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(9 reviews)
Student MP * Lycée Henri Poincaré gives private lessons (maths / physics ...) high school students or college students in Nancy

I offer support for high school students (especially s and spec maths) or college. The progress of the course depends on your point that the student wishes to clarify at first, then i myself offers points that i think are very important or clever and propose applications.

(10 reviews)
Civil Engineer course gives Math Science ● ● ● Computer Physics home on Brussels

● secondary: during my high school curriculum, in the renowned royal athenaeum jean absil, i always excelled in mathematics and the exact sciences. This led me to choose math-science option with mathematical 8am. At the end of high school i became interested in computers and i followed a training in c #.

(14 reviews)
IT student & science school subjects' tutor. Mathematics, physics, chemistry and many other subjects

French below. Thanks for visiting my page. I am a student in it at telecom nancy, an engineering school which is part of the university of lorraine. Professioanl, well-organized it student. Self-motivated, resourceful and able to motivate others, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

(9 reviews)
Laeken (Bruxelles)
Students in final year of civil engineering gives tutoring math, physics, computer science all levels

During my bachelor, i took math courses such as analysis, algebra and geometry, but also science courses such as physics (general physics, quantum physics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, oscillations, waves , modern physics) and computer (object-oriented programming, c ++, html 5, css, matlab, etc. ) .

(9 reviews)
Paris 14e
A graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique provides courses Maths, Physics level Secondary School Prep

Just graduated from ecole polytechnique and ensae, i am currently in 1st year of phd at the polytechnic school in applied mathematics. I give courses in mathematics and physics chemistry for students in the second preparatory classes (isdm, hpic, mp, psi / psi * pc / pc *) to help them understand and assimilate the course and succeed doing the exercises requested by the teachers.

(6 reviews)
Paris 7e
Student Telecom in Paris and 1 dual degree master mathematics course gives college, high school and math sup

Student telecom, holds a master 1 in mathematics in paris 6 pierre et marie curie, now in project management training, i offer remedial classes in college level math, high school math and surcharges. The purpose of this course is to provide students with effective working methods.

(10 reviews)
Paris 5e
Expert gives Maths, Physics and Computer Sciences courses of high quality in Paris

Applied mathematics engineer offers private lessons during the school year in mathematics, physics and chemistry in the paris region in several forms: -"standard" spot -cours -stages -stages intensive upgrading of remote -cours, assistance duties remotely over any offer long-term or internship involves a preliminary interview to establish the most appropriate methodology to your request and your...

Quang hai
(5 reviews)
Young graduate of bac +5 gives lessons in statistics in lyon

Hi, i'm studying master 2 statistics and informatics socio-economic university lyon 2, currently training graduation the crédit agricole group. I offer courses in statistics for various levels, covering several topics in the field: - the descriptive statistics: the basics, data tables and charts. The usual - the inferential statistics: the laws of probability, the sampling.

(16 reviews)
Paris 19e
Math teacher gives statistics course in Paris (face) and elsewhere (web)

I am a professor of mathematics also holds a masters in engineering statistics (paris 5). I offer statistics course "by hand" with machine using the free software r (used by researchers and professionals of statistics).

(4 reviews)
DaTySiS - Training and Project for Data Analysis, Statistics and Computer Sciences

The main objective of these trainings is to learn how to analyze data using appropriated tools. One part of the training is dedicated to theoretical lessons followed by td sessions in order to become familiar with statistic and informatic tools.

(1 reviews)
Mathematics, physics or numerical methods by civil Ir. In mechanics and applied mathematics, Brussels and Louvain-La-Neuve

Blocked in mathematics or physics? Do you want to have remedial classes or thoroughly review your material to be on top for the exam? I am a student in first master civil engineer in applied mathematics at the ecole polytechnique de louvain and i deliver tutoring in mathematics, physics or numerical methods in the secondary and tertiary students.

You are degree in psychology, sociology or economics of Nantes, consolidate with me your acquired in statistics and probability, I'm an engineer with CAPES Math in 2015.

More than learning, i try to give a taste for learning. I bring you the approach and method, it is for you to find the path to knowledge. It must be a special moment listening with proofreading phases and explanations, and deepening, in an inductive approach starting exercises.

(31 reviews)
Private Lessons - Statistics & Probabilities from High School to Postgraduate and Adults - Bordeaux/CUB or ONLINE

Hello, Financial controller and consultant in everyday life, i hold a master's degree in finance and a d. s . c . g . , and with over 4 years of experience in education, i offer my services as a private tutor. A wide range of disciplines : from high school to postgraduate.

(1 reviews)
Paris 1er
Mathematics teacher specialist in the Prepa / University Undergraduate

You encounter difficulties in mathematics (not understanding the lessons, exercises / too hard controls, inadequate work methods, marks that do not take off,. ) ? Do not leave gaps accumulate and opt for quality tutoring.

(5 reviews)
Experienced statistics teacher in Paris

Phd in statistics and professional trainer, i offer courses in biostatistics and probability for the. Preparation of the first year of medical studies. I taught private lessons at this level for 5 years and i am familiar with the difficulties encountered by students in the preparation of their exams.

(6 reviews)
Certified teacher and a graduate engineer gives Mathematics in high school and prep to Rennes

Hello, professional private lessons (individual entrepreneur authorized sap: 50% tax reduction), graduate engineer and certified in mathematics, i offer math college level, high school, prep and higher until a level + 2 years and applied mathematics for engineers and economists to a level + 5 years.

(15 reviews)
EXCEL The Excel software includes digital computing functions, graphing, data analysis (including PivotTable) and programming, which uses the

Excel software integrates numerical calculation functions, graphing, data analysis (including pivottable) and programming, which uses macros written in vba (visual basic for applications) which is common to other microsoft office software.

(1 reviews)
Paris 15e
Centrale Paris engineering courses gives Maths / Physics / Chemistry Prépas, medicine and high school in Paris Great experience

Centrale engineer (paris) and physics doctoral student specialized in mathematics / physics / chemistry and statistics i particularly speaking to students preparing for difficult tests: - bac (including in the context of preparing for a prépas or medicine) - engineering school (x, centrale, mines,. ) - medicine (paris faculties p5, p6, p7, west paris.

(7 reviews)
São Paulo
Teacher of Mathematics and Mathematics for test! tutoring, ESMS-Police-FCC-CChagas-Vunesp) and others tests

Higher education studying in mathematics, federal institute of education science and technology of são paulo (4th semester). Experience in monitoring, call and classes for elementary school students (former 5th to 8th grade) and high school students (former 1st to 3rd high school).

Student Master 1 International Business gives courses in mathematics and statistics at home

Currently in first year of master, i come from a scientific section and i maintain a special affection for mathematics and statistics. My goal is not to teach things by heart but really to make you understand. I believe that a student who understands better retain and adapt easily to different situations.

(1 reviews)
Professor of mathematics, physics engineer with 8 years of teaching experience

During high school sector l, o, s, technological, st2d, sti courses for preparatory classes preparedness engineer contest contest preparation administrations, upgrading of-school students. Implementation of the methodology, record progress, training on standard exercises. Explanation theoretical courses with practical examples and demonstration.

National Silver Medal in Mathematics and Aerospace Engineer gives Maths courses in 3 languages. 6 years of experience.

Maths classes for high school students in english, french or spanish. Classes typically last 1h30, preferably 2 hours for older students. I am an aerospace engineer and two-times silver medal laureat at the national mathematical olympiads (2009 and 2010) In my lessons, i develop a relationship based on trust with my students that allows them to be more confident and to test their knowledge.

(3 reviews)
Teacher of mathematics gives high school level math courses and preparatory classes

Associate professor in a paris high school, i teach math at home or remotely, high school level, and preparatory classes. Courses can be conducted remotely, virtual classroom with whiteboard, headset and webcam offered, or at home. Also possibility of being at my home.

Math by a former polytechnic student and fundamental mathematics/ statistics PhD student

The courses that i propose are mainly university students or engineering students. I can adapt to the needs of my students when they, and more generally, i can offer refresher plans in certain branches of mathematics as well as introductions to new courses for the student. For me, the results of course are essential in math, so a good understanding of the course is essential in my work plan.

PhD Student in Maths done during Maths and physics at University College in Strasbourg

My name haydar bassel, i am a phd student at the university and i teach math, physics and statistics for all school levels. I give particular course of a long time and my teaching techniques and methods are numerous and effective.

Engineer and Actuary offers tutoring in Math and Sciences in Zurich area

Young professional, engineer and actuary, offers private tuitions in mathematics and sciences for all levels in zurich area. I can teach in my apartment in kreis 3 or i can teach at yours. I teach students from primary to higher education.

MS in Math, BA in Math, Former Math PhD Student, Former Actuary gives math lessons in Philadelphia

I received a ba in math at nyu, ms in math at uc irvine, and worked as an actuarial analyst at mercer llc in new york having passed the first two actuarial exams (probability and financial math). I'm patient, and i ask questions to help students to arrive at the answer themselves.

Master graduate student in Applied Mathematics - Give over Maths and Physics School of Engineering Sciences tray 5 in Nice

Master student at the university of bordeaux and currently training graduation in nice, i have a strong background in mathematics, physics and engineering sciences. My courses are at a level ranging from high school to +5.

Biologist with experience as a teacher and head teacher gives private lessons and Sciences in Valencia

I'm david lozano, i teach science subjects to students of all levels, from primary to bachelor. I usually like to make simple and short explanations, then continue doing exercises and practice explained.

Saint Cloud
I am a teaching assistant for Maths and Physics at a HighSchool

I am currently a student at st. Cloud state university, studying computer science. I am doing minor in math. I chose to study computer science to broaden my knowledge in technological field. Technology is growing and fascinating area and to become a good computer programmer is my dream and determination. I love finding the new ways to solve different problems.

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