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Laeken (Bruxelles)
Students in final year of civil engineering gives tutoring math, physics, computer science all levels

During my bachelor, i took math courses such as analysis, algebra and geometry, but also science courses such as physics (general physics, quantum physics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, oscillations, waves , modern physics) and computer (object-oriented programming, c ++, html 5, css, matlab, etc. ) .

(1 reviews)
Professor of mathematics, physics engineer with 8 years of teaching experience

During high school sector l, o, s, technological, st2d, sti courses for preparatory classes preparedness engineer contest contest preparation administrations, upgrading of-school students. Implementation of the methodology, record progress, training on standard exercises. Explanation theoretical courses with practical examples and demonstration.

(11 reviews)
Geometry classes (and maths) by an engineering student in Nancy and around

Je suis élève ingénieur à tecom nancy, école ingénieurs mines telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles maths sup/maths spe. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

(2 reviews)
K-8 STEM teacher with 10 years of experience with a Masters in Educational Technology

I have a a bachelors degree in art education from arizona state university. I also have a masters degree in educational technology from grand canyon university. I use a variety of educational strategies to help teach students art, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. I enjoy teaching through technology and hands on activities to help teach real world problem solving skills.

Graduating Engineering teaches in exact disciplines, mathematics, physics and more in Manaus

I always try to boost classes giving examples to help fix the knowledge in the field as well, try to use methods of the most varied to answer questions so that the student can soon master the content in question.

(2 reviews)
Student in engineering school gives private lessons in Maths Physics English for high school students

I am currently in my second year of engineering school to efrei (released major competition, with honor a-degree) and a summer camp organizer (telligo). I want to tutor because i really enjoy sharing my knowledge i have lived during my experience as a facilitator and i want to renew this exchange.

Physics student for private or group tutoring on Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry in Valencia and nearby.

I am a last-year physics student at university of valencia. For the last three years i've been tutoring highschool and first-year engineering students on mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science and music. I have also tutored on spanish (especially syntax) and english, although i have no formal training in these areas, and i can help with homework on other subjects.

Science as a hobby ! Educative Digital Sciences through personal projects (Fablabs, Makers)

What will you learn? Today i give training to motivate youngs (or adults) to discover the world of digital science and "makers". As a hobby, you can learn to use or extend your academic knowledge to complete projects using digital tools in a fablab (laser cutter, 3d printers, etc).

Second year physics student teaching mathematics, physics and science in Barcelona

Second year physics student. I teach refresher classes for elementary, secondary and high schools, all of the science and technology branch. Classes to review and work on concepts not understood in class. We will work on the concepts explained in a practical way by solving problems for greater understanding.

A level physics, maths and English Conversation Course for young and adults

Third year engineer student, higher diploma graduate in physics measurements English trainer: diploma tefl (teaching english as a foreign language) + 2 months experience as a teacher Course technique: working individually or in groups. Values ​​the ongoing conversation related to science.

College-Level Math & Science Tutor w/ 10+ Years Experience in Dallas, TX

I've heard people say that the best way to learn is to teach. I embrace this idea in my approach to tutoring, where i have the student walk me through what they understand, so together we can explore what they don't. This positive approach allows the student to see how much knowledge they actually already have at their disposal.

Saint Cloud
I am a teaching assistant for Maths and Physics at a HighSchool

I am currently a student at st. Cloud state university, studying computer science. I am doing minor in math. I chose to study computer science to broaden my knowledge in technological field. Technology is growing and fascinating area and to become a good computer programmer is my dream and determination. I love finding the new ways to solve different problems.

Marketing engineering student and teaches physics and mathematics in the city of Valencia

I'm a man of 20 years with two years of degree in the career of energy engineering at upc barcelona and currently conducting career in commercial management and marketing esic school bussines & marketing. I possess a high knowledge in mathematics and physics that could approach it for people primary, secondary, and high schools.

Dual Certified K-12 Teacher for Social Studies, Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office in Pennsylvania.

I am a tech savvy teacher who believes in engaging students with multiple styles of learning. I have experience in flipped classroom methodology and initiated a flipped curriculum in my building. I strongly believe in differentiated instruction incorporating writing, videos and other visual cues to help the mental organization and recall of information.

Engineering student offered to teach science to students with difficulties in their subjects

My name is andrei, i am a student of biomedical engineering sophomores. I possess a wide and good ability in teaching of subjects related to mathematics and physics, can answer questions of all possible ways to get students to understand the logic of the solution and the problem you have difficulty.

Ana isabel
Graduated in Architecture it offers private lessons of science and technology branch.

I just completed my studies in the career of architecture, to continue them in master. My classes are aimed at students of all levels, from primary to university education, as my extensive training allows cover all scales, especially in matters of science and technology branch.

Belo Horizonte
Exact sciences teacher with 2 engagements (electrical/electronic and computing), among other technical courses, teaches in Belo Horizonte - MG.

Passionate about science and technology, i work on the humanization of content, responding to the main questioning of the student: where am i going to use what i am learning? Playful and questioning methods that will make the interested party understand and fix the content. The greatest motivation is always to arouse the interest and curiosity of the student, minimizing fears, doubts or fears.

(1 reviews)
Private Lessons taught by Engineer in Barcelona - MATHS, TECHNIC DRAWING, PHYSICS, TECHNOLOGY

Civil engineer with master taughts private lessons cause at the moment i'm studying for an opposition. From elementary lessons to university level students. All subjects, specially maths, technic drawing, physics and technology. 12eur/h individual lesson, or 8eur/h/pax for small groups (siblings, classmates, friends. ) . I can give lessons in my home or in the student's.

Science educator with a doctorate in science and technology education and 25 years teaching experience can assist students in La Quinta and greater Coachella Valley at all levels with science and math

I can assist with lessons in science and mathematics at all levels from elementary through high school and also college undergraduate. I can also assist with persuasive writing and speaking and writing on technical topics.

Physics Graduate Student with 3 years of experience teaching undergrad Physics at Texas Tech. Lives in Lubbock and tutors mostly Undergrads, but have taught High School students in the past.

I'm a graduate physics student who is close to graduating. I've been a teaching assistant who taught physics for engineers (both mechanics and e&m versions), physics for pre-meds (both as well), and have done outside tutoring for students outside of my classes and inside my classes. My method really is incumbent on the student and what he/she wants out of the interaction.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Face or online high school teacher / ESO (mathematics, physics, etc.) in Palmas

I am a graduate student in computer engineering at the university of palms with strong knowledge in mathematics but also good level in all subjects in school / eso to prepare them for selectivity. I also have high levels in algebra, calculus, statistics, etc. My methodology for the student to learn properly is the clarification of doubts by examples and explanations in a way that understands.

Recent SSU graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering and over 10 years of tutoring students of various ages in various math course

With a degree in electrical engineering, mathematics is a pre-requisite for all engineering courses which i took. So math has really become something that i enjoy doing (crazy as that sounds). In my lessons, i like to make sure that the students understand the underlying concepts before introducing them to new ones.

St Petersburg
Aire Acondicionado y Calefacción para Automóviles. Excelente experiencia en electricidad. EPA Certificación

En 2005 acudí a los campos de ptec, en clearwater city, donde obtuve diploma de completar curso de electricidad. Poseo certificación epa tipo universal. Además certificación de la ley 609 como técnico de ac automotriz.

An AMAZING Math Tutor! Here to help you with your math problems!

I am currently a student majoring in mathematics in college. I have taking math classes up until college algebra and will be starting pre-calculus in the spring of 2017. Math is definitely a subject that i am strong in.

Strive for excellence

I am a masters student with my background in electronics and telecommunication. I can teach any student who is either in a primary school or high school or even in a college. I am very detailed person and make sure that my students learn all the basics and develop the concepts, basically i try to relate everything that i teach with real life examples so that you can never forget the concepts.

(1 reviews)
I am a graduated in Pharmacy school. Gros tutorials (Castilian). 7 years of experience.

I have finished my course of pharmacy this year, and i have to work in a pharmacy, but the schedule allows me to devote myself to teaching, which is something i love. I can teach science, history, languages ​​and language.

(1 reviews)
Paris 10e
Dr. coach Engineer: Keys to success and ensuring academic excellence

Doctor engineer offers private lessons or for group in mathematics, computer science, telecom etc. (please ask for more information). The courses include a theoretical review and practical exercices in order to increase efficiency and independence to excel in each subject.

Math & Science Fundamentals & Mastery

I have a bachelors of engineering technology from the university of memphis. I have taught science at a local school in town. I have over 100 hour in graduate level science subjects. I am very good in most math subjects.

Antonio josé
(1 reviews)
Math, physics, chemistry and technology in Tarragona - Chemical Engineer, Master student

Private lessons in mathematics, physics, chemistry and technology, all levels are offered. I am a student of master in chemical engineering at the urv, recent graduate with experience in teaching during my college years. In my experience teaching, my students have always passing and even many of them have earned good grades in the subjects in which i help them.

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