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Paris 15e
During 2nd economy, first and final ES - Methodology - Preparation for the baccalaureate

Courses in economics and social bachelor level course is for students in second, first and final es and the themes addressed in the three fields: economics, sociology and crossed eyes and that if necessary, the specialty (that it is thorough economy and social and political sciences).

Graduates in sociology proposes course in Sociology and statistics for Social Research

My name is federico marogna, i have a master's degree in sociology and social research at the university of trento, achieved with full marks. I can provide courses on sociological theory, as well as quantitative and qualitative research methods. I teach at all levels.

Teacher gives social studies lessons to middle school and high school students around the Boulder, Colorado area.

Hello students! I am a certified teacher for the state of colorado. I can give lessons involving social studies: history, government, geography, etc.

A different pedagogy from those schools for better learning at home !

My ability to give courses are mostly limited at bts level. Just in terms of political science and sociology, it is possible for me to give courses of level license i. In terms of courses it is, at first, to determine the student's level, apprehend all its goals and its expectations concerning the courses. Once this is done.

Sugar Land
Human science is my life! 4.0 in Masters Program... I do this!

I recently just completed my masters of social and behavioral sciences. I have taught for the public school system for over 6 years here in texas. I am originally from michigan where i began my teaching career. I also specialize in special education. I have a unique teaching style whereas i catch the attention of my students to help them successfully reach their academic goals.

Learn History and geography not know! you end up liking what our ancestors did

The story is one of the subjects that causes headaches to many students, who are often described as long and boring. However, knowledge of our history is essential for all students. History is a subject based on a sequence of events, so the order is key. It is essential, therefore, to ensure that our notes follow a chronological order.

Alcalá de Henares
Dynamic and effective bilingual teacher of Social Sciences in Alcala de Henares

I am a person with a very diversified or versatile profile. Degree in history, with 3 master in different disciplines (international relations, master in european and master studies in the european union), and graduated in political science and public administration. Dynamic classes, where the method of organized study will be the key to proper and effective learning of my students / ace.

(1 reviews)
Classes of humanities, geography, history, sociology in general, for all levels and ages

Degree in social sciences and masters in political science from ufscar with experience in graduation for lessons in social sciences and english language tutoring, teaching classes in english and portuguese in person or virtual, aided by the selection of adequate and free educational materials.

Doctor of Anthroplogy,minor Sociology online tutoring for all students. Expereince with doctorate candidates.

I hold a doctor of philosophy (ph. d . ) in anthropology, which includes; archaeology, women studies, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in sociology. Additionally, i completed independent study in philosophy. Published several articles and a textbook. Taught 15 years at the college level.

São Paulo
Professor of history and sociology. Graduated from Unesp. Experience in teaching classes for the elementary school and high school students II.

Classes are taught according to the school curriculum and expository way to elementary school and high school students ii. The methodology seeks not only to present the facts, but discuss critical issues surrounding the history and sociology.

New York
History Tutor

I am a teacher at the junior high and high school level. I have a diploma history. My teaching techniques have a wide range of activities and lessons that are designed to meet that students needs. My teaching methods involve assignments that improve the students understanding of the subject.

Queens County
Writing, Reading, Modern Society, and Humanities

I'm a very active teacher in order to be efficient ,my philosophy is engagement to ensure active learning. I've honed in my teaching skills by learning from my teachers. With extensive knowledge in cognitive behavioral psychology, teaching isn't an easy task. But i enjoyed it when i utilize the best methods to get the most stubborn student to enjoy learning. In return i learn from them.

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Rio de Janeiro
Private Lessons - Dynamic and attractive - acting on the needs of each student

My name is yasmin pacheco and i am finishing in history by ufrj. I have experience in archaeological theory and field, as well as private lessons. The methodology try to give dynamic and attractive classes, with maps and videos on the topics to arouse greater interest in the student. Always focusing on student needs and your goals with that class.

East Longmeadow
Retired Sociology Professor will provide personal tutoring in Sociology

I am a retired sociology professor seeking part-time employment as a tutor. I have taught a variety of sociology classes, including statistics, research methods, introduction to sociology, social problems, and many others. I can provide tutoring at my home, your residence, or online with flexible hours.

(3 reviews)
Paris 7e
Graduate student at Sciences Po - Preparation for the the entry exam - Courses in History, Geography, Economics and Sociology

Student at sciences po, a graduate of university college (ba) and m1 in the school of communication, i offer personalized tutoring in several subjects - history, geography - economics and sociology - philosophy - english (for french-speaking kids) I also offer assistance in methodology for the baccalauréat exam and for the sciences po entrance exam.

(1 reviews)
Tutoring in human and social sciences, contest preparation and above all conceptual refinement

Several years of teaching in different universities (paris dauphine, evry, reims. ) helped me to realize that the institutional framework was insufficient to ensure effective knowledge transfer. Personalized support is essential to lead a successful academic career, and this is what i propose here.

(1 reviews)
Paris 11e
Student at Normale Supérieure gives classes in Social Sciences, History and Sociology in Paris

I am a student at normale, former sciences po (university college diploma), with a scientific hight school diploma with honors option. I am currently studying sociology with a minor in history. I can give courses to high school students with difficulties in these subjects or in methodology. I also speak fluent english after a year of study at university college london.

Graduated student in Political Science with 110 offers tutoring sessions in Political Science, Sociology, History in Bologna

I graduated with 110 in political science - international relations and now i'm having a master in health economics and management. My tutoring sessions are addressed to college students, teenagers (middle and high school) and adults.

English teacher graduated in International Relations available in Valencia. My methods vary depending on the student and their needs.

British teacher, graduated in international relations at university, offers support in said subject. I also offer english or spanish classes for foreigners (native level), french and italian (intermediate). My methods are tailored to the student. The first class would specify level and goals to achieve results that best fit what you want.

Paris 14e
Graduated from Master Cultural Geography and La Sorbonne Policy, gives courses of History and Geography

Student in business interntaional, possvedant master of géeographie culutrelle and policy and a license bi of history and géeographie. The course builds on the acqusition of depth méethodologie, ainse that the use of tools to facilitate understanding of the various educational elements. I try to adapt to the current maximum level, but also to the interests of the student matter.

Economics & Sociology courses first level terminal ES, Paris and its suburbs

I am a student in economics management at the university of panthéon assas, i had the optional tray mathematical es & european section with honors, very good student in economics (with notes in support). I propose to address the shortcomings of the students through the exchange for that i support myself at first on the course the student i complèterais if necessary.

Ícaro brandão
Economics student teaches fundamental human sciences / medium in Salvador and region

I try to guide the contents toward the student more precise, that is, teach the mechanism to see the essence and in general every question to be resolved quickly and correctly. I show the basilar in each subject so that students have the north of what is applied in the tests and exercises.

Master's student in social research, safety and crime policies, with bachelor's degree in sociology, provides tuition of Sociology and social sciences. Chieti flights available

Hello! I am a student of the master of social research, security and crime policies, with three-year degree in sociology. I offer tuition in the area at reasonable prices, even bilingual. The specialist in criminology allows me to span many areas, from social therapy, to international politics, social psychology and humanities subject.

(75) History, international relations and social sciences classes by a Sorbonne graduate in Paris

History graduate from the university paris 1 panthéon-sorbonne, with high honors. I pursue now a masters degree of international relations. My classes are flexible to the needs of the student. For elementary and middle school students, i focus on pedagogy. We must make history attractive and understand what concept the textbook refers to.

(2 reviews)
College student in Masters program with a BA in General Studies. Located in Brooklyn Ct. have taught at the post secondary level gives lessons in sociology anatomy & physiology at the adult education

I have three years of experience teaching in the adult education setting. I have experience with lecturing and working one on one with students. I believe many subjects are learned best when a theory can be demonstrated with hands-on demonstrations when appropriate.

Social scientist from USP training classes in Santos, Humanities, Philosophy and Culture.

I graduated in social sciences from fflch-usp. I have experience with scientific research and education, having given shifts to anthropology classes at usp. The class is developed according to the interests and needs of the student, it being previously customized all for it.

History College student gives history and archeology classes in Porto Alegre and region

I am a student of history in the first semester. My classes are intended for those who need intensification in history. I'll be teaching historical processes according to a schedule. Modern methodology based on cognitive theories of jean piaget and lev vygotsky and the idea that one should pursue social, economic, political and cultural approaches.

Young Professional offering lessons in the human sciences in St. Louis

I am a young professional with degrees in business management and marketing as well as a masters degree in sociology. I have a theory background in psychology as well. I am a very hands on instructor who provides real life examples to make the material relevant.

Lyon 5e
Teacher in political science and communication at Lyon III and Catho gives courses in political science, philosophy, eco,

Teacher in political science and communication at lyon iii and catho, gives courses in political science, philosophy, economics, sociology. Preparing for political science studies (two students received last year), can help for dissertation and to write memoirs.

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