All over the world, accountants make a difference. At some point, you must have admired how these professionals come up with crazy figures and estimates. Or why their inputs are always cherished in every business environment. It's not rocket science. If you work hard at it, you could become a professional accountant in a few years from now.

However, you should note that, just like every other thing in life, pursuing a career in accounting may not be for everyone. Don't get us wrong here. There is nothing bad about the profession, just that it might be the perfect career choice for some and not for others.

Hence, your dream of becoming a professional accountant should depend on your working style, personality, and life priorities. If all these attributes are complete, you should be able to make an informed decision about you

r career choice.

One thing is sure, a career in accounting will expose you to different practical skills that will help you to analyze problems, costs, and provide solutions that will be valuable to business owners. The career path is clear enough to give you a blueprint of where you are heading to in the nearest future.

What Is The Best Way To Get Into Accounting?

The beauty of the accounting profession globally is that you can learn it irrespective of your previous professional background or qualifications. But the truth is that the problem lies in where to begin. A lot of people who are interested in taking accounting courses may not know where to start or where to go if they want to start learning about this reputable profession.

Alas, the puzzle is solved. If you want to learn to acquire accounting skills using the most straightforward approach, you have to start from the basics. You can do it if you follow these steps.

  • Understand the difference between accounting and bookkeeping

Although they may look similar, they aren't the same; even though the terms are used interchangeably, the skills and responsibilities needed for each are quite different. A bookkeeper is not an accountant and vice versa. See how you can leverage on these skills in Edmonton.

Students staring at a laptop
Learning basic computer applications is one way to get into accounting (Source: Unsplash)
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Excel

This is a great way to become familiar with the figures. The truth is that you will have to learn how to use a variety of software as you progress in your studies, but it will be better if you begin with a spreadsheet that is easier to learn. Learn the best way to acquire such skills in Edmonton.

  • Understand the dual entry principle

This is the principle that will guide you throughout your career as an accountant. It demonstrates how an increase in one account must lead to a corresponding decrease in another account.

  • Take an accounting course

Once you have taken the above steps, it's time to start studying correctly. If you live in Canada, you will find hundreds of accounting courses to enroll in, depending on your location and goal. You can look into courses available in your region or online. However, it's essential to know that a single learning session is not enough to make you a professional accountant.

Now you know how to begin if you want to take accounting courses online Canada. But do you know what accountant do, or the skills it needed to become a professional in the field?

What Does An Accountant Do?

The simplest way to describe the role of accountants is to describe them as professionals that help others manage their money. They deal with financial reporting. Generally, purchasing, invoicing, budgeting, costing, tax, auditing, etc.

In every organization or business environment, an accountant plays a crucial role in its management and survival. To become a professional, you need to specialize in one aspect because there are different types of accountancy such as financial accounting, cost accounting, auditing, management accounting, etc.

To enable you to excel in any of these fields of accounting, you must have sound analytical skills and demonstrate proper knowledge of data analysis and interpretation. However, you need to know that accounting is more than crushing a bunch of figures and digesting them. Learn accounting skills in Ottawa. If you can find time to interact with an accountant, you will discover that they work behind the scene all year round. 

Someone prepared those business reports you read on the papers and online. Also, the financial budgets, cost estimates, and data collation of many companies you come across were drafted by them. In other words, they are the financial backbone of every business. Without them, a business will look like a child playground where people come and discuss, then go home. Do you live in Canada? Here are some of the accounting qualifications you might want to consider.

Accounting Qualifications in Canada

There are three major accounting destinations in Canada, so you can take the necessary path to enable you to acquire the desired qualification. The destinations are the GCA (Certified General Accountant), CA (Chartered accountant), CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant), and CMA (Certified Management Accountant). Note that there have different requirements for certification.

  • CGA (Certified General Accountant)

For this certification in Canada, you will need an undergraduate degree, an entrance exam, a minimum of two years of GCA related courses, and two to three years of experience working with an organization at the managerial level. These accounting courses can boost your skills in Edmonton.

  • CA (Chartered Accountant)

This certification requires an undergraduate program in accountancy. Also, you must undergo three years of training in an accounting firm. To cap it all, the student must write an exam known as the Uniform Final Evaluation. The CA certificate is held in highly respected all over the country and internationally.

  • CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant)

This certification was carved out in 2012 by the various provincial accounting associations in Canada. This was to enable them to create clarity and simplicity in the accounting profession. The three designations are still recognized under this one as Chattered Professional Accountants . If you are interested in any of these qualifications, you can study to acquire them in your region. And this depends on your state of residence in Canada.

  • CMA (Chartered Management Accountant)

To earn this qualification, students must have an undergraduate degree from a related discipline such as economics or commerce. Relevant work experience is also required alongside an entrance exam.

Where to Study Accounting In Toronto

Man in front of a building
There are many places you can boost your accounting skills in Toronto (Source: Unsplash)

As a global financial center and the capital city of Canada, you will find a plethora of accounting classes in Toronto. More so, there are various seminars held by many organizations to teach anyone interested in taking accounting courses about the fundamental principles of accounting. Here are some places to study accounting in Toronto.

Toronto School of Management

This school runs accounting programs for all knowledge levels. So regardless of your present accounting skill, you can find a starting point when you enroll for their part-time or full-time courses. They also organize preparatory classes for most professional exams such as AACA.

Discover these learning options in Toronto.

University of Toronto School of Continuous Studies

The school teaches students how to become proficient in data analysis and interpretation as well as interpreting financial records for managerial decision making. They offer various comprehensive accounting courses for beginners, intermediate, and expert levels.

Where to Study Accounting In Calgary

University's library
There are many resources for studying accounting (Source: Unsplash)

Several institutions in Calgary offer a wide range of accounting programs for beginners and experts alike. Here are some of the best places to study accountancy in Calgary.

Columbia College

If you are looking for accounting courses in Canada that will enable you to take up entry-level positions or roles in many organizations, then, this school has the right course for you. These courses focus on the preparation of financial statements and the double-entry bookkeeping process. With this certification, graduates of this program can take up a variety of roles in organizations such as accounting technician, accounting clerk, night auditor, and bookkeeper.

Mount Royal University

The university promises to meet the needs of students from Calgary and around the world by offering high-quality education for all. It offers various courses in accounting, which are a blend of hands-on and theoretical learning. In all, their four-year programs are designed to mold the student into a professional.

Find the best career path in Calgary.

Where to study accounting in Vancouver

When it comes to the flora of professional courses in Canada, Vancouver is not an exception, so whether you are looking for diploma accounting courses in Vancouver, or four-year degree programs, there are several institutions ready to meet your needs. Here are some of them.

Douglas College

Douglas College offers a wide range of accounting diploma courses to prepare students for entry-level positions in their chosen careers. Thus, you can easily find beginner to intermediate level accounting courses. With the award of a diploma after the two-year program, students could gain access to the entrance requirements of many professional bodies such as the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA).

Langara College of Higher Learning

Anyone interested in completing a diploma program in accounting will find flexible options with Langara College. They also accept students who are taking selected courses in accounting. Upon completion of the two-year program, students can compete favourably in the business environment. More so, their courses are fully recognised by the Chartered Professional Accountants of BC. see these career options in Montreal.

Discover more options for studying accounting in Vancouver.





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