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(6 reviews)
During Russian individuals (children and adults of all levels) with experienced native teacher

Professor degree in russian foreign language with 16 years of teaching experience offers russian private lessons (all levels) to all those who wish to learn it professionally or for pleasure. All over his custom. The approach will be chosen according to your needs and your goals - the focus may be on grammar, writing or orally (communication), translation, pronunciation.

(3 reviews)
Learning Russian language with a native teacher of St. Petersburg

А вы говорите по-русски? If you want to discover the culture of russia and learn the russian language, enrich your vocabulary, manage russian grammar or improve your spoken and written skilles, you are welcome! I propose specific language lessons of russian for all levels. My goal is to make our lessons interesting and easy.

(18 reviews)
Russian webcam lessons with a native certificated teacher for all levels !

Hello! My name is maria. I propose lessons of russian language and culture, my native language, for all levels. I use a communicative approach, where the most important is to learn to express yourself in the most varied situations. To make the lessons more interesting, i use videos, audio recordings and games. I prepare my classes taking into account your interests and goals.

(12 reviews)
Russian language courses, translation and interpreting in Toulouse, France communication - Russia.

Graduate of professional master 2 "international studies: english studies" and bac + 5 in translation and english-french-russian linguistics, i have worked as russian teacher at the catholic institute of toulouse and the national school of engineer isae supaero. Entrepreneur "professor, russian interpreter and translator.

(7 reviews)
Slavicist and a graduate historian, a native speaker of German, gives private lessons of German, Russian and History

I teach in german, russian and history on all levels. I prefer private lessons in order to adapt to the needs of individual students and creates a customized program to meet the specific requirements of each situation. I also have experience in teaching by skype, although i prefer being physically present.

(4 reviews)
Experienced and efficient teacher offers private lessons (all levels): Russian / Ukrainian and English at Metz and region. Also offers courses webcam (France). Free first class.

Hello, my name is valeriia, 43, ukrainian and living in france. Enthusiastic and dynamic nature, i offer russian / ukrainian and english classes for all levels. After a free evaluation session, we determine together an enjoyable teaching method, rewarding that meets your needs.

(2 reviews)
Paris 10e
Professor of russian parfaitment bilingual propose you give lessons in your home or his home

Hello, my name is sylvia, i am fully bi-lingual (studies at la sorbonne) and i teach russian, my native language, for many years in paris and pr. I practice a highly personalized approach adapting to the needs and the progress of my students.

(8 reviews)

Hi, i'm a teacher of english and russian (graduated with high honors). I offer russian courses for individuals of all ages and all levels - to learn the basic grammar and basic conversation in order to communicate on a daily basis.

(5 reviews)
Paris 8e
During the Russian or Ukrainian for foreign students (for Skype or Kyiv)

Hello, my name is iryna. I live in kyiv and i teach russian and ukrainian for foreign students via skype or in kyiv if you visit this city and learn languages. You will see that my mother tongues are easy and interesting to learn.

(3 reviews)
An Experienced Private Tutor For Learning French, English and Russian in Paris/Ile-de-France

Experienced tutor (whether giving classes in person or on-line); i would like to share with you my knowledge and linguistic passion. I perfectly speak french, english and russian. I have a master's degree in law and sociology.

(12 reviews)
Russian-French foreign language lessons in Aubagne, in France or Abroad by Skype

Hello, president of the franco-russian association of aubagne soyuz-provence, i invite you to take language lessons and discover the culture and russian traditions through our various activities. We specialize among others in teaching and correcting pronunciation in french and english. Highly competitive rates for members.

(1 reviews)
Paris 15e
Russian native for live courses (Russian or FLE (French foreign language)) in Paris

Having finished my degree in st. Petersburg, i came to france as assistant to russian versailles where i worked in two high schools and a college. I practice communicative methodology not forgetting the traditional methodology to create a solid foundation in grammar, for example.

(3 reviews)
Tutoring foreign languages: Russian, English, French

Foreign language teacher gives home tutoring in english, french and russian at cannes.

(3 reviews)
Private lessons of Russian and English in Chambery or by Skype

Hello, i teach russian and english courses. I have a good knowledge of the english russian grammar. I am competent in translation methodologies (russian-english-french). All levels are welcome! I practice a communicative approach, the course of the course provides different forms of work and i adapt to the pace and needs of each learner.

(3 reviews)
Paris 17e
PhD student in linguistics at INALCO offers private lessons of Russian and Ukrainian in Paris

Hello, i am a phd student in linguistics at the national institute of oriental languages ​​and civilizations, paris (inalco). I offer private lessons of russian and ukrainian in paris and by skype. They are addressed for children and adults at all levels. My courses are based on communicative method and adapted to your rate of progress.

(4 reviews)
The Russian is a difficult language? No ! So do not wait

You want to discover a continent, immerse yourself in a rich culture, take a step ahead of the international job market, come and learn russian with professor of russian language. I am a teacher of language and russian culture in college. I use a pedagogy of communication. This pedagogy is based on activities and varied and attractive learning materials. I prepare for exams: trki, bac, bts.

(7 reviews)
Niterói (Rio de Janeiro)
Professor of native Spanish. Also give Russian lessons by child or adult student

I have extensive experience in public relations, journalism and education, with an emphasis on institutional public relations. Acting mainly as government communication advisor. In brazil work as spanish and russian teacher, for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

(1 reviews)
Foreign languages ​​in La Ciotat and Aix! English, Russian, French for foreigners + Translation

English: all levels. Topics of your choice: you want to learn how to write buisness letters in english, to get a help in your homework or you wish to be able to chat with your foreign friends and watch movies without subtitles.

(4 reviews)
Russian and French Foreign Language; (33000)

Hello, i have over 7 years of teaching experience in france and belarus. Since september 2012, i was lector of russian at the university montaigne bordeaux in the department of germanic and slavic studies at the faculty of languages ​​and civilizations.

(1 reviews)
Tailor-made Russian lessons by experienced teacher, specializing in beginner to intermediate level.

Hello! My name is polina. I’ve been teaching russian since 2012. I can understand how difficult to learn a new language can be as i've also been studying english and french. Both as a learner and a teacher, i've learned the tricks that can help to make this process easier, faster and engaging.

(1 reviews)
Rio de Janeiro
Classes on / offline Russian in Rio de Janeiro with the native teacher

Teaching the language from cyrillic alphabet learning, reading, writing, explain the grammar of the language structure. After each lesson i give some material to reinforce at home. Advanced levels have conversation work, translation, audition, watching movies. There are topics about russian culture and russian way of life.

Translator and Interpreter native Spanish offers Spanish courses at home or on Skype - Metz and its surroundings - All levels -

Hello! My name is marina. I am ready to help you to understand, to speak and to write spanish for successful tests, an interview or just for the pleasure of learning a new language. My classes are mainly based on a communicative approach because for me, it is the best way to learn a language. We will also study the grammar and vocabulary through very dynamic exercises.

(2 reviews)
English and Russian teacher with 14 years of experience

English and russian teacher (more than 14 years experience as an english teacher in russia). I am a teacher of russian origin. Level taught: elementary - college. I give lessons in my home or i can move by bus to aix en provence. I adapt my lessons depending on the level of the students.

New York
A tutor with 10 years of experience in teaching English! Click here

I am a foreign languages tutor with 10 years of experience, and i am looking to develop professional network and to traget students. I am a hardworking professional and a skilled teacher. I graduated with honors in 2007. Then, i got the second teaching category after only a year of teaching in 2010 and worked for two years as a freelance translator.

French-Russian-English student gives Russian lessons in Paris for any level of language

Currently a student in paris, i offer russian classes for pretty much anyone. The contents of my lessons depend on the level of the student: we can practice speaking, writing or learn new vocabulary.

(3 reviews)
Le Mans
Certified teacher of Ural State University offers private lessons of Russian, Italian and English throughout the whole of France

Hello, my name is janna. I am a certified teacher at the ural state university, my teaching approach has had a success with thousands of students during these last 10 years. My lessons are aimed at any kind of students according to their age and language level.

(2 reviews)
Offers home study courses Russian language (mother tongue) and / or English.

Classes are held on 1h30 sessions. Lessons are tailored to different levels (college, high school, students, companies and in anticipation of a trip). The scenario will allow a focus on the spoken language to make autonomous quickly.

(8 reviews)
Individual Russian cources in Brussels. Qualified and experienced teacher. All levels.

You want to learn russian. I propose courses without learning by heart, without boring and tiring exercises but rich in varied study material corresponding to your interests, including numerous films and russian songs. You want to practice your russian. I invite you to discover different aspects of russian culture: history, cooking, everyday people, literature, cinema, music etc.

Bronx County
Learning the language is by conversing with other people which can be fun

My methods in teaching or helping to learn a new language, like esl, is to engage the student in conversation, so they will not be afraid to make sentences and feel bad when they make a mistake. We all learn on mistakes and this is where practice is for.

English / Russian Tutor ☆ With me you will achieve success! ☆

Hello, i offer tutoring in english and russian. I am happy to work with children, teenagers, students, adults - so people of all ages are very welcome. I am from russia and since october 2015 i am studying english / american and studies at the tu chemnitz. I am happy to help with studying and all the difficulties in english / russian.

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