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1st lesson is free!

92nd Percentile MCAT Tester, 5 years of tutoring experience, offering MCAT Prep Tutoring. Get your dream score with me! First class is free!

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Ryan is one of our best tutors. High-quality profile and excellent qualifications, organised and responsive to lesson requests, appreciated by their students!

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Hello! I am offering MCAT preparation lessons for individuals of all skill levels. I use a personalized teaching approach in which we will tackle topics or issues that are most difficult for you. I will break down complex concepts into simple terms so that you can best understand them. We will also complete practice problems (including UWorld!) and I will show you how to conduct these problems in a step-by-step approach.

A typical lesson includes:
1) Reviewing topics
2) Giving you some practice problems (UWorld, JackWestin etc.)
3) Going over answers to these practice problems in a step-by-step approach.
4) Assigning you homework to do for next session so we can maximize our lesson efficiencies.

Why choose me?
1) I have been tutoring for 5 years and have experience tutoring the MCAT. I am proficient in simplifying complex topics in layman's terms so my students can understand.
2) Unlike other tutors, I have actually taken the MCAT personally. I achieved a 516 on the MCAT (128 CP, 128 CARS, 130 BB, 130 PS) first try, self-taught, last year. In my journey to obtain this score, I know which areas of the MCAT are commonly misunderstood, high-yield topics, and common tricks that the task-makers use to separate the top test-scorers from the rest. Additionally, I am happy to share with you my own personal experiences taking the MCAT and the study techniques that helped me improve my score from 505 (my first practice exam) to 516 (the actual exam). I attribute much of my success on this exam to these techniques.
3) I am non-judgemental, and motivating, and create a positive environment during our sessions. It does not matter whether you are just starting out to study for your exam or if you are almost ready to take your exam: I will always answer your questions without judgment and will explain topics again if need be. I believe that there are no "stupid questions". I encourage my students when they get questions correctly and for incorrect solutions, I will break down why they got the question incorrectly. I will never shame my students for not understanding or knowing a topic: at the end of the day, my duty as a tutor is to help elevate your performance. Your success is my success!
4) I can help hold you accountable. A large part of success in the MCAT is practice: I can say with confidence that without sufficient practice you will not achieve your dream MCAT score. Unfortunately, in the current age, it is easy to fall victim to electronics and get distracted from your goals. I ask my students about their study goals, their performance goals, and the topics they aim to study in between tutoring sessions. I will then follow up with them regarding these goals in subsequent lessons. By acting as an accountability partner for my students, they will be inclined to stick to their study commitments. This ideology is proven by research. The likelihood of accomplishing a goal is 10%, however, once the commitment is shared with another individual and they hold you accountable for it, the odds of fulfilling a goal skyrockets to 95%! ((concealed information)
5) Accolades: 3.98 cGPA on the 4.0-grade scale (Bachelor of Medical Sciences, Western University, graduated 2022), 516 MCAT.


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About Ryan

I hold a bachelor's in Medical Sciences (BMSC, honours specialization in Physiology and Pharmacology) and have been tutoring for 5 years. I have taken the MCAT first-hand last year and have obtained a score of 516 (92 percentile) on my first attempt without the use of any external help or tutoring. I am able to tutor individuals of all levels of MCAT prep-from beginners to almost ready to take their MCAT. Using my help, students have been able to boost their scores. Come book a lesson to experience this first-hand: your first lesson is free!



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