Before you take steps to apply to study economics at the university, have you ever thought about what your experience might be like over there? If you are thinking about going to a university in Canada, you are lucky because there are plenty of options for you already.

Chances are you are seeking answers to many questions and trying to figure out the best university to go for your economics study in Canada.

What to Consider Before Choosing a University to Study Economics

Your choice of an ideal school is highly dependent on whether you want to study economics as a single major or you prefer to combine with other related disciplines such as statistics, finance, and international relations. Below are some of the factors you need to consider before choosing a school for undergraduate programs.

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  • Academics

It’s highly recommended to apply to a university that has the courses you are interested in as part of its program. Most universities offer only courses in economics study while others offer combined courses together with economics. Find out if the school provides different variations of economics in their undergraduate programs. Here are a few questions you should ask about academics.

It's recommended to find out how a university's curriculum is structured. Source: Unsplash
  • What is their admission requirement?
  • Do they have enough resources to help you succeed in your studies?
  • Can the program allow you to work as a student? (most schools offer flexible course schedules).

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  • Location

Where is the school located? Depending on the location, you may have to move away from your loved ones and family to the school’s campus. Whether you decide to live at home or in school will affect your choice of university as well.

It’s also vital to consider costs of rent, transit, food items and other miscellaneous expenses. If you wish to attend a school that is far away from home, you need to consider the associated costs and budget for them.

  • Campus

The campus is where a lot of students spend most of their time while in school. Therefore, it’s essential to consider if your desired university as the kind of campus structure that you envisioned. When the lectures are over, you may want to hang out with your close friends and other students, study in groups or go for a long walk.

Do you prefer a small-sized campus in a rural town or a large and busy campus in an urban setting? Do you picture yourself in a large school with a plethora of opportunities to do research and learn or you prefer a small school where the teacher might even know your name?

Finally, what do the alumni students have to say about the school and its campus setting? Are they happy and proud that they choose the university? Ensure you pick a university with a campus arrangement that makes you feel comfortable and valued.

  • Budget

Is your budget enough to cover the costs of studying economics at your ideal university? Cost of obtaining a bachelors degree varies from one institution to another. Unfortunately, many students ignore these important criteria when applying for study and later have to struggle to find their way through school.

To enable you to pick the right institution for economics study, you will need to find out:

  • The cost of tuition at the university
  • Can you have access to a scholarship if you want to?
  • Aside from tuition, what else do you have to pay for within an academic year?
  • Is it easy to gain access to financial aid if you need one?
  • Does the school organise paid/unpaid internship for their students during the undergraduate program?
  • Can you work part-time to support yourself while in school?


  • Social life

Many top universities in Canada organise events, clubs, social week hangouts and fitness classes for students periodically. If you are a social person, we recommend you find out the kind of social activities that takes place within the school’s campus.

  • Are these events enough to satisfy your social needs?
  • What other events do you wish the school could add to their yearly activities?
  • Is it possible to celebrate your faith in places closer to where you live?

It’s important to know if a school can prepare you for life ahead of you in its undergraduate programs. Whether you want to pursue other related disciplines after graduation, or you want to find your passion, learning how an economics degree can translate to your career success is important.

Graduation day
There are many activities that makes learning fun while in the university. Source:Unsplash

The Best Universities to Study Economics

If you want to study economics at a Canadian university, you are indeed looking for ways to maximize your potential and make employers see great value in you. If this describes you, then you should attend the best university to study economics in Canada.

Fortunately, you don’t have to search far and wide for your ideal institution in Canada. We have made it hassle-free for you. Below are some of the best and highly ranked schools where you can study for a degree in economics.

  • University of British Columbia (UBC)

The school is known for its robust curriculum, high education standards and cross-disciplinary programs. Such programs give UBC students the flexibility to choose between different concentrations such as Economics and Nutrition or Economics and Finance. They also operate the co-op program, which is not so common among tertiary institutions in Canada. The program allows the student to gain some course credits while in the workplace.

The school helps its students to find suitable places or organisations for their co-op placements. Generally, economics students in UBC find placements in both public and private sectors, helping businesses and even the government make plans and save a lot on costs.

  • McGill University

The school’s curriculum is designed in a manner that gets every student prepared for the world ahead of them. It involves both hands-on practice and theoretical knowledge for them to acquire the necessary statistical and math skills, which they would find useful throughout their career.

Economics is a broad term that intersects with other areas and disciplines. If you want to gear off into related fields of study during the final stages of your program, or after graduating, you should consider a bachelors degree program at McGill University which has been ranked as one of the best schools to study economics.

  • Queens University

The Department of Economics at Queens University has been severally ranked among the top best departments in Canada. Its curriculum for every academic year portrays that they are research-based and interconnected with related fields of study such as accounting, finance and international relations. Students have several opportunities to explore how their major is interlinked with other disciplines.

The school has three main major streams for economics:

Applied economics uses several approaches to apply economic theories to real-life scenarios. It aims to perform accurate forecasting of possible economic outcomes in any circumstance. It has a lot to do with math (econometrics and case studies) than the other two streams of economics.

On the other hand, the economics major has to do with an extensive overview of several economic issues affecting the governments and their citizens. Students usually take courses that explain climate change, labor markets and trade disputes between nations.

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The last of the three-stream is politics, philosophy and economics. Students who choose this major will learn about the various social issues in the society and how people respond to these issues. Graduates from this major usually fit into fields such as journalism, law and social works.

Now that you know the best schools in Canada for economic majors, what’s next?

How to Prepare Yourself for Life At The University

Feeling skeptical about going to the university or you don’t know how life would turn out for you there? We are here to help!

Adequate preparations for university life could make you avoid the frustrations many students face in uni. Source: Unsplash

Going to university is a new and overwhelming experience for many. It’s normal to feel that way. But there are certain things you can do to keep your mind at ease and prepare for the journey ahead. Let’s explore them.

  • Buy only the essentials

Resist the temptation of buying different gadgets or home appliances just because you are going to live far away from home. Remember that most accommodations in campus already have the basic things you need.

  • Make a budget

Even if you are living in a school hall in your first year, you are still going to incur some costs. And the reality is that most of them might be unplanned. It would help if you can make a budget to accommodate these expenses.

  • Build your network

There is no better time to start building your portfolio than now! Connect with fellow students on Facebook groups and LinkedIn. Research your major and know the skills that would make you excel in it. Stay up to date with the latest trends and news about your major. That way, when you eventually go to the university, you wouldn’t struggle to cope or adapt to the changes in your lifestyle.

Most importantly, if you feel you need help to overcome your fears and get started on your career at the university, you may hire a professional to help you. There are more than enough qualified professionals for hire on Superprof that will help you as you begin this exciting journey.

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