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Auteur poète marc cantin

Auteur poète plus de milles poèmes, uniques! À partager entre amis : ) ***** marccantin.

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Paris 12e
Sports Coach graduate / physical trainer, gives lessons at home (in Paris)

Home trainer graduated (ba in athletic training staps mention), i exercise for over two years with customers satisfied with their progress and athletes who have reached their goal. I therefore propose my services at home or outdoors, be it physical preparation (athletics, tennis, boxing, judo etc. ), physical maintenance (ground-up, weight loss, muscle toning, weight etc. ) or group lessons.

San Nicolás de los Garza
Wanting to learn self-defense? Try this israelite militar method. Efficient, effective and excellent to kick some asses.

My name is claudia and im level 4 in krav maga system. I began my training as a hobby, now is my peace zone and the place i know im not only learning and training, but to be able to defense myself and others if needed.

I graduated in Physics Education and I got my level 4 EREPS in Personal Trainer. I love sharing my passion for sport and help you achieve your goals personels.

I love sharing my passion for sport and help others to achieve their personal goals. I give training in private or home group (to you or me), outdoors (on running track or a park) or in gyms. I can also make you an drives and food programing, and you do cardio vascular tests to determine your vo2 max and vma and so you make better programing for your fitness goals.

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Inayan System III Eskrima is a traditional Martial Art from the Philippine

I am dedicated to the preservation of the inayan system of eskrima as taught to _him_ mangisursuro by michael g. Inay. I have spent over 16 years studying from the founder, and over seven (7) years living and training with the founder as a private student.

Bodybuilder and former college wrestler/mma fighter looking to take your athletics to the next level!

Giving lessons to all levels of experience in strength and conditioning to enhance athletic performance. Online coaching will include live demonstrations along with written workout description tailored specifically to meet individual goals and objectives. Active learning environment, looking for those who want to dominate and take their game to the next level.

'' Tae Kwo Do Instructor ( Techniques anti-bullying defense) !!!!

Maestro young, dynamic, innovative and patient. Looking for the development of motor skills applied to personal defense, without neglecting own philosophy of martial art or its character as a sport competition. Based on moo duk kwan system. "taekwondo multidisciplinary".

(1 reviews)
Paris 11e
Sports Coaching - Body Workout - Cardio Training - Self Defense - Fitness

Fitness - weight loss - body workout - cardio training - self defense combat sports convenient to defend themselves, let off steam or improvement at home or in your neighborhood or local in paris

(1 reviews)
Professional teacher of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong and Qinna (at home or by agreement)

A professional certified by the international school golden dragon. Teaching serious and fun course. Hun gar kung fu, tai chi yang, marciaux traditional arts. No athletic, concentrated on quality. No hangers, no more competitions.

(1 reviews)
Sports coach in the Nantes area for Beginner (fighting sports, running and fitness)

I am a 21 years old student and i am crazzy about sports. I offer my services to beginners wishing learn about combat sports (self-defense, kickboxing, boxe or savate), running or just fitness. I give lessons in the nantes area.

Coaching outdoor sports men and women all ages, self defense, relaxation and fitness

The self defence. It is a distillation of many techniques that will enable you to acquire a good foundation to defend you but also to practice a complete sport for a good physical condition. Simple and effective techniques, use of everyday objects (keys newspapers, magazines, handbag, scarf, scarf. ) physical and psychological techniques of self defense.

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Lyon 7e
Teachers with professional qualification gives Krav Maga, Self Defense and sport lessons in Lyon

Lessons for all levels at home / private room (equipped with advanced equipment) for children, teens, adults, seniors, women. Krav maga learning system with a global approach to the management of aggression.

Especially during fitness pilates

My accesible courses at all levels, sedentary seeking to work in a specific part of athletes seeking to expect performance. I promise to keep my students to get the required results. Your objective will be my priority.

Coach (Martial arts / combat sports / self-defense) 1 to 4 people for the same price! (Has a local full equipped).

Hello i give private class : - martial arts - combat sports - self-defense * for all levels (beginner - intermediate - advanced) * ** i have a local and all necessary equipment ** *** i offer a single tariff of € 55 / hour, whether you are single or up to 4 people *** **** (so you can enjoy the course more and you share the expenses).

Krav Maga - A qualified coach to achieve your goals

Aggression, rape, racketeering, robbery,. Our daily life is less and less certain. The offenses are increasing and becoming more violent will you defend yourself? The solution is to learn self defense krav maga technique and is the closest self defense technique of the reality of the street.


First black belt of jiu-jitsu competitive in france (black belt in may 2001, today 4th dan) medalist and french first world of jjb in black belt in 2003 and 2005 to sao paulo in brazil.

Paris 8e
A team of passionate coaches, Paris and suburbs, to meet your desires and your needs and reach quickly and efficiently your goals.

Kj coach'in offers a unique training method based on the beauty of the sport. A method created for those whose reason to improve the body beyond the purely physical plane. Our team of passionate coaches will meet your needs by offering a program 100% customized. For weight loss, coaching jogging or simply a maintenance practices such as pilates, kj coach'in has his team in a specialist to offer.

Fabro Scalo
IASD Krav maga professional instructor offers self defense classes and training instructors

I am an instructor of 'association iasd teaching programs we offer are recognized by the academic college at wingate of israele. Ci turn therefore to all those who want to learn an effective method of self-defense through lectures which are addressed to individuals or small groups. . L'associazione iasd is also looking for people who want to take a training course to become istruttori.

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