A lot of us know the basics of reaching your fitness goals. You know if you wanted to lose weight you need to move more and eat a little less or if you wanted to get stronger you should do some type of resistance training, right? You know this. There are also millions of different resources to find how to reach your goals, but there's not a lot of resources that talk about the other side of things. For starters, if you’re deciding on a gym you need to know which one is going to benefit you or if a cheap membership is a good fit. Second, should you hire a personal trainer, train in a group or just go it alone? And lastly, what about other services? You’ve heard that going to the sauna is good for you but is it worth your time and money.

Let this article lead a path for you so you can make the right decision about joining a gym. You need a comfortable space you can train in and decide if you want to workout under the guidance of someone. It’s amazing that you want to join the gym and start reaching your fitness goals, but it still can be worrisome thinking about the stuff above. Let's ease your worry.

Personal Training Prices

Personal training can be seen as a luxury service, but hiring a personal training is becoming more and more affordable. Personal trainers can be a guidebook for you in the gym. They will help you get results in the gym and workout safely. Personal trainers can also keep you consistent in the gym and give you the motivation you may need.

Personal Training prices will vary from their qualifications/experience, session length, location and the facility they’ll train in. All 4 of these factors will have an impact on price. For example, if your trainer works out of a gym has over 10 years of experience, does 1-hour sessions and is located downtown you're going to be paying more for the service.

Real-World Examples 

Good Life Fitness

Factor 1 - Goodlife is a big box gym they have high overhead costs.

Factor 2 - Goodlife has different types of trainers from new to experts in the field

Factor 3 - They offer 30 minute or an hour sessions

Factor 4- The are located all over Canada.

 Average Price $80

Fit Squad 

Factor 1 - Fit squad is a study style gym. Lower member count leads to higher costs.

Factor 2 - Experts in the field, very knowledgeable staff

Factor 3. Only 1-hour sessions

Factor 4. Located downtown Toronto

 Average Price: $100

Gym Prices

The price of the gym is going depend on the style of gym, amenities and location. There are two types of gyms styles, big box and a studio gym. Big box gyms focus on bringing members in. They keep their cost low to bring in members. Studio gyms, however, have a more personal feel and raise their membership cost for the service they provide.

Amenities can also add a big price difference. If you want towel services, saunas, steam rooms or anything else you're going to have to pay for it. Lastly, location can also have a big effect on price. If the gym is located downtown, you can expect it to have a high membership cost because of convenience and overhead costs.

Row of Dumbbells
Row of Dumbbells. Source: Pixabay, Pexels

Real-World Examples of Gym Prices

Crunch Fitness

Factor 1 - Crunch is a big box gym. This means their membership will be cheaper than most gyms.

Factor 2 - Crunch has lots of amenities but you have to pay extra. Their basic membership starts at $10 a month, but you just have access to the gym. There most expensive membership is $24 a month. This gives you access to massages, tanning, guest privileges, nutrition guidance, and much more.

Factor 3 - Location Crunch has lots of gyms all over Canada.

 Average Price $17 

True Form Fitness

Factor 1 - True Form is a studio style gym. The price will be higher.

Factor 2 –Offers basic amenities.

Factor 3 – Located downtown Ottawa, ON.

 Average Price $44

Check out Personal Training and Gym Prices for more information about personal training and gyms prices.

Ladies Only Fitness

The fitness industry use to be very male dominant in the past, although this isn’t the case any more traditional gyms can still be male dominant. This can make some women uncomfortable. Traditional gyms can also create unwanted attention for women and the equipment is more suitable for men. If the average woman lays down a bench, their feet won't be able to touch the ground. This can cause improper positioning to perform the lift and may cause injury. The bench isn’t the only equipment that’s designed more for men.

Ladies only gyms create a great place for women to train in. They can focus on their workout, be in a like-minded environment and have access to equipment that’s designed for them. Personal trainers can also exclusively train women. Some personal trainers may even have a dedicated certification that makes them more suitable to train women.

Good Example of Ladies Only Gym

Move Fitness Club

Move is a great example of personal training for women. Move is located in the Toronto area. Their goal is to help all women achieve their personal best. They have created an enjoyable experience where all like-minded women can get a great workout in with one of their trainers. They have a full team dedicated to helping all women succeed.

Women Rock Center

This place is another great example of personal training for women. They're located in Calgary and service the Alberta area. Their facility is dedicated to helping all women reach their goals in a women’s only fitness space. They design all their fitness program to benefit only women. They have a dedicated team of trainers that want to help you reach your goals.

Check out Ladies Only Gyms to learn more.

Woman Exercising
Woman Exercising. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Are Cheap Gym Memberships Worth The Price?

We hear more about gym cheap gym memberships all the time. It seems like more and more gyms are offering around 10 dollars a month, but is paying 10 dollars a month worth it? It’s a hard question to answer for everyone; it’s going to depend on you. Cheap gym membership offers the basics for working out. They're usually going to have cardio equipment, free weights and machines. This is all you need to work out.

Cheap gym memberships may not benefit you the most. These gyms won’t have the proper equipment for other methods of training. If your looking to get into powerlifting or CrossFit these gyms won't have the right equipment for you. The gym may also be a far commute as well. You would be more likely to go to a gym that’s close to you rather than a far drive away. Cheap gym memberships do provide you with everything you need to work out. It’s just up to you if you're looking for certain equipment or a good location.

Learn more about the cheap gym memberships in our article Are Cheap Gym Memberships a Red Flag?

Fitness Services

The fitness industry offers lots of different services. There’s personal training, group training, unique fitness classes, gyms and lots more. All these services benefit you on your fitness journey. Lets’s start with personal trainers. They are the best way to get results in the gym. I’ve mentioned them above so I won't go too much into detail. Personal trainers are to help guide you throughout your journey. They can design a fitness program that’s solely based on you. This can give you better results than following a program that’s designed for the general population. They're also going to be with you every step of the way to keep you on track.

The next service is group training. It offers the same benefits as personal training, but you work out with a group instead. This can make working out more enjoyable because you're with other people. Then, there are unique fitness classes. These classes are perfect for anybody that has tried traditional workouts and hated it. These classes are just like group training but in a more enjoyable setting. The classes could be Zumba, Pilates, Bungee workout or anything else along these lines.

Working Out Together
Working Out Together. Source: Meghan Holmes, Unsplash

Then there are gyms. Gyms are great for anybody that’s just looking to get a workout in by themselves. They offer all the essentials to get a good workout in. Lastly, there's all the fun stuff like saunas, massages or nutritional counselling. These services are beneficial for anybody that’s working out. Services like saunas or massages are great to deal with muscle soreness and to destress. Nutritional Counselling can a good way to know how to eat right to reach your fitness goals. You’ll also learn information that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Check out Personal Training, Exercise Classes and Other Fitness Services for an in-depth description of all services.

Time to Start Working Out

Today is the perfect time to join a gym, a class or hire a personal trainer. If you’ve been thinking about joining the gym but were unsure where to start now you should be confident in making the right decision to join. Most services like personal training, group training or gyms will offer a free session or a trial period. Take advantage of these. It gives you the chance to see if it’s the right fit for you. Take everything above into consideration and start working out.



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