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Biology as a living science that deals with plants, animals and their interactions with the environment for sustainability of life.


My teaching methodology include, scientific inquiry methods, discussions, experimentations and going on field trips to explore and evaluate organisms' interactions with the environment. It also include use of quizzes, assignments and projects for proper assessments of students in the understanding of concepts and scientific theories.


I am a scientist/biology as a major and chemistry as minor with a good knowledgeable interest in entomological studies. I have been teaching for over 18years both at high school and University undergraduate levels. I have also published international scientific research papers.


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Lessons offered by Bamidele
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Taught subjects
  • Biology
  • Cell biology
  • Genetics
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Zoology
  • All Levels

Bamidele's Resume


I am committed to a high standard of professionalism with a positive attitude to work and dedication to community services with an excellent desire for humanitarian welfare and academic success. I am a seasoned industrious Science educator with substantial experience in adapting to various classroom environments. I help students learn through teaching, discussions, and hands-on activities in and out of a classroom's four walls. I implement intervention strategies, discipline management techniques, student attendance, assessment and grading requirements to support and enhance students' success. For over 15years of my teaching experience in Science (Biology, Environmental & Health Sciences and Chemistry) in Canada and Africa, through a student-centred methodology approach, I have impacted my students with ideas of scientific creativity, innovations and inquiries to solve environmental problems. I do promote the collaborative study and interpersonal communicative skills among my students for individual success and confidence.

Ph.D (Applied Zoology), Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria 2012
M.Sc(Biology/Zoology),University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria 2003
Post Graduate Diploma (Education), Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria 2003
M. Sc Transport studies, Ogun State University, Nigeria 1999
Post Graduate Diploma(Transport Studies), Ogun State University, Nigeria 1998
B.Sc (Biology/Zoology),University of Lagos,Akoka, Nigeria 1991

Regina public School Board
Substitute Teacher October 2016- present
Helping students in understanding their responsibilities, in terms of their subject matter and attitude in the classroom in the absence of the regular teacher.
Providing students with designated skills for compilations and completion of assigned work as related to the classroom.
Enhancing supportive learning and scientific innovative skills of students for Science based subjects.
Helping in the proper management and organisation of the class in the absence of the regular classroom Teacher.
Developing a Lesson plan that suits the purpose of a grade Level in the absence of a lesson plan by the regular teacher.
Exploring the use of Bloom taxonomy to helping students understand the logic and hands on based assignment, in every assigned classroom to stimulate students’ interest in learning.
Ranch Ehrlo Society
Educational Assistant/Job Coach June 2014- May 2020
Helped coordinated Youths in job allocations and proper discharge of their duties.
Managed acute physical behaviour
Helped to provide good environment and classroom management strategies
Taught young people adaptive coping skills for their daily living
Motivated relationships building with youths through proper caring and Psychological support.
Provided support and supervision for Youths’ sustenance in Education, jobs and recreational activities.
Facilitated clients and students transportation from one location to another on daily basis as needed.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic: Adult Education Program April 2017- July 2017
Served as an instructor for Biology 30 and Chemistry 30 studies
Planned and designed lessons that supported the integration of technology for usage in a classroom setting for Biology 30 and Chemistry 30
Taught adult students using the Saskatchewan curriculum as a guide to explore variety of technology and simulations to enhance students understanding of scientific enquiries in Biology 30 and Chemistry 30.
Helped students to investigate and demonstrate experiments in the Laboratory using scientific inquiry.
Conducted Tests/quizzes; give assignments and grading them as applicable and appropriate.
Prepare students for Departmental final Examinations and Provincial final Examination.

Teaching/Tutoring Experience:
Ijebu ode Grammar School, Nigeria March 1993- October 2004
Taught Biology and Science subjects in Grades 9-12
Helped and motivated Students to visualize ideas by proper observations, collection of data, experimentations and simulations for safe and proper laboratory practices.
Supervision, Specimen Preparations for laboratory work and External Examination Practical procedures.
Took students on field trips to Museums, ecological sites, parks and Zoos for educational activities, in tune with the curriculum to finding opportunities for out doorlearning.
Prepared Students for Certificate Examinations in Biology and English Language (especially in writing and verbal skills),
Administrative duties as assigned by the Vice principal and Head of Science Department.
Responsible for training and coaching of students in Athletics, Soccer, Field events and Science competitions for Local, State and National competitions.

Youth Soccer and Athletics Instructor
Ijebu ode Grammar School, Nigeria September 1993- October 2004
Coordinated and supervised youth soccer and athletic competition camps.
Established drills and instructed youth (ages 13-18) on the fundamentals and advanced skills of soccer and athletics.
Exercised behaviour management strategies to maintain group order and competitive spirit.

Tai Solarin University of Education, Nigeria. November 2004 -February 2012
Lecturer I:
Tutored adult students in Biological Science courses
Supervision and Preparation of specimens for practical classes
Counselling Students with regards to courses offered in improving their academic Performances and achieving their educational goal.
Training and developing cognitive and psycho-motor skills of students
Research and publishing of research findings. Coordinator and supervision of student's projects and dissertations. I have over fifteen (15) published articles in reputable journals. (Nationally and internationally.
My research involved large data sets, using different analytical software to perform statistical and quantitative analysis, creating and exporting exploratory and predictive models to deliver an output (through the conference, workshop, and seminar presentations
Facilitate curriculum development within the department and Faculty. As an active researcher,) that drives decisions and actions.

An effective writing and verbal expression in terms of communication.
Skillful in planning, management, Problem solving, Decision making, Critical thinking, organisation and monitoring of daily activities to meet deadlines with vigour.
Proven success in initiating, promoting and maintaining strong interpersonal relations.
Able to deal courteously, professionally, and tactfully with the general public in a variety of circumstances.
Ability to multitask with Media, communities and individuals through computer technology.(knowledgeable use of Microsoft office suite components and SPSS For windows)
I am self driven, ready to advance professionally with a strong will for optimum performance and introduction of diverse innovations for collective success. Finding information, Computer usage and Continuous learning 
Good at conflict resolutions and Supervisory roles.
Well organized, conscientious and focused on boosting success of every student with attention to individual strength and requirements.

In the course of my educational career, I have been able to continuously update myself by attending seminars and webinar class to obtain the following professional development certifications.
Saskatchewan Professional A Teacher’s certification, (9000050). 2020
Regina Public Schools COVID-19 Safe Work Practices (Custom) 2020
Certificate in Reconciliation Education Professional Development Course. 2020
Certificate in Residential Child Care Project(Cornell University), 2020
Certificate in Food Sanitation, Food safe Level 1 2019
Certificate in Comprehensive Personal Planning and Support Policy 2019
Certification in WHMIS 2018
Certificate of LAFOIP and Privacy Training for Teachers 2018
Standard First Aid, J &T First aid consulting Inc. Regina, SK, Canada 2018
CPR/AED, J &T First aid consulting Inc. Regina, SK, Canada 2018
Certificate in Classroom Safety. 2018
Certificate of Completion in Office Ergonomics 2018
Certificate in Routine Practices (Blood borne Pathogens) 2018
Certification in Scent Awareness and Scent Free Facilities (Custom) 2018
Saskatchewan Provisional Professional A Teacher’s certification, 2016
Certification for Professional Teachers’ Accreditation (Science), 2017
Certificate for Employee safety Administrative Procedures 2018
Certificate for Harassment Prevention in Saskatchewan(Custom) 2018
University of Regina, SK, Canada, 2015
Upgraded Education degree with the following courses; ECS 119 (Self and other), EPSY 333 (Functional Assessment and Psychology behavioural study), EPSY 400 (Working with Differ and Diversity), ESCI 300 (Curriculum and instructional Science), EPSY 409
Teaching Skill Certificate, Abuja, Nigeria 2010

Board Member, Ambassador for Christ Ministry Church
Co-ordinator, Men’s group - Ambassador for Christ Church Ministry
Government House Historical Society, Regina
To be provided on request

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