Studying any language there is always a proficiency test that some people choose to take. These proficiency tests allow you to be certified in the language you speak. If you're reading this you’ve most likely been taking Italian classes. There are many Italian proficiency tests, but we're going to list the top 3. These 3 proficiency tests have the highest standard of knowing Italian and are all approved by the Italian Ministry of Affairs. 

If you looking to work abroad or prove you know your Italian you’ll need one of these certifications to prove it. Italian proficiency tests would the last step in learning Italian. 

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Want to work abroad? This could be your view.
Want to work abroad? This could be your view. Source: bogitw, Pixabay

Why do you need a Language Proficiency Test?

Anybody can say they know Italian, but the certification test proves it. It shows you have are fluent in Italian and would be able to work or learn in an Italian speaking country like Italy. Without the certification, the employer or school would need to test your knowledge. This can be awkward, by them asking you simple phrases. What does asking you phrases or words in another language prove? It won't test your full ability in knowing Italian. It also becomes insulting overtime that someone wants to test your fluency in the language. Having a certification that is approved by the Italian Ministry of Affairs alleviates any worry about your knowledge in Italian. The tests provide a clear result about your competency in the know the language, no if’s and or buts. 

Passing any of these approved tests it shows you know Italian fluently. It's the last step in learning Italian. After passing your test you’ll know all that hard work has paid off over the years. Those long nights of studying or the times you were frustrated and almost gave up it all becomes worth it. This becomes a huge confidence boost and just makes you feel good. 

3 Italian Proficiency Tests

There are so many other Italian proficiency tests. We’re only going to focus on 3 of the most reputable ones. This ensures you can pick the best one for yourself instead of being overwhelmed by the 100s of other ones. 

  1. Certification of Italian as a foreign language - It’s offered by the Foreigners University of Seina for foreign speakers. This qualification is recognized by the Italian monitory of foreign offers and can be used to be accepted into any Italian university or other educational institution in Italy. The tests start with CILS Uno and finish at CILS quantro
  2. Certification of Knowledge of Italian Language - It’s offered by the University of Strainer di Perugia. Its test is accepted by the Italian mistily of foreign affairs. It’s open to anybody looking to prove their Italian knowledge. The first test is CELI Uno and finishes with CELI Trre. 
  3. Dante Alighieri Society Diplomas - Is offered by the Dante Algeria Society and proves your proficiency in Italian as a forgone language. The test is approved by the Ministry of foreign affairs. The first test starts with A1, then proceeds to A2, B1, B2, C1 and finally C2.

How to Prepare for your Italian Tests?

Test are nerve-wracking, let's be honest. Nobody enjoys taking tests. They fill us with anxiety, fear and uncertainty. It doesn't feel good to graded on something, but in some cases, we need it. Every other test you've taken up until this point you've got through and done what you need too. The same will go for your Italian tests. You’ll do what you need to do and pass. There a few things to keep in my to passing your Italian exams that will list down below. 

Studying for tests can be stressful.
Studying for tests can be stressful. Source: JESHOOT-com, Pixabay

Research - if you are looking to apply to a job or school that speaks Italian find out what certification you’ll need to guarantee your spot. Some schools might only accept certain certifications as well as employers. They might be looking for a certain certification. You don't want to end up having to take too. 

Test - Every certification exam usually keeps an outline on their website of what the test is going to consist of. This way you can study only what you need to and focus on what's important. If your confident with what the test is about you’ll be confident walking in there on test day.

Practice - Find someone that speaks Italian and converse them. It’s going to help you understand the language when your speaking with someone as appose to practicing by yourself. If your having issues finding someone reaches your classmates you learned Italian with or even your teacher. Your teacher will more than willing to help you out. You could also hire a tutor to focus on what you need to. 

Pace Yourself - On test day take your time. Yes, you will usually have a time limit but you going to have lots of time to finish the test. It’s not about rushing through the test and finishing. It's about passing the test. Carefully go through each section and make sure you understand what they're asking before picking up that pencil. You can find practice tests online that are great tools for practicing for the real thing. 

Take notes - Most tests will have audio recordings on the test. You’ll only be allowed o hear the audio once or twice. Take notes during the audio recordings so it can jog your memory after the recordings. This way even if you don't know or don't understand you can still have a chance of answering correctly. 

All of the 5 tips will help you immensely if you stick with all of them. The most important tip is being ready. Chances are if you looking into certification exams you already feel ready. It's going to be nerve-wracking regardless but you just need to trust yourself and your Italian ability. 


Thinking about studying for tests.
Thinking about studying for tests. Source: kaboompics, Pixabay

Should you Take an Italian Proficiency Test?

We've listed the main reasons for taking the Italian proficiency test like working or schooling abroad but there are other reasons too. It's not just about going abroad. It's about proving your knowledge. Taking a proficiency test can be a good indication of your level of Italian. The proficiency test we listed all has different tiers. You can take the test you feel more comfortable with and continue to build. It's also going to show you the level your at and what you need to work on.

There's no clear path in learning any language. It feels like there's always going to be more to learn and it feels never-ending. The proficiency test provided goals to reach. Following the guidelines of each level of the test, it gives you an understanding of what you need. This way you have a guide to follow as you continue learning Italian. 

Passing the Italian Proficiency Test

We know it seems stressful thinking about taking the test, but it was stressful deciding on whether to take Italian lessons. You were also nervous to attend your first lesson, but you got thought of it. The proficiency test you'll get through it and you'll be glad you did. You can have the chance to start pursuing the goals you had before. It all starts when you sign up for the test.

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