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Paris 18e
Guitarist, 15 years of experience, gives guitar lessons and ukulele in Paris

To learn to play without taking your head! Friendly and efficient -method on the pieces you choose. -all levels, all styles -solfège or not -learning -method demos on tapes based on the stage -game english learning, effects, music composition you will progress at your own pace on the pieces that you like, working first on a simplified version that fleshes out each course.

Experienced guitarist and singer from Liverpool offering lessons in my studio or at home

Hi, i'm a professional guitarist and singer from liverpool. Apart from writing, recording, regular concerts and the creation of training videos for music and language i also offer guitar and singing lesson - either at my studio, or at your home. I'm interested only in having highly motivated students, and should be within a reasonable distance of belleville.

Professional musician and guitar instructor with 25 years of experience provides lessons with tablature and / or notation

Cfem graduate of the conservatory of pantin in jazz guitar, i taught guitar for over 25 years. My classes are oriented to work in style that the student wants to master (blues, rock, jazz, bossa nova, metal, chanson, folk,. ) . The courses are in tablature and / or notation, according to the student.

(2 reviews)

Guitar pro, 30 years (15 years experience, more than a hundred concerts, composer for film and advertising, studio sessions. ) offers a learning and / or deepening a playful guitar and / or ukulele. The courses are tailored to the desires of each, in order to work on the student styles, artists and songs he loves, without worrying about the study of music theory.

Guitar lessons in your home. All levels. Specialised or general lessons. Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Funk, Country, Folk.

Learning any instrument is always a personal and unique journey. My job is to help you on your way. I listen to exactly what every student wants or needs from their music education, and i try my best to give them just that. Lessons can be genre specific or general.

Musician with 11 years of experience gives music lessons online for beginners (Ukulele and Acoustic Guitar)

I have taught various instruments over the past few years. I'm only 20 years old, but have been learning and playing instruments for over half of my life. I love music and love to share it with others. If you take my ukulele or guitar lessons, i will patiently take you step-by-step through learning chords, tabs, and more.

Student musician, can teach piano, voice, ukulele, music theory and musical help

I'm a gcse graded student, who's single passion is music. I start from what ever level is comfortable for the leaner. I give half an hour lessons in both instrument and theory lessons. I'm a teacher who will make sure that the student is confident in their ability as well as their instrument.

Thorough and engaging private music instruction! I teach wind instruments from basic to advanced levels with a specialty in low brass.

I am an msu college of music graduate with a specialty in low brass instruments who teaches beginning and intermediate wind instrumentalists. I've taught myself some basic proficiency on the ukulele which i also feel qualified to instruct. Furthermore, i have a strong concept of music theory and can teach that as well.

Degree in Jazz Guitar offers guitar lessons, theory, music theory and ukulele for all

I have experience in teaching for years in both private and school contexts. Individual lessons or in small groups following a precise program in relation to age and students requests. The approach to the guitar, ukulele and music theory will be very fun and challenging.

(5 reviews)
Guitar lessons HOW YOU WANT IT. Learn and Enjoy at ALL LEVELS. Electric, Acoustic, Contemporary. Stomp Box effects, Live

Hello, my name is giovanni, i achieved a ba degree in contemporary popular music (bachelor of art university of essex), i studied and attended courses with giacomo castellano (guitar studio sessions, individual lessons), i've been playing for over 10 years! If you want to learn from scratch, learn guitar techniques and / or analysis of styles, improve your phrasing and the way you play,...

Ecole jjr
(2 reviews)
Guitar lessons, bass, drums, ukulele, harmonica, keyboard, workshops rehearsals approved JJRébillard (Guitar hand) since 1999 in Besançon

Professor of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, ukulele, harmonica approved jjrebillard (formerly of guitar part) for 15 years. Individually or in pairs during pro from jjr methods, all styles, all levels. (from 7 years).

(1 reviews)
Musician gives particular during guitar and bass at home in 92 and 78

Hello to you all! - guitar (for bass see below): you want to learn to play this instrument or you want to gain a level in your progress? I propose lessons (at your home or mine) suitable for all levels where the pleasure of learning by playing remains the priority! For beginners we will learn the basics of the guitar, a few simple melodies and of course the first chords with which almost...

Teacher / Trainer with structured education and extensive experience gives guitar , bass, ukulele and MAO lessons

Come play with the music! Professional musician active on the french scene (member of the sacem, spedidam, 20 years of stage and studio experience, dozens of concerts across france) & professor (trainer at cfpm, 15 years experience) with structured and pedagogy adapted to all needs offers courses (working selected pieces, rhythm, chords, theory, singing to an accompaniment. ) bourg des comptes.

Active musician / Guitar Teacher: Course guitar / vocals (Study of the handle scales and chords) Study of a varied repertoire all styles (Instrumental artists) Pop / Rock /

Study of the handle by the study ranges harmony by solfège rhythmic pieces study all styles chosen by the agreements amounted to his request (pop / rock / reggae / ska / jazz / funk etc.

Music lessons of folk and acoustic music in Strasbourg (guitar, fiddle, banjo, ukulélé)

Passionate about folk music and string instruments for many years, i teach the different instrumental techniques in order to play all kinds of popular music (folk, pop, rock, jazz etc. . ) .

(1 reviews)
Music lover who teaches acoustic and electric guitar, bass, ukulele and DJ mixing for beginners.

I am a music lover who wants to teach children who have concerns for music from an early age. I've always used the self-learning technique and it's the one with which i've learned. Patience and boost creativity are keys for me in music, and i try to impart in this way, without turning music into a must but a hobbie to have fun with and find an escape from everything they do in class.

Experienced teacher gives guitar, bass guitar lessons Caen - Courseulles Sur Mer

Guitar teacher, mai graduate (nancy) gives acoustic guitar, electric bass, ukulele lessons: discovery of the instrument, variety of styles (folk, classical, bossa, jazz manouche, blues, country, rock), work on sound , harmony and music theory lessons along the way, help with backing tracks, guitar pro. All according to tastes and goals of students: each program is customized.

(1 reviews)
Graduated guitarist-composer gives lessons online via webcam, over 10 years of experience

Joris: "i tried a few times a guitar teacher to develop both theoretical and practical, and after a trial lesson with john, i immediately appreciated its adaptability to the needs of its students, its calm and encouragement. To all those wishing to start, re-start, grow, or explore other musical universe, i particularly recommend.

Ukulele Lessons for Beginners with Sophia Stedile - via Webcam

I'm 17 and i'll be teaching like a friend! I learned to play the ukulele last year with my friends, i joined a the ukulele club at my school and from there i couldn't stop playing. I can read the chords as well as strum.

Private person gives acoustic and electric guitar in Toulouse and its periphery

Guitarist, 28 years old (11 years of practice, including 3 years in 2 bands), offers acoustic and electric guitar, for adults, teens and children. The approach will be adapted according to each, and will be primarily playful.

La Rochelle
Guitar lessons for beginners( kids, adults ) in music in La Rochelle.

Student in 3nd year of license. It's been 7 years since i started to play guitar. I love learning and teaching music. This is one of my hobbies. My music lessons will be adapted according to the age of the student and the kind of music.

Private music lessons: guitar, ukulele, piano, musicianship/musical theory, improvisation, composition and music production.

I am a qualified teacher of music, with training from the liceu conservatory and hall of modern music and jazz. I give private lessons in guitar, ukulele, piano, musicianship, music theory, improvisation, composition and music production. I can deliver the classes in person or via skype. Skype classes: 10€ per hour. 1 hour: 10€; 1. 5 hours: 15€; 2 hours: 20€.

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