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Learn while having fun. Your passions are essential in learning. I teach French and interactive allemand.Méthodes, games, annimés drawings, music ...

You have a passion for music, drawing, movies, cartoons etc. ? Your passions and tastes are essential in learning. Private lessons and tutoring for college. experienced teacher, 11 years of teaching, comparability certificate provided by ENIC Naric, German language course in Austrian family.

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Native Romanian living in the UK gives Romanian lessons to anyone willing to learn

Hi guys, my name is Tinka, I am 19 and I study Management at the University of Brighton! I have lived in England for over 5 years now so I am confident in teaching Romanian as well as English.

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French, EFL, Romanian, qualified and experienced Private Tutor in Barnet area, in GSCE, A level

Hello, I take great joy and pride in teaching French, EFL and Romanian to beginners, intermediate advanced students. In London I have taught these subjects successfully since 2010, on a one to one basis. I have a BA in French Literature and a Master of Arts in Business Translations and Interpreting (French-English) from the University of Surrey, Guildford, 2014.

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Romanian native , English bilingual, with 10 years + experience in teaching

I am a Romanian native who lived in Michigan US where I have tutored for Romanian language . The Romanian language is very difficult especially the Grammar but by understanding the student's learning everything is possible.

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I am a second year engineering student at the University of Cambridge and I give Romanian lessons for all levels, from complete beginner to advanced.

I am a second year engineering student at the University of Cambridge and I give Romanian language lessons for all levels, from complete beginner to advanced level. I am a friendly, enthusiastic and very patient person. I am willing to teach anyone who wants to learn my native language, from children to adults.

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I want to teach Romanian and American English and I live in USA

I have a college degree (BA) from Romania in Management. I live in USA for more than 18 years, I am married with an American and we have 2 girls. I did homeschooling for a few years.

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Native romanian willing to teach others one of the beautifull latin languages

Hello ,I m a romanian women who will make you teach roamnian language in an easy way. We will learn together from the most common words to some special tips and tricks.Romanian language can be easily learn with the right person .My methodology is based on a friendly relationship between me and the student ,and the structure we make it together so it fits your needs first.

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Take the opportunity of Italian lessons with a professionally-trained Italian language teacher for college student or middle school and high school students or bussiness needs.

Hello! I'm a professional Italian language teacher based in Reggio Calabria, a small hilltop town in Calabria, Italy. Reggio is located on the "toe" of the Italian Peninsula and is separated from the island of Sicily by the Strait of Messina. I teach Italian to individuals, and small groups of all ages for all levels.

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Assistant Manager gives online private lessons of French (Foreign Language), Romanian and English

I describe myself as a language lover always smiling, highly motivated and thorough, who had her dream come true when arriving in France, with an Erasmus scholarship, in her 3rd year as a Bachelor. I endeavor to translate and also interpret, in order to improve the languages that I master, mainly French, English and Romanian.

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Progressive course of English and French for anyone, no matter the level in Menton and nearby

A graduate of Cambridge and owner of a DELF diploma, I offer English and French courses to anyone, no matter the level. The secret of my class is represented by the methodology and teaching technique, using concepts known to assimilate the new information. In any case, the course is conducted in accordance to the needs of each student.

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Native level Spanish tutor in London willing to help you to improve your Spanish skills

I am a teenger tutor who have been living the past 12 years in Spain. I am wiiling to help you improve your spanish skills while practicing speaking, reading, listenings and also some readings related to the culture of the language you wish to perfeccionate. I structure the lessons doing each day one of the four sections mentioned above.

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Law student giving private classes in English, French, Romanian, Spanish, Arabic, as well as first year law subjects

Student L2 law at the University of Strasbourg, I give level law courses L1 by following a disciplined approach while addressing several sources in order to achieve a complex understanding of subjects such as constitutional law, private law, law extrapatrimonial family, the history of the state and of Europe, as well as ancillary materials such political economic and judicial institutions.

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Students in the first year license, I give over Romanian, English and French

I am a student at the University of Strasbourg in first year license (UFR Physics Sciences for the engineer), but I always kept a keen interest to improve my level regarding my native language (Romanian) and foreign languages. My courses are aimed at all age groups.

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Romanian language lessons in a friendly practical manner for language interested people

I am Daniel, a native Romanian language speaker and also a very good English speaker. If you are interested in enhancing your language skills in order to improve yourself or to impress your friends, Romanian language a the right latin language to acomplish that.

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English teacher with a degree in English Philology gives english and Spanish lessons to any level till C1

If you take a lot of time giving English but do not have fluency in speaking this is the time to make a big change. My teaching method is based primarily on discussion topics for a certain looseness is lame.

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Degree in foreign languages ​​and literature with honors with 110, resident of Bitonto in prov. Bari offers home language courses (English, Portuguese, French, Romanian, Italian for foreigners) to s

Degree in foreign languages ​​and literatures 110 and praise, I work for years at home teaching of foreign languages ​​at all levels, from elementary to university, and I have prepared several boys to final exams.

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Graduated offer classes in English, Spanish and Romanian, or translations in Madrid

I am graduated in English and Spanish philology and I also studied the Master to become an English Teacher for Secondary Education and Bachillerato. Depending on the student's level and necessities, the classes can be more focused on conversation, grammar, vocabulary or listening etc. I use various materials such as books, workbooks, games, news, articles, videos or movies.

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Teacher gives tutoring English, French and Romanian via Skype

All levels accepted. I use traditional methods as well as media, music etc. The courses are adapted to the needs of students.

Le Mans
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Foreign language courses, English, Italian, French, Romanian for all polyglots, waiting for you

Hello everyone, my name Raluka, I Romanian origin, living in France for over 10 years, I want to teach among other things, my native language to those who are interested.

Fort Walton Beach
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Professional and experienced French instructor (all levels) in Fort Walton Beach / Destin, FL

I taught French languages classes to college students at all levels. For me, teaching a language means sharing a passion about that language and culture, and helping others to grow a similar passion for themselves. As a tutor, I guide my students in the wonderful discovery of the French language culture and I do my best to inspire them and cultivate their curiosity.

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Young Italian graduate in Philosophy and European Studies provides special language courses

I'm a young Italian of 25 years and currently works in Brussels ing the eu industry. I have a degree in Philosophy and two Masters in European Studies and I am available to tutor Italian. I speak Romanian, English, French and Spanish and can teach interested who speak these languages. For more info and set a court meet me at 0497 / 223657. Price from 10 eur.

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Translation alumna teaches both English and Romanian or Spanish for foreigners in Madrid.

My name is Miriam, I have 19 years and I'm here to help you with languages. I teach English, Romanian or Spanish for foreigners. I am originally from Romania, but I've been living in Spain my whole life. I can proudly say that a lot of Spanish people would love to know the language as well as I do. My methodology is simple: theoretical explanation followed by practical examples from everyday life.

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Graduate in English Philology from the University of Valencia teaches English and Russian in Valencia

I graduated in English Philology and have a qualification of advanced Russian from the Official Language School in Valencia. The qualification of advanced Russian is just a formality since I speak Russian fluently because I grew up in a country where Russian is spoken as a second language.

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Experienced, enthusiastic and passionate teacher of French and Romanian Language offers lessons to middle school and high school levels in Kalispell, MT. Native speaker of Romanian Language

I am a teacher with 7 years experience in public and international schools in Romania. I have my bachelors degree in Romanian and French languages and a master degree in French. I like having dynamic, interactive and constructive lessons which give opportunities to explore individual skills.

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Translator, interpreter, professor with over 10 years of professional experience in the public and private sector, teaches languages ​​at home (in the City of Luxembourg and surroundings) e

September 2015- Ongoing Bachelor's Degree in Law (LLB) University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris, France September 2012 - June 2014 (graduated in 2014) Master in Business Administration (Master of Business Administration) Accounting, economics, statistics, companies law, law labor, tax law, market finance, project management, financial analysis, human resources, logistics, marketing, quality...

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I teach english, (Romanian mother-tongue) and Spanish for foreigners in Malaga

Hello! I'm Daiana and I am studying at the UMA, a degree in human resources. I spend a lot of language teaching. I am Romanian, so my native language is Romanian and I can help with both Romanian and English, as also with the Spanish for foreigners.

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Exceptional offer! ROMANIAN 10 € / hour, € 15/2 hours. You are interested to learn Romanian with a native?

I am a teacher of FLE and ESOL with 5 years experience in teaching French and English for children and adults. I attended several training courses organized by French Alliance, Didier, Cambridge and British Council, so that I am always informed about new teaching techniques.

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I can help you with your English. You can find in me a friend Who Gives advices you and helps you to Improve Your English.

I am a foreign student in France. I study engineering and I'm willing to help you with everything connected to your English. My English it's not perfect but I am really good in speaking, listening and reading. Just have a little bit of faith.

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German native speaker teacher with many years of experience in the field of training and translation

They are native German teacher, working at some State and private institutions. I have experience in the preparation of language certificates and I carry out reps with the boys of the Germanic school of Genoa.

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24 hours to become bilingual thanks to a professional coaching by a polyglot

(automatic translation) Do you want to learn a language to speak it or to have classes your whole life? In 7 years, I learned eight languages. Today, being now 30 years old, I speak a dozen. After a career in IT, for a around 2 years, I made my passion for languages my new job. With my partner, also a polyglot, we founded our school: Toulingua.

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