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Statistics, research methods, writing help in windsor, ontario from PhD level instructor

I am a PhD level instructor in the areas of statistics, research methods, and professional writing. I have experience helping high school students, university students, and adults (fellow professors). Are statistics and professional writing hard for you? I can help you make sense of statistical language and help you communicate with clear, professional writing.

I will charge an extra 5 dollars per hour if I travel to you. I only travel to you if you are within 20 km.

I teach mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, health and social sciences. Lessons are available for the following levels: college
I give lessons in person at my home or a student's home.

Scott's Experience

I have been giving lessons across multiple environments for over 20 years. I have taught well over 1000 students (5+ years) at the university level and have supervised multiple honours theses. Alone, and together with students and colleagues, I have published over 20 articles using appropriate statistical methods and language.

Scott's CV

Skills & Abilities
 Over five years experience teaching at the university level
 Data analysis and data management across multiple projects
 Professional writer and communicator (knowledge dissemination)
 Strong analytic and problem-solving skills
 Engaged in teaching others
 Demonstrated skill in engaging with media
 Experience working collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams in health care setting
 Extensive knowledge of child/youth development within families and communities

2003 Ph.D. in Child and Family Development (The University of Georgia)
2001 M.S. in Child and Family Development (The University Of Georgia)
1987 B.A. in Sociology (Baylor University, Waco, TX)

SRM Statistical Consulting
Jan 2013 - present
• Provide statistical, research, and methods consulting to agencies, university faculty and graduate students

Invited Member, United Way of Windsor-Essex Working Group
Feb 2013-Jun 2013
• Helped identify sources of data for Windsor-Essex Well-Being Report

Statistical Consultant (Psychology Department, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand)
Jul 2012-Dec 2012
• Provided statistical consultation to faculty and graduate students

Adjunct Assistant Professor & Statistical Consultant (Psychology Department, UWindsor)
Jul 2006 – Apr 2012
• Taught 5-6 courses/year in child development, statistics, and research methods
• Mentored undergraduate honours and graduate students
• Grant activity (primary investigator on project with youth, co-investigator on multi-site study with youth)
• Met with faculty and students one-on-one to provide statistical consultation
• Published 1-2 scientific articles per year

Postdoctoral Fellow (The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY)
Jul 2003 – Aug 2006
• Managed large datasets within Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
• Managed longitudinal data collection and ethics protocols for multiple projects
• Database development using Access/SQL, and data analysis with SPSS
• Published multiple scientific articles per year with staff and medical students
• Managed research assistants

Data Coordinator/Teacher Liaison (Center for Family Research, University of Georgia)
Aug 2001 – Jun 2003
• Worked with local teachers and administrators on longitudinal project with children and youth
• Managed research assistants
• Aggregated and managed data from multiple sources in large research center

Graduate Research Assistant
Sep 1999 – Aug 2001 (Institute on Human Development and Disability [IHDD], University of Georgia)
• Conducted youth focus groups about needs in desirable programming
• Created youth development materials for the state as contracted with IHDD
• Knowledge dissemination at professional conferences and other community venues

Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination
________________________________________(all available upon request)
22 peer-reviewed journal articles (7 as first author)
1 invited book chapter
Training materials developed for the State of Georgia for staff working in youth development
21 conference presentations (9 as primary presenter)
5 invited lectures

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