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Truth be told, individuals learn best at different paces and through different means. There are people who retain knowledge easier when there are visual cues. Still, others learn through practical exercises. In fact, according to Neil Fleming’s VARK model and inventory, there are four different types of learners - visual learners, auditory learners, physical learners, and social learners.

Not every school can accommodate all types of learning styles. Because these establishments have to cater to a whole class, most often than not, there are students that lag behind.

Private tutoring is one of the best ways to ensure that your child learns in the best and most conducive way possible. While there is a negative stigma to opting for a private tutor, there is no denying its effect on a student’s academic performance.

If your child is having difficulty with a subject, below are ten reasons why hiring a tutor is worth every penny:

Individualized Learning

Children learn differently - even siblings, more often than not, are different types of learners. With that said, school may not be able to provide lessons that are conducive for the way your child absorbs information. Because they have to cater to a group, these establishments do not find the urgency to address the specific need of each and every student. After all, schools, especially public ones, have a quota to reach. At the end of the day, no matter how great an educational organization is especially in Canada, they have to think about what caters to the majority.

Private tutoring can provide individualized learning methods for your young learner. A good private teacher would know how to identify the learning style of each child. These lessons would enable them to catch-up on lessons or even have advanced knowledge on subjects that are coming up. It also provides a space for a student to discuss the specific things that they find difficult about the subject.

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Identify Learning Obstacles

Varied learning style is one of the biggest problems schools face when it comes to teaching and ensuring that every student retains information. However, it might not be the reason why your child is lagging behind a certain subject.

There are instances wherein the environment plays a role in the child’s learning. He or she might be having difficulty in a certain class because his or her seatmate is a source of distraction. Likewise, it is possible that a student might not be able to see or hear his or her teacher properly because they are seated at the back of the room. Not having foundational knowledge on certain subjects can also play a role in why a child is lagging behind. After all, they can’t be expected to do well in algebra if they don’t have enough knowledge of arithmetic.

A good private teacher is capable of pinpointing the specific learning obstacles your child is facing. They would be able to address it and provide a means for your student to surmount these problems.

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Distraction-free Learning Environment

Children, especially young learners, are very susceptible to distractions. Unfortunately, a classroom provides plenty of ways to be distracted or to procrastinate. Especially in this technological day and age, apps and gadgets pull student’s attention away from the lessons that they need to learn.

Private lessons are distraction-free spaces wherein your child can concentrate and absorb as much information as he or she can. With that said, it is important to find a space for these private lessons that are also free from external distractions. Private lessons can be conducted at home or even at a library.

Builds Study Habits and Routine

Routines are very important for young children. Developing systems and habits allow them to feel safe and learn their boundaries. It reduces stress because they know the activity that is coming, and it provides them with a means to develop self-control.

Private tutors provide students with tips and tricks that can optimize their study habits. Methods like the Pomodoro technique can help your child build a routine. The tricks that you teach them now, while they are young, can be techniques that they use until they are much older.

Essentially, private tutors not only help them catch up with their lessons, but they can also set them up for success.

Space to Ask Questions

Even in a traditional learning environment, teachers would ask students if they have any questions or if they need further clarification about a certain topic. Unfortunately, not all students take advantage of this chance to learn more or understand the lesson. After all, it can be embarrassing if you are the only kid in class who isn’t catching up. And to be fair, even adults feel this way sometimes.

A one-to-one session would allow your child to ask any and every question without the fear of being judged. This way, if a lesson is unclear, he or she would be able to get the help that she needs.

Improves Behavioral and Social Skills

For some students, learning is difficult because they don’t have a support system of their peers to bolster their academic growth. They don’t know how to make friends so school is more of a chore than something to look forward to. Dreading school makes them less open to learning in general.

A private tutor would allow your child to become a better communicator. Since they have a safe space to speak up, they would learn how to open up and verbalize their thoughts and concerns. Knowing how to stand your ground and tell people what you want a need is good training for making friends.

Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem

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While it isn’t true for all cases, children can be ruthless and harsh. Since they are still learning how to empathize, most of them find it difficult to mince their words and refrain from taunting their peers who are having a difficult time. Sometimes, being in school can be the source of your child’s insecurities when it comes to learning.

Choosing private tutoring provides your child with a means to learn in a way that is most conducive for him or her. Having a tutor that is focused on imparting knowledge based on a child’s learning preference would enable your child to understand a concept that he or she may find difficult. And that feeling of finally understanding a concept is invaluable for their self-esteem.

Preparation for Further Study

Getting into a reputable university is very competitive. Even the brightest students may find it difficult to submit on-par applications and ace entrance exams.

If your child is in the process of vetting colleges, hiring a private tutor for them is a good idea. While they might not be having a difficult time with their subjects, giving them that extra edge can be the difference between getting into their dream school and settling for their safety university. As a parent, who doesn’t want their child to have that extra boost.

Fosters Interest and Passion

Learning is fun. Discovering new things about life and the universe opens up your world-view. It makes the world smaller and more accessible. Unfortunately, if you are having a hard time at school, associating learning with failing is an inevitability. It is difficult for a student to see the value in learning if they find it challenging to learn in the first place.

A private tutor would be able to make a lesson enjoyable for your child. Because it is a space that is free from the pressures of getting high marks, studying becomes a less dreadful activity. It would be easier for your young learner to develop a passion for growth and education if they have the skills and tools that they need to cope with the process of learning. A good private tutor can do just that.

Develops Love for Education and Learning

Education doesn’t stop after university. Life is a learning process. No matter how old you get, there are still concepts that are left to be understood. It is exciting to realize that no matter how far along you get through life there is still so much knowledge in store for you.

With that said, instilling that zest for education as early as possible is imperative. You want your child to be excited over the prospect of learning new things. They wouldn’t be excited if studying brings out feelings of dread.

Choosing the right private tutor is the best recourse for young people who are struggling to find joy in school and education. There are very few things that are more rewarding than studying hard and acing an exam. Extra help would ensure just that.

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Finding a private tutor for your child isn’t very difficult in Canada. There are plenty of resources that you can choose from. Nevertheless, it is all a matter of finding the right fit for your young learner’s needs.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do all the hardwork yourself. We at Superprof have a roster of talented and qualified private tutors that can help your child succeed academically. Our teachers have been vetted and they are all proficient in their field.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Superprof private tutoring today and find the help you are looking for!

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