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  • Hourly rate $30
  • Response Time 1h
  • Number of students 1
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1st lesson is free!

I am an Arabic Native speaker that gives Arabic lessons in Edmonton and Canada

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I base my teaching strategies first on providing students with as much as vocabulary as they can, generally I go by topics, only if the student has any other preferences. And then I start introducing grammar and then writing technics.


  • Arabic
  • Accent reduction - Arabic
  • Vocabulary - Arabic
  • +3

    Oral expression - Arabic

    Listening comprehension - Arabic

    Writing comprehension - Arabic


  • English


  • All Levels


I am an administrative assistant with a solid background in teaching many languages (French: my second language and German) not only Arabic that is my native language. I can help any level from beginners to advanced ones in writing, orale pression, and vocabulary.



  • 5 h: $150
  • 10 h: $300


  • $ 30/h

free lessons

  • 1hrs

Other Arabic teachers in Edmonton

  • Native Arabic teacher of Classical or Egyptian # Video presentation available #Cours PAR Professeur Natif classique ou égyptien.#Lessons by Zoom to adults & children# Lots of teaching methods included



    5 (29 reviews)

    Hello everyone, Arabic language teacher, perfectly trilingual, pedagogue, and accustomed to a French & English-speaking...

    • $35/h
    • 1hrs free
  • BTM alumni teaching all related Arabic language classes for individuals interested and students.



    My teaching methods are to firstly start with every student needs and level of the language and put an approach. I’m very...

    • $20/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Arabic Native Speaker with lots of language experience teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.



    I have tutored over 15 students in Arabic and all have been successful and satisfied. I am a big believer in visual aids,...

    • $28/h
    • 30min free
  • Translator, interpreter, language tutor and polyglot offers Arabic classes for groups or individuals.



    5 (2 reviews)

    The teaching method depends on what each student needs and how each student learns. I always like to approach languages in...

    • $50/h
    • 30min free
  • I teach Arabic in Kitchener ON, I will help you share your Ideas in Arabic elegantly.



    I believe classic Arabic (Fusha) is the best place to start, through classic Arabic you could build a storage of vocabulary...

    • $25/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Arabic native Speaker from Egypt who is teaching the Arabic language for all ages.



    My methodology is starting from teaching you how to read then it will be easy for you to understand and communicate in...

    • $20/h
    • 30min free
  • A native Arabic speaker( wide experience in Arabic writing, communication, and grammar).



    My teaching methode is named pernolization methode after knowing the way the student can get the information in good way and...

    • $20/h
    • 1hrs free
  • I'm a native Arabic speaker from Egypt, with 14 years of experience in teaching. I teach french  for Arabic  speakers & Arabic for french speakers.If you want to learn French or Arabic don’t hesitate


    Richmond Hill

    My teaching methods are: - Making connection. Real-life connections make learning interesting and relevant for...

    • $20/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Native Arabic speaker can help you learn to speak, practice your accent, and improve your skills.



    5 (42 reviews)

    What students love about my style is that I can simplify difficult concepts, make them easy to understand and retain. In one...

    • $30/h
  • I have a 15-year of experience in teaching Arabic for non-native Arabic speakers. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening!

    Prof. Shaimaa


    4.9 (10 reviews)

    My methodology is starting from teaching you how to read then it will be easy for you to understand and communicate in...

    • $20/h
    • 30min free
  • Arabic is one of the most popular languages in the world, it's the language of Quran, language of many scientists, language of lovely musicals. With an open heart, I invite you to learn my mother tong


    West Vancouver

    5 (7 reviews)

    My methodology consists of being a good role model, a friend and a caring about person during a beautiful journey of...

    • $17/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Arabic tutor (Standard and Lebanese dialect) with a diploma in translation and experience with several  adult students.



    5 (3 reviews)

    I carry out a lot of research online before I start with a new pupil after assessing their level to find the best approaches...

    • $30/h
    • 30min free
  • Arabic is a language that you have to master. A native promises you!


    São Paulo, Brazil

    5 (97 reviews)

    Hi, guys! I am Karim from Tunisia, Arabic teacher for those who speak English with more than 4 years of...

    • $11/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Senior Language instructor and Translator gives lessons in Arabic, French, and English.



    5 (2 reviews)

    I rely on the interactive teaching method as I make my students participate in learning the lesson objectives by being...

    • $30/h
    • 1hrs free
  • International medical student helps u to overcome ur difficulties  by giving you easy  Steps to become fluent in Arabic. I’m not a teacher!!!I’m a friend!



    5 (2 reviews)

    My methodology of teaching is to work more on how to create this easy connection between student and the language. First...

    • $25/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Course  in Academic  and  Arabic dialects and Tutoring in Marseille for all levels


    Marseille 5e , France

    5 (26 reviews)

    My teaching philosophy is based on the principle that each student is unique and needs a course and personalized content...

    • $34/h
  • Native Arab Teaches students in Toronto about Arabic vocabulary, Comprehension and Translation



    5 (4 reviews)

    My lectures resemble more storytelling than an academic presentation. The story always puts in play current problems to...

    • $26/h
    • 1hrs free
  • I am a master student who is native arabic speaker,I would be happy to help you in arabic learning journey



    I am very patient, i wouldn't be annoyed by repetiting many times. I clarify each point and I ask my students to resume what...

    • $25/h
    • 30min free
  • Native speaker of Arabic gives lessons in Classic Arabuc as l9bg as Jordanian and Palestinian dialect.



    I have taught in different schools. Back home, I taught English in a government high school, given the fact that I hold a...

    • $30/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Private lessons of standard Arabic and Moroccan dialect with native of Morocco


    Granada, Spain

    5 (83 reviews)

    Bilingual: Spanish, English and Arabic. My name is Radia, I'm 23 years old, graduated in Arabic and Islamic Studies and...

    • $25/h
    • 30min free
  • The best and fastest way to learn Arabic is to practice it, let’s talk about funny topics in Arabic!



    Arabic is a very rich and meaningful language, my methodology is to talk about the interesting history of the language and...

    • $25/h
    • 1hrs free