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Paris 6e
Create your online store coached by an expert trainer Prestashop

1 . Presentation the prestashop with prestashop e-commerce, through its software and online resources on prestashop addons 2. Presentation of back office and back-end tabs present in the template present in prestashop prestashop 3.

(12 reviews)
Programmin' languages tutoring /classes by an IT engineering student in Nancy and around

Je suis élève ingénieur à tecom nancy, école ingénieurs mines telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles maths sup/maths spe. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

(2 reviews)
3D Animation for Kids and Teens. I have been teaching for almost 10 years.

2011-2012 american intercontinental university atlanta, ga Maters in education 2005-2007 art institute of atlanta atlanta, ga Bachelor of fine arts in media arts and animation 2003-2005 columbus state university columbus, ga Associate of applied science in computer science I specialize in creative technology courses for kids and teens.

(5 reviews)
Sofware Engineer and Teaching Assistant teaching Computer Science subjects, programming and databases

My goal is to teach you by explaining principles and helping you apply them in practice and assist you in developing an analytical mindset that will give you the fundamentals to solve any programming problems. My moto is "learning by doing". I give lessons from beginners to intermediate levels of programming.

Mohamed amine
A Computer Science student at Central Lyon gives programming courses (Python, JavaScript, C / C ++ etc) in Lyon

I am a computer engineer student and i have knowledge in some programming languages ​​(python, javascript, c / c ++ etc) so i can help you if you have trouble in one of these languages. You can consider me as a friend who wants to give you a hand and try the maximum to make the course "funny".

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Ribeirão da Ponte (Cuiabá)
Electrical Engineer teach web and mobile developing:html css javascript, ionic java and more

I am an electrical engineer graduated at the federal university of mato grosso more than two years, speak beyond the portuguese more 3 languages, english, spanish and italiano. Fiz several courses, including international, in systems development area and give development classes for android , iphone, windows and web skype over two years having taught more than 100 students.

(1 reviews)
I am Kanke but most people call me Kaykay. I graduated from University of Hertfordshire with a masters degree in Software Engineering. I have been working in London as a Software Engineer for over 4 y

I teach all levels from degree to primary and secondary. My current students are being tutored in gcse ict and gcse computer science. I try to look for areas my students are struggling and focus more on that as the lessons go along. I am patient, nice and will push my students to work hard.

(2 reviews)
Programming courses (Java EE / SE, C #, VB.NET, PHP, Symfony, HTML, Database ...) or fundamental algorithmic

Hi, currently working as a software engineer at attractive world, i offer tutoring or grouped on various computer topics: - getting started with a computer (beginner) windows, mac os, linux, office package, internet,. Antivirus - internet programming html5, css3, semantic web - basic programming vb. Net, php - advanced programming c #.

24/7 mobile computer training is to make you smile and per-take in the world of computing

I am an experienced tutor my in academics and in practice. I teach and write my manuals in an interactive way. I have much experience to let you understand no matter your level of assimilation. I can deal with all kinds of hum beings. I will adopt the best method suitable for each student.

Professor in Web Marketing and Digital Web - HTML / CSS, SEO, Photoshop, Web Integration

Student web marketing and web digital efficom the lille school, currently first in my class, i try to teach my knowledge to younger. I have to teach interactively, involvement and student participation is very important. They will drive their instruction.

Trainee vocational training gives computer courses, attached to the web (initiation and programming) from beginner to intermediate who wants to improve for residents of

I am an intern for vocational training, developer of training to get a level of title ii rncp (equivalent to bac + 4) certified web developer integrator title, registered in the national directory of professional certifications. My courses are primarily for young people who want to start in web programming or improve, as well as adults who want to learn the basics of the web or to convert it.

Software system development student in Hamburg are tutoring in Java, introduction to Python, Web development and introduction to programming for students and adults of all ages

Computer science must not only be boring theory but also practical fun. Based on several small projects i will teach you the basics of programming and show you the diverse world of computer science. I also offer more challenging projects for those with existing knowledge.

Programming Courses & Web development by a specialist in the field ..

Developer within a web agency & expert in development with python, django, javascript, html & css, wordpress & drupal, i want to pass on my knowledge to those just starting. The first course is offered and will be used to understand your current knowledge to establish a general learning plan for the next lessons.

Learn how to create your first website and host it for 8 € / year

Developer for the past 2 years (originally civil engineer), i love to share my tips and tricks. During two hours i'll teach you how to create a web page using html and css, two languages ​​understood by the web browser. After two hours, if desired, we can explore together most advanced concepts in web programming. (html, css, javascript, server applications, apis, etc.

(1 reviews)
Interested in creating your own website? Don't know where to start? This is the place!!! ...Or maybe you want to learn how to use Microsoft Office Products? Click here and find out!

I am a computer science student currently studying in nottingham. I have been a private tutor for the past 4 years, tutoring 4+ year-olds, in numeracy, literacy, it and even web development. I have a background in it, computing, computer development (software) and web development, as well as basic computer usage.

University Media & Journalism student looking for pupils willing to learn web-coding (HTML & CSS) in Bristol

I am a media & journalism student who is willing to deliver engaging and informative lessons on web-development, specifically in html & css and how to manage your online content. I will present pupils with knowledge on websites and tools on how to craft your own, along with theme editing for online platforms such as wordpress and other blog style content.

NW Houston Technology Prof for College Students and Professionals available when you are ready

I give lessons to college students, professionals, and adults seeking further knowledge in any area of technology. I teach people to fish instead of giving them fish. I am a professor x of sorts helping others unlock their full potential. I will be open to your questions and will not waste your time.

A graduate of the Samsung web / mobile development Campus to serve you

Who are you in a few words and to whom are the courses (diploma, level, class specific, etc.

MSc Software Engineering student at City university London, IT teacher in London

I appreciate students participation and try to design teaching materials to be learned in group work. I usually do a pre assessment and post assessment to measure the success of my programs, i start the course with giving enough motivation on why the topic should be learned. I consider myself as a patient and passionate teacher.

I am a master in computer science from France with a beautiful style of teaching. Take my lessons to enjoy programming

I am a master's in computer science from university of nice sophia antipolis , france. Basically i am from india so i have a very good english also. I can be a very good tutor as i been teaching since my childhood.

Le Bouscat
Computer courses / social networking communication and introduction to the internet or other software

Currently computer school and web business i want to share my knowledge to beginners wishing to dive into the wonderful world of the internet. I am also able to give html / css classes to create websites. Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Kings County
Software developer teaching coding to children and adults in NYC area and remotely

Teaching all levels of coding and computer science. Beginners are welcome! Children ages 5 and up College undergraduate Graduate Coding boot camps New jobs Updating your skills Having started programming while attending stuyvesant high school in new york city, i went on to earn a computer science degree from columbia university.

Ex Forces, computer science teacher for all levels. Why are you waiting?

Ex army, now a secondary school computer science teacher, able to produce lessons for all levels. Proven record of delivering and achieving results. Experience in python, html css, scratch, touch develop, microsoft office, flowol, kodu, logic gates and many more computational thinking units.

West Chester
Computer Science professor and public school teacher building our understanding of programming one line at a time.

My lessons are focused upon the core foundations of computer science from the novice student to the graduate student. I am fluent in more than 20 programming languages including java, python, php, c/c++, lisp, ml, apl, and prolog just to name a few.

Experienced Web Designer, UX Designer & Web Developer gives Web lessons online

I am a qualified and experienced web designer and developer based in the uk. I can give lessons in a range of subjects including html, css, photoshop, sketch, bootstrap, bem and much more. I am happy to teach any age group dependant on subject required.

IT, Basic and advanced Computing, Google and Web Developing and Web Modification

I give lessons for it, computing, google, web developing and web modification. It is not hard but not easy as well (if you really want to learn it you will be in good hands). I am most specialized in computing and web developing and modification.

Information systems student giving lesson online for student all over the world in English

I am a first year master student in informatic systems and i work as a web developer as well. I teach office packet, web design, web development , computer bases,informatics, mikroeconomy, makroeconomy from first year to third year students. So far i teach my student in a class but a can do it througt a camera if i have to.

A software engineering and machine learning expert. Gives software and data science classes in free time

I am an experienced software engineer with more than 4 years of experience in the industry. I love to teach subjects related to computer science, software engineering or data science. The best thing about my teaching is that my first priority is to understand my students and know what their problems are.

5yrs of teaching made my mind toward teaching and share knowledge and still want to be quick learner

Hello guys, today's world is going beyond the adventures to learn new things here is where i provide a lessons abt today's technology n computer applications to ur schooling , intermediate, college and master and new programming languages pl do revert

San Martino di Lupari
I’m an Italian Software Solutions Architect and my focus is on the new technologies like JavaScript environment based.

Solutions architect e technical manager/lead Alongside the sales and accounts for technical analysis in the pre-sales, i directly manage the technical analysis / functional with customers to understand their needs and organize the various projects, deciding technical solutions and designing the structure / content, i make any technical tests and develop the application core, preparation of...

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