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Turkish Language Teaching from a qualified tutor for affordable prices. Contact me.

I am a native Turkish speaker and have been teaching Turkish Lessons since I came to the UK in 2006 and I run English and Maths Clubs, too.

Les Lilas
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Student in School of Architecture, gives particular course of Turkish and English in Paris

- The English courses are intended primarily for children / teenagers wishing to have tutoring in English. I base my method of teaching to 80% on conversation and 20% on grammar and vocabulary course because I think it helps to understand the English language and unlock this fear to speak orally in English that often the French students have. - Turkish courses are for everyone.

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Learn Turkish from a Turkish PhD student from the field of Education

I am a PhD student in Math, Science and Learning Technologies at UMass Amherst. I am from Turkey and I have experience in education. I am available online or face to face classes. I am a native Turkish speaker.

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Learn Turkish Now, Şimdi Türkçe Öğren, I studied Turkish language teaching and have been teaching it for ten years. If you want to learn it, I am here for help. I am based in Glasgow.

I am a PhD student with Turkish language teaching degree. I have been teaching Turkish for ten years and I had students from age three to 60.

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Turkish , I go to college in the charleston, The Citadel military college of South Carolina around cities are summerville and north charleston . I am in my first year in the college.

As a teacher, I am pretty patient and try to teach in multiple different ways for hard language skills. I go to military college and I am in U.S. Marine Corps. Military skills helps me a lot while tutoring my students.

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Learn turkish from a native speaker! daily learning and practice materials will be provided! listening and writing materials to be included!

I am currently a graduate student in Management of Logistics and Supply Chain in Ontario, Canada. I originally from Turkey and have lived in several other countries. I speak 3 languages; Turkish, English, and Arabic. I believe in daily endorsements when learning a language.

Jacksonville Beach
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If you want to learn Turkish, I can help you a lot. Location; Jacksonville, FL

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, and I have also 12 years experience in banking industry. I can speak English and Turkish, someone who wants to learn Turkish, this is the right person. I would love to help you to go above and beyond learning second language Turkish.

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Lessons and Support for Modern Foreign Languages GCSE and Advanced Level students

Want to improve your Spanish and/or French? Native speaker of Turkish and need support for GCSE exams? Through Video Lessons, you will learn different aspects of modern languages (Spanish and/or French depending on choice) usually based on grammar.

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Đ can learn you turkish and arabic and the translation between arabic and turkish

Egypt, cairo, ain shams university, the faculty of language, turkish department Master Kahire Yunus Emre Türk Kültür Merkezi’nden Türkçe okuduğumu belirten 2 sertifikam var. 2- ERSEM ve YUNUS EMRE ENSTİTÜSÜ VAKFI işbirliğiyle düzenlenmiş olan YABANCILAR İÇİN YAZ OKULU eğitim programına katıldığımı belirten bir sertifikam var.

San Francisco
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Learn Turkish from a native speaker located in Istanbul via online course.

I got my degree in physics from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. I'm currently working at an FMCG company as Sales Effectiveness Specialist.

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Learn Turkish for all levels Paris 14 Native Language, Support, Guide, Bilingual

I am a student in Computer science, math and physics. Turkish is one of my mother tongues. The course will depend on the profile. I am dynamic, practical and creative for courses. Preparation for bts and / or terminal examinations possible.

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You can make an appointment for help in all subjects of Arabic and Turkish

Although my mother tongue is a different turkish dialect, I have studied in Turkey 7 years. During this time I also studied in Arabic . Then I have stayed in Egypt for a while and developed my Arabic.

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I am a Turk, I live in Spain, I am a tourist guide, I can speak Turkish, English and Spanish

I graduated as a tour guide in Turkey Kocaeli Universitad. I can speak up English (C1) and Spanish (C1) and native Turkish. My techniques are talking a lot with algien who wants to learn a language in a short time so starts talking slowly.

M c
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Turkish is gaining popularity. Are you ready to learn this unique language in an easy and a very effective way that will generate results? I will teach Turkish online or off-line from West Coast to E

Many people teach Turkish. Turkish is my native language and I speak Turkish with no accent. I use interactive, fun and personalized methods to teach the level of Turkish you want to achieve. Taught hundreds of students including military. Professional voice over, acting, poetry, movie scripts in Turkish.

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Learn Turkish language from a language expert with 9 years teaching experience

I have BA degree on Turkish Language and Literature from Bosphorus(Boğaziçi) University and MA Degree on Education in English. In my lessons, I use communicative approach mostly. So, you need to be ready to use the language and have chance to practice it. I can teach anyone who is interested in learning a new language or anyone who is willing to do business with Turkish language.

Gül sevin
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Lessons of Turkish Language and Culture in Rome / Online - Effective & Fun

Dear Friends, I am a doctor of science degree from the University of Rome, and a teacher of turkish for foreigners certified by Marmara University. I do the turkish teacher at Berlitz, and I worked with three different language schools in Istanbul.

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Turkish lessons by a student from Istanbul / Toulouse or Skype

Student in Master of Psychology in Toulouse offers private and group lessons for all levels and all ages! With a possibility of providing lessons on Skype! :) You want to learn the basics, the contemporary vocabulary and everyday life expressions? You want to be able to read newspapers or improve your speaking/writing skills? Student in Toulouse of Turkish mother tongue offers its services!...

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Student pro tray gives English lessons to middle school and high school.

I give English classes and also in English translation because I feel good in this matter in which I have always had very good grades, the course of my course I will think over the Internet that is webcam say and then I love helping people who are language difficulties.

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Final year student of Philology in possession of CAE, offer classes in English and Castilian

I have wide availability. I move to the student's home and have no objection to giving classes in mine. Offer classes in Castilian, for I am in the final year of philology, and English, which possess the Certificate Advanced (C1) from the University of Cambridge. I have experience in English language schools and giving private lessons to both children and adults.

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Turkish Courses - Language, Literature and Culture for all levels in Paris

Graduated from the Law School of the Sorbonne, I come from Istanbul and live in Paris for more than two years. I give Turkish lessons for all levels with a high number of supporting materials and methods. I build for each student personalized courses according to their levels and their needs.

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Student in Economics for a colorful schooling in Strasbourg

After high school : Gymnase Jean Sturm with a scientific orientation, I first directed to the engineering sciences to end up understanding my real passion: life. My deduction was that exchanges and interactions govern life; the conclusion is, I decided to study Economics and Management.

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Turkish Lessons/An opportunity to converse with a native Turkish speaker in Birmingham

I am an international student at University of Birmingham and I can help anyone who needs my help as I am a native speaker. We can structure lessons based around your needs, may it be a conversation partner or someone to help with revision.

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Native Turkish speaker. The turkish teaching from psychologist.method ;writing,speaking,listening

My name is masum. I am from Turkey .l graduated from Girne American Universtiy of Cyprus .My department is psychology actually i m working in goverment primary school .

Richmond County
Sadik evren
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Foreign language teacher : French, German, Turkish all levels for adults and K-12 students,

I'm an american citizen and I lived abroad many years. Turkish is my mother language. I learned French in french highschool Saint-Benoit and I studied four years in France (Toulouse and Paris): In 2007 I learned German in Berlin. Actualy I'm able to teach these languages. My technique is always interactive. 10 minutes of each class is reserved to check my students.

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Native Turkish Professor with 25 years of experience teaches Turkish and Chinese

I am Professor of Economics with 25 years of experience. I studied and taught in Turkish, English, and Chinese. Turkish is my native language. From elementary to middle and high school and undergraduate degree, I studied all my classes in Turkish. I taught Turkish for 10 years at all education levels. I made my PhD in Chinese in Beijing, China. I stayed 4 years in China.

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Turkish teacher in Colmar teaches courses in turkish language, history, geography and culture.

On Turkish origin, I give Turkish lessons for students of all levels who wish to lay the foundations or master the intricacies of the language (expression, pronunciation, vocabulary ...). Now I have a master "teaching" from the University of Izmir in 2010 and I prepare a master of turcologie at the University of Strasbourg dealing with multicultural society in Izmir.

Paris 14e
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Turkish doctoral student, studying political studies at EHESS teaches Turkish in Paris

Hello! I am a PhD student in political studies specializing on Turkey. The courses will be based on the written language, oral and comprehension of the two according to your will. I am interested in literature, theater and cinema and I would love to use these interest in teaching Turkish.

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Turkish classes from a native for individuals or groups for all levels

Hello! I'm Melike, I'm a native Turkish teacher. I teach Turkish to individual or groups for all levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced. I can also do classes for people who need to speak fluently or preparing for job interviews and examinations.

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I teach German and Turkish at all levels and English for children

Hi, I'm Merve. I am a student of English and German Philology in Madrid. I teach German and Turkish at all levels, because I am native in both languages. I also offer conversation classes to raise your level of language. I can also teach English.

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