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Smart and talented people around the world are drawn to Canada because of its diversity, cosmopolitan cities, and prestigious system of education. Canada and its cities such as Ottawa offer an extensive range of degree programs in various fields and disciplines and is one of the most well-known international study destinations.

And almost all of these programs are taught in English, which provides a variety of options for native speakers and the opportunity to practice for non-native speakers who want to enhance their language skills.

Let us learn more about the education system in Canada and how it can be improved with the help of extra academic support.

Canada’s Education System

Under the Canadian constitution, education is a provincial liability, which means there are huge differences between the city’s education systems of various provinces. However, the country has uniformly high standards because education is significant to Canadians.

Canada’s education system bounds both private and publicly-funded schools, as well as: secondary schools, university colleges, summer camps, language schools, career colleges, technical institutes/community colleges, and universities.

The CBIE or Canadian Bureau for International Education states that there are three key reasons why students abroad decide to study in Canada:

  • The quality of the education system in Canada.
  • Canada’s standing as a non-discriminatory and tolerant society.
  • Canada’s reputation as a safe country.

Aside from having one of the best education systems in the world which Canada ranked 7th, Canada is also considered as one of the most educated countries. The country achieved it because of the efforts and funds that the country’s government set-asides into education.

A huge majority of Canada’s degree programs are taught in English, especially in cities like Edmonton. So, foreign students who don't speak English as their native language need to prove their proficiency in English through either the IELTS or TOEFL®. And studying overseas such as the cities in Canada like Montréal, is an excellent way to enhance your skills in speaking the English language.

Aside from English, you can also take other special courses such as Mathematics, Chemistry, or French. And if you also decide to stay in Canada after studying, you will be required to be an expert in English.

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Learning English as A Second Language in Canada

Hire an ESL Tutor to Help You Learn the Language Easier. Source: Pixabay.

Did you know that there are fifty countries that speak English as one of their official languages? It only indicates that English learners who want to travel and enhance their language proficiency have many options.

Canada is an amazingly huge and diverse country with a record of welcoming students, business individuals, and tourists from around the globe. It’s also an excellent place to learn English, especially cities like Vancouver.

With three territories and ten provinces, there is a huge variety of natural environments, communities, and cities that you can surround yourself with while studying and learning English in this amazing country.

Picking Canada as your destination to study English will help you advance rapidly in one of the friendliest nations in the world. Experience the wilderness and cosmopolitan cities just kilometres apart, and exercise your English each day as you also discover and get to know Canada’s lovely locals.

English as a Second Language has helped numerous students to obtain their dream of learning the language in Canada, customizing the best course to meet professional and personal goals.

How to Look for The Best Private English Tutor

Lesson content

The content of the lesson is necessary, so ask the ESL tutor what materials they are using, or whether you need to have your own workbook. If you’re taking the English lessons to pass a test, you need to ensure that the tutor already has experience in teaching that test.


A tutor’s rate differs considerably so it’s a great idea to ask colleagues, classmates, or friends what is the standard rate in your location. There are times that tutors provide a discount after how many lessons or sometimes when you pay in advance for a package of English lessons.

Some tutors will also offer an affordable rate for each person if you are taking the lessons at the same time with two or three people with the same level of learning.


Some private tutors prefer doing after school tutoring in their home, so you need to find someone who lives not far away so it will be easy for you to get there. Some will go to your house to teach you, but they may require an additional payment on transportation expenses.

Other tutors like to teach in a public spot like a café or library, but keep in mind that these kinds of places won’t make you learn more since there’s usually a lot of distraction.

Experience and qualifications

A professional ESL teacher must have a qualification for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or CELTA, although there are also other available qualifications. Sometimes, though, the experience is more essential than qualifications, especially with private teaching.

If a tutor has a lot of experience in individual outside school tutoring, then the tutor may be an excellent one even if he or she doesn’t have the standard qualifications. Make sure to ask if you can view some references or speak to their other students. A professional and reliable tutor wouldn’t hesitate to provide these to you.

Ask questions to a private English tutor

If you will pay someone to assist you in learning English, you need to ensure that they are worth the payment.

You can ask the tutor at least some of these questions:

  • What experience do you have in the past?
  • What qualifications do you have?
  • Do you specialize in any specific level or type of English?
  • What materials are you using?
  • Where are we having our class?
  • How much is your charge?
  • Do you have any special deals?

You need to pay attention to cancellation policies as well since some tutors have this. Others may need a few hours’ notices, while some may require a notice of two days.

But, you need to be careful. A private tutor may seem impressive during your first meeting, but they might turn not so great as things advance. Keep in mind that engaging words can’t replace results.

Aside from that, you must not expect to become fluent in speaking English in a week, or even a month. You just need to make sure you leave every session feeling more knowledgeable, fluent, and confident than before.

Learn Chemistry By Hiring a Private Tutor

Chemistry Private Tutoring Service As A Part of Added Academic Support. Source: Unsplash.

Aside from learning English, Chemistry can be interesting, and at the same time, challenging subjects to learn in Canadian cities like Calgary. Students who major in Chemistry have plenty of career opportunities right after they finish studying.

Chemistry is an essential subject since it can help give a deeper knowledge of everything we encounter every day.

Regardless of the value and significance of the subject, lots of students would rather take a pass when it comes to studying chemistry. Students frequently find Chemistry to be very boring or too difficult. And it usually happens because students are not getting the appropriate direction and guidance.

Same as asking for homework help math, private Chemistry tutoring can help the students how to manage the subject matter, and provide other available learning methods.

Benefits of Hiring A Private Chemistry Tutor

Students can achieve all kinds of advantages from private tutoring in difficult subjects such as Chemistry.

Some of the benefits of private tutoring services toronto and other cities in Canada may include:

  • Improved performance
  • Tips and strategies for studying
  • Alternative approach
  • Comprehensive feedback
  • Extra material or homework
  • Preparation for upcoming lessons and exams
  • Homework guidance and encouragement
  • Review of class materials

Student Remedial Programs

Remedial programs are other academic support for students who are struggling in their studies, but it’s different from special education. Special education is made to suit the current needs of students with disabilities to help them make some progress in their academics.

Remedial programs are intended to fill in the gap between what students know and what they are expected to know. They frequently target math or reading skills. In a lot of instances, students are taken out of their regular classes and taught in another setting.

However, some other students may not make any advancements in remedial programs. Students who struggle with this could have a learning disability, and are more likely to need more specialized instruction.

What to Look for in a Remedial Program

When assessing remedial programs, you need to keep in mind that not all programs are effective.

These are some of the things you should look for in a remedial program:

  • Present small group instruction to give for more personal attention
  • Teach you the learning material in a different method from the way you were taught the first time around
  • Include a way to evaluate what you have learned and whether you are ready to take the next step
  • Offer regular practice exercises and reviews to strengthen learning and practice implementing new knowledge
  • Conducted at your own pace
  • Teach step-by-step without skipping any content
  • Researched-based, utilizing teaching techniques that are proven

An effective and excellent remedial program is taught by accomplished tutors who have undergone special training. Knowing this is necessary for all students, including those with thinking and learning differences. Make sure to ask the school if your instructor in your remedial program has this training.

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