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Tailored courses in Ancient Greek History and History of Warfare, from PhD student in London.

I am a phd student in london focusing on ancient greek military history and offering courses to anyone interested in ancient greece from school to university level. I encourage interactive courses with pleasant and constructive discussions over a one sided monologue, but can accommodate any student's requirements.

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PhD student in social sciences giving lessons for secondary school/college/undergrad/masters level in London. (sociology,history,human geography and criminology)

Highly attentive and engaging tutor with substantive experience in the social sciences. My methods of instruction seek to apply a wide range of thinking to a topic to ensure the best levels can be achieved.

Support and assistance in homework History, geography, literature, English in Strasbourg dismissed History

Tutor and tutoring, i offers modular and adaptable courses to best meet the needs of the student, so i proposed aid have focused on understanding and analysis of the subject, i also practice method to prepare the student for all eventualities in order to transmit the keys to succeed him.

Graduate degree in Literature and Philosophy offresi for: help in the humanities in Melzo.

Graduate degree in literature and philosophy at the university of milan, in the classroom of the degrees in the history of offresi historical documentation for help in the humanities in melzo. The announcement is aimed at students of primary, middle and high schools. Obviously referenced, also available in the evenings and at weekends. Also gained experience with dsa and bes students.

(4 reviews)
Juiz de Fora
Student of Humanities in UFJF teaches to middle and high school (any discipline of human)

Through dynamic classes, i intend to show the student that the disciplines of humanities can be very pleasant. Easily to deal with children and adolescents, the classes may be appropriate as the student, using new ways of learning for the student to feel comfortable in taking any questions about the humanities.

(2 reviews)
Belo Horizonte
Bachelor and Master UFMG gives private lessons in history in Belo Horizonte

Master and graduated from ufmg, i have extensive experience in private lessons for all levels. I taught for undergraduate students and for several years i have been teaching for students of primary and secondary schools.

(3 reviews)
Belo Horizonte
History teaches student of Humanities for elementary and high school in Belo Horizonte

Classes for students from elementary, medium and pre entrance exam. Having each custom class for each type of student and your focus. Methodology discussed in class shuns teaching standards models, aiming at a more dynamic class and making learning enjoyable. Always showing all perspectives on the topic and always opening the debate, which also develops the ability to argue in newsrooms.

I am a qualified PGCE PcET further education tutor. I teach Sociology, English, Criminology & Psychology. I live in Barry and am happy to travel within reasonable distances.

I can teach essential skills wales (communications from entry level to and including level 2. My speacilist subjects are sociology, i can teach this from g. c . S,e to a-level. English i can teach from entry level to and including level 3. Criminology i can teach at g. c . s . E and a-level. Psychology at g. c . s . E level.

(2 reviews)
Paris 15e
During 2nd economy, first and final ES - Methodology - Preparation for the baccalaureate

Courses in economics and social bachelor level course is for students in second, first and final es and the themes addressed in the three fields: economics, sociology and crossed eyes and that if necessary, the specialty (that it is thorough economy and social and political sciences).

(1 reviews)
Rio de Janeiro
History Teacher - History/Geography/English - All levels until High School - Rio de janeiro

Dynamic method, focused on the student's needs. Lessons are planned according to the needs presented. For that, we will do an interview so i can know the student's needs and also to know what they like and what can help them in school. I use many multimedia features in my classes, especially in history and geography.

(1 reviews)
Politics Graduate from UoL giving the best history lessons in Leeds! (GCSE, ALEVEL)

Hello! As an experienced individual tutor with a top class degree from the university of leeds, i am here to help you nail those gcse / a level exams with ease. Expect personalised, fun, involved and informative lessons with evie.

College Professor teaching Sociology and various social science subjects to College students

My teaching style is different compared to most teachers. Every student learns differently therefore i like to use various modes of learning aids to help my students learn. I try to make learning as fun as possible, for example i use the newest craze of superheroes and apply sociological theories to them, such as karl marx's conflict theory of superman.

Bacharel in Art History from UFRJ and a Master of Arts from the UFF gives Art History classes for all ages in the cities of Niterói Rio de Janeiro

The class seeks a walk through the history of art aimed at addressing philosophy, sociology and cultural studies. It is recommended for all those who are interested in history and revel in the arts. The course aims to ride an aesthetic and poetic practice interaction between man and his social context at different times.

PhD in History (UFOP - Federal University of Ouro Preto), Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences

The humanities and social sciences require only one thing: to read and write well. And this is what i seek to teach my students: good writing. This is the key to understanding the human and social sciences, and for the success, as well.

(1 reviews)
Professor Raphael, I work with a systemical and phenomenological approach to the study of History

I am a teacher by the federal district education department for 6 years, graduated in history from the university of brasilia. My classes are intended for all people interested in delving into the areas of human sciences, regardless of learning level. - i use a systemic pedagogy approach - through phenomenology, study subjects presented without prejudice.

Flavio harlei
Professor Flávio Harlei, intellectual mentor and tutor. Graduated in history and broad field and experience in the following area: History, Sociology, Philosophy, Geography & Religious education.

Dynamic classes, expository teaching and widely accessible content with a specific age and grade. Based on the sacred relationship of teacher and student. Classes with extremely pedagogical and cognitive nature and playful appeal. Classes discursive, expository and demonstrative. Leading to easy understanding and love of knowledge.

Stefania victoria
Isola del Liri
Expert in social and institutional communication, psychological counselor, guidance counselor, adviser humanities aims to tutoring thesis and lectures: psychology, social sciences, communication e mar

They are professional in social and institutional communication, an expert in marketing, psychological counselor and orienting training and professional. I deal with science of social communication and contact and activist in human rights. My goal is not the notional learning of matter (necessary but not sufficient) as the development of logical skills, customer relationships and methodological.


I have experience as a private teacher and not for many years, the lessons are aimed at all ages, i have had experience with students of all classes and levels. I prefer the informal and amicable approach, because i think that a good climate of serenity best learning of the boy / child and create desire for collaboration.

Teacher gives social studies lessons to middle school and high school students around the Boulder, Colorado area.

Hello students! I am a certified teacher for the state of colorado. I can give lessons involving social studies: history, government, geography, etc.

World & American History Instructor/Tutor in Springfield Missouri that makes learning fun

My technique is simple in nature and depth in practice. I want to find out what makes your learning yours due to an individualized approach that benefits the individual and the class when appropriate. I have have heard from previous students that they each got something different than one another.

University student gives history lessons in Swansea for younger children to GCSE/A Level teens

I am currently a university student who gives lessons in the subject of my degree: history. Starting from medieval history to current affairs, expanding on subjects such as british history and the first and second world war. I am able to give tutoring both online and in person, based off of the comfort of tutee.

(1 reviews)
Undergrad Psychology student offering lessons in psychology to GCSE and Alevel students

I am a psychology undergraduate at the university of east anglia. Having also gained an a grade in a level psychology, i am able to offer tutoring in structuring essays and answering exam questions, research and design analysis, and understanding psychological studies.

Third year undergrad, looking to tutor A-level Psychology, As Level and GCSE

I'm happy to focuss on the needs of you the tutee, essentially i will tailor the session to areas that you identify prior. I have experience in both qualitative and quantitative data, i'm also currently completing my third-year research project which is a qualitative vignette study.

All matters of political science University of Eastern Piedmont Amedeo Avogadro

I teach all subjects at the university of eastern piedmont, in particular, those related to the graduate program in political science.

The luxuria Learning Center: Where Learning is a Beautiful Experience for Everyone

My educational journey is rather unique i enrolled at laney community college in 1999 as a returning non-traditional student. In 2002, i was accepted into the university of california, berkeley where i earned undergraduate degrees in sociology, african american studies. In 2007, i entered cornell university in the field of africana studies.

Current undergraduate student at Durham University giving Sociology Lessons to GCSE or A Level pupils in Newcastle or Durham.

Hi, i'm rachael and i am a current year 1 undergraduate studying sociology with education studies at durham university! I give lessons in gcse or a-level sociology.

(1 reviews)
Sociology and Anthropology student at Durham University, and happy to give lessons for secondary students, GCSE and A-levels via webcam

Sociology and anthropology student at durham university, giving lessons in geography and sociology for gcse and a-levels. I will structure the lessons based on the tutee's struggles in the subject, and focus on past exam papers, to ensure they are confident when it comes to exams. I am a friendly tutor, as well as being patient.

(1 reviews)
I offer repetitions of HUMANITIES and SCIENTIFIC materials in Vercelli and Casale including neighboring countries

I am a former student of vercelli high school, and a graduate student in educational sciences at the university of milan bicocca with an average of 28. 5 . For years, i offer lessons to children, teens and adults to primary, middle, high school and university.

(2 reviews)
São Paulo
History student at Universidade de São Paulo - History, Humanities, English lessons

History, geography, sociology and humanities for secondary and high school. Explanation of concepts, events, timelines, reading and watching indications, exercises, quizzes, research help. English lessons: language structure, tenses, vocabulary, text translation, conversation practice, exercises and quizzes, reading and watching indications.

Mint Hill
Psychology Major gives lessons to middle school, juniors, and adults in Mint Hill and Matthews.

I have a bs in psychology, a ma in counseling, and i am currently pursuing a degree in clinical psychology at walden university. I love exploring and learning and researching. I encourage my students to do the same. I am open and liberal and wish to help my students love to learn and expand their horizons.

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