission of the insured knowledge experience of educational psychology and guarantee winning.

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Reviewing and writing assistance for academic and profesional documents by PhD student in French literature

A phd student in literature, author of a dozen academic articles and a book, i can review your academic texts or corporate documents. I like to "enter" the field, theme and particular assumptions of a document and reflect on what can be improved in every part of its expression (spelling, grammar, articulation, presentation).

(9 reviews)
PhD in literature gives French and General Culture lessons

I give private lessons for seven years now. I got my first job in the upper five years ago, as a teaching assistant of french (langage and literature) at upenn (university of pennsylvania). Coming back in paris, i began to teach general culture in a buisness school, bts and workplace (methodology and professional writing, training contests).

(28 reviews)
Don't know how to begin ? Your job needs to be completed ? To be corrected ? Working face to face and by Web

If you have problems for all or part of your report, thesis, dissertation, don't wait too much, contact me. If you suffer from a lack of inspiration or of the white sheet syndrome, i know how to give you the starting pulse. Get to the point, your ideas, i will manage to highlight them.

(31 reviews)
Private Lessons - Writing Reports from High School to Postgraduate and Adults - Bordeaux/CUB or ONLINE

Hello, Financial controller and consultant in everyday life, i hold a master's degree in finance and a d. s . c . g . , and with over 4 years of experience in education, i offer my services as a private tutor. A wide range of disciplines : from high school to postgraduate.

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OPTIMIZATION OF HIS JOB SEARCH: effective CV to the powerful cover letter through the life skills

Prof journalistic writing and com efap for 14 years, french teacher / culture g / english / personal development and the communication training institute and sale (ifcv) and the medici institute trainer novencia and the national training center distance (cnfdi), i offer also in these institutions of job search optimization modules (the valuation of his experience in optimizing its expertise and...

(15 reviews)
How to create a CV (curriculum vitae) As the job search on the Internet?

Create an effective resume in an electronic format. Job search on the internet. Set alerts on job seekers. Prepare for interviews, research on the company and competition. Oral practice with a video camera.

(11 reviews)
Tutoring methodology and preparing for nationwaide exams by an engineering student in Nancy

Je suis élève ingénieur à tecom nancy, école ingénieurs mines telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles maths sup/maths spe. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

Coach orientation and recruitment available on Paris specialized in trade and luxury

Employee of a house jewelry / watches, i propose courses for different profiles: - high school students interested in learning about their direction and assistance in the drafting of applications post-bac - students candidatant competitions of the grandes ecoles trade by parallel tracks (gateway, springboard, ast.

La Rochelle
Tutoring and support any level of La Rochelle, Student in business school.

Hello, i am a student in the first year of bachelor of tourism management at rochelle and i want to give my time to help children and also pay a small part of my studies. I'm pretty organized so my teacher and courses are structured and have a theoretical part and a part with training exercises.

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Experienced teacher gives lessons of French academic & professional writing / French grammar & spelling

My classes are intended to high-schoolers and students who are no french native speakers. My goal is to help you: - improve your writing (form and content) - understand french spelling and grammar - proofread your essays (homework, thesis, resume, cover letters. ) I like my classes to be interactive, playful and practice-oriented.

Tutoring and methodology - Elementary, middle and high school - online courses - school coach

I will teach you the methods that have allowed me to have a bac l with after my first s. The highlight of my teaching is to support my courses on the internet and use moocs to increase the autonomy of my students. All of my courses are delivered in multiple choice and are greatly appreciated by the students.

Business School graduate offers academing support for multilevel applicants in Marseille and around

Business school graduate in marketing and entrepreneurship, i have previously studied in prep school. I acquired an effective methodology and a good level in mathematics, french, english, economy. During my education i have given several french lessons and math and tutoring for students of different levels (primary , college and high school).

(3 reviews)
Paris 18e
Coaching for Master and PhD students in the field of arts, culture, expertise, literature, mediation…. Paris-based University teacher offers assistance in writing your dissertations, theses and all yo

Coaching - private tuitions - assistance in writing dissertations, theses and all your university work (essays, presentations, etc. ) – research methodology – preparation of university entrance examinations and thesis vivas.

(9 reviews)
Normalienne PhD student Fellow in Modern Literature gives private lessons in French / Literature

All levels of college master and beyond through contest preparation (administrative ens-capes-agreg-competition). - methodology (reading and comprehension, essay, commentary, memory writing etc. ) - private adhesives cpges / capes / agreg - memories proofreading - (re) learning love of reading - etc. I provide short courses and / or intensive.

(3 reviews)
Paris 10e
Graduated with honors Master EHESS writing assistance (including memoirs / theses) and improvement of French written / oral

I am passionate about language and writing, my aim is to give the ability to enunciate clearly and enhance the expression. It is a real pleasure for me to teach, i help both native french speakers and foreigners.

(2 reviews)
Teacher and trainer qualified and experienced at your service in schools written and oral communication and professional

Teacher contract juvenile classical school and adult vocational training, i have years of experience in the transmission of knowledge. Throughout my career teacher, i wanted to accompany a variety of profiles: school, students, job seekers, workers, soldiers, vulnerable people, asylum seekers, people in cultural and social breakdown, inmates in prisons and people with disabilities.

Vestavia Hills
Experienced teacher and instructor who can help you get to the next level by holding you accountable to study habits and times.

I have a master's degree and 15 years of teaching adults and children. I like to have fun and try to make all lessons memorable by using stories and ideas from my personal experiences. I love interacting with people and knowing i might make a difference in their lives.

Motivating, inspiring, and compassionate tutor for ACT prep, brainstorming, and editing. I work well with learners across age levels.

I completed my phd in 2006 in social studies and global education at the ohio state university. Between 2006 and 2009, i taught in the college of education at winona state university and successfully served on multiple department, college, university, community, and state-wide committees. During the 2009-10ay i taught introduction to chicano studies and introduction to ethnic studies at st.

Student - Teaching the formal use of the French language at all levels, Paris

Hello! Now student in a first master degree in general international law in panthéon sorbonne university, i have a literary and artistic personal path, long years of writing (and national contest entries) under my belt, and an experience of many years in the correction of documents (legal, and theses).

Student Multimedia, Internet and Audiovisual: relief assistance, tutoring region of Sarreguemines and more

I own the bac stg with a specialization accounting and finance companies. I am now preparing a dut mmi (trades multimedia and the internet). To achieve good results, i try to better analyze the problems faced by the student to find the most suitable solution through some examples. It is imperative for me to bring the understanding of the course or exercises.

I'm French, available, I do tutoring on Belfort, CP-BAC levels and resume writing

Licensee, already used to give support classes, i know put myself at the service of my students to give them the keys to success. Empowering my students and giving them the desire to learn are both my goals. I am specialized in maths, french gramar, english and i teach computer and m. Office courses.

Degree in Economics and Finance propose courses of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics in Naples

Hello! My name is antonio, i graduated from the university of padua in economics and finance. I have done my studies in english and, during this time at university i studied for several periods abroad. I offer very dynamic lessons and forming to anyone who want to improve his/her knowledge.

(1 reviews)
Law student with degrees in history and English helping children in Boston area and Boston suburbs

I have degrees in english and history and am now in law school. I have vast experience in applying successfully to jobs, and i can help with students' writing resumes and cover letters. I will thoroughly check students' work making changes and asking whether the student knows why i did so.

(1 reviews)
Le Mans
At Le Mans, future teacher in modern literature and french language! :)

I want to give lessons to students because i am passionate about my subject but also the transmission with adolescents. I am a second year student of master meef (science education). I spend a teacher competition in modern literature this year. In addition, i work in a college. I give classes at all levels: from elementary to college.

Homework CP level in Bac even at BTS, I wait your requirement

I'm from bts assistant manager in 2nd year. I offer my help in your education in mathematics fields, spelling, homework help, english. I can help you whether your pc where during bac. In order to help as much as possible, i ask to know what the person wants to do with me to study the subject and to answer all questions.

I offer tuition, help with homeworks, and after-school support in Chivasso. classic diploma, Psychology degree.

I am a 22 years-old girl, graduating in psychology. I offer support classes in various subjects at the high school level, middle schools and elementary schools (at this level, i can propose recreational and educational activities after school). As for university education, i provide help with thesis writing and preparation of materials included in my course (psychology bachelor's degree).

Offers help with homework, the supports and or a fun and educational way French courses. Using such new technologies to capture attention.

Dynamic person who loves new experiences and transcendence. I am a driver, open minded, loves responsibilities and taken initiative. I like motto "sapere aude! " have the courage to use your own understanding of. I offer courses to suit all levels, devotee of new technologies and education to the image i do not hesitate to use several educational sources to capture and captivate my students.

Efficient support for your Sciences + Excel courses + IT Basics on Enghien

I am a man of 31 years, father of two children and live in enghien. I offer to accompany you for your excel and your math / science needs. Also, i can assist in it basics (iphone, ipads, using your computer). I do not have any standard methodology as i adapt myself to your level and your needs. Some people only need to be listened to and accompanied, others need explanation.

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Understanding how to construct a resume is essential for anyone looking to obtain a new job. Without this sort of skill, others who are less qualified might land a particular job simply because they have better skills writing a resume. That is why checking out the different Resume - cover letter’s writing prep lessons available to students is a must. While it might not sound all that exciting or invigorating, the information provided by the Resume - cover letter’s writing prep teachers is second to none and can provide the most desirable for obtaining a job later on down the line. Of course, there are fantastic classes outside of the resume building optionoffering. This includes literature and philosophy lessons for anyone who is looking to gain knowledge in different subjects. It also includes an english tutor and ancient Greek teachers, all of whom can share their knowledge with students in order to give them the proper educational insights they are seeking from their school.

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Bonjour, Pourriez-vous rédiger un compte rendu critique de 5 pages du chapitre XI (linguistique et poétique) de "Essaies de linguistique générale" de Roman Jakobson, Points-Seuil, 1970 Et combien cela me coutera. Merci,

3 years ago
Ecrivain, correctrice, rédactrice, Docteur en Lettres relit, corrige, rédige vos mémoires, thèses,...