The private academic support industry in Canada has grown with many companies and different formats to choose from. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to academic support for students and if a  private tutoring service is the best option for the student. Many specalise in after school tutoring programs to support the students in-class curriculum.

Some important points to consider are:

  • How are the weaknesses in the education system failing our young students?
  • With larger and larger classes year by year, are teachers able to provide one on one quality instruction to each student?
  • How are the provinces educating students and helping them to potentially enter the labour market? 

This article will be looking at the academic support market in tutoring Canada, the reasons behind its growth, the largest companies in the private tutoring market, and how private tutoring can help students who may have been marginalized by the education system in Canada. 

What Is the Academic Support Market in Canada Like?

There are a lot of organisations, groups, and companies in the academic support market.

There are different types of private tutoring companies to choose from, everything from charitable organisations offering support to e-learning platforms.  Here are a few options to consider when choosing private academic support for your child. 

Specialised Organisations

 There are many types of personal tutoring formats to choose from: The first type is when a family hires a private tutor directly and acts as their employer.  The second type of academic support is when a company is hired that provides the family or student with a private tutor, the family acts as the customer and pays the company for the private tutoring service directly.  

networks and platforms
Superprof is a vast network of students and teachers around the world. (Source: TheAndrasBarta)

Many other tutoring formats are available to choose from such as, through businesses, self-employed tutors, group tutoring and public education groups offering help to struggling studentsStudents usually find a tutor through a company.   Once a company matches a student to a tutor,  private tutorials are offered either in their home or in another specified location, like a library, or a cafe for example. Some also offer online tutoring services for their customers. In this case,  the company handles finding the tutor and all the administration for the family.

In Canada depending on your province and local community there may  also be charitable organisations offering tutoring services too. With a large diverse socio-economic and immigrant population,  families with limited budgets who might not otherwise be able to pay for private tutorials can access community services and other federal or provincial services for assistance. 

Finally, there are also many private tutors who are working for themselves. They can be contacted directly usually through their own local personal ads or through their own websites if you want to find a tutor directly. . 

Private Tutoring: Platforms Connect Tutors to Students

There are now platforms that assist students in finding their own private tutors and vice versa. Since more and more tutors are deciding to work for themselves, these types of platforms have become more important and are convenient and easy to use.

Sites such as Superprof were created for this very reason. In just a few clicks, you can find academic support for a multitude of different subjects including:

  • Maths (algebra, calculus, trigonometry, etc.)
  • Foreign languages such as French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, etc.
  • Science including physics, chemistry, biology, etc.
  • English, English Literature, French Literature
  • One on one refresher classes in any subject
  • Music, piano, violin, guitar, 
  • Exam or test prep,
  • Coaching in any sport, dance, singing, acting

To help students to easily find a tutor near them or private tutoring for help with a subject they’re struggling with, or perhaps even a special interest or hobby they wish to take up,  sites such as Superprof makes it easy and convenient to find a tutor, whether you need traditional academic support tutoring in Math, English, Science or History, or personal interest tutoring in many other range of subjects and interests including music, dance, arts, and so much more. 

The Growing Private tutoring Market

Parents know that the best chance their children have in securing a good future with career and employment opportunities is through Education. This is why the academic support market continues to grow.

Parents want to help their children get the best possible grades and exam results at every stage of their education. From primary, through to secondary school, and university level courses, extra academic support tutoring and programs, and private tutoring for any subject can be beneficial for any student who may be struggling or wishing to excel.

There are two main observations when it comes to for private tutorials:

  • The demand for academic support increases around the start of a new academic year.
  • There’s also a spike in demand around March or Exam time.  

The availability of private academic tutoring Canada is also changing. Students in primary school, secondary school, college, and university can easily find academic resources for learning.

There are many websites helping students with academic difficulties or challenges allowing them to get extra academic assistance and support be it in mathematics or foreign languages, directly online and from the comfort of their own home..

In the past,  families were forced to work with the huge home tutoring companies  (which were often times prohibitively expensive)  if they wanted to find a private tutor and also within the convenience of the companies.  Nowadays, you can find private tutors in just a few clicks.

You can find tutors to help with:

  • Catching up and review
  • Understand where and how the student is failing 
  • Refresher classes in any subject 
  • Assistance with homework
  • Excelling and achieving higher grades
  • Developing better study habits and skills

In addition, you can now find tutoring for competitive rates.

The Types of Companies for Tutoring Services 

General Organisations to Know

Academic study
There are many academic support platforms available. (Source: Pexels)

For the most part, tutoring companies offer a huge variety of different courses and levels.

There are some really big academic support companies. (Source: Pexels)

Many students get in touch with these companies and groups to find:

  • Maths tutorials, English tutorials, Language tutorials, Science, etc.
  • General Academic coaching and support
  • Help with applying to universities
  • Tutorials for learning and improving study skills 
  • Exam and test preparation 

Whether it’s during school term, before an exam or even during the summer months,  these types of companies can help students find tutors and take care of the administration.

Specific Groups

Big tutoring companies offer a variety of solutions depending on what the students needs to learn. There are a few companies that may come to mind and some offer video tutorials and courses for professionals, for example Udemy that provides online business tutorials. With a range of specific business related skills offered at the student’s interest and convenience upon membership. 

Certain companies focus on learning languages through their e-learning video tutorials and apps like Babbel,  that allows the student to progress through their e-learning system but with no personal private tutor. Another language platform allows students to connect to tutors located all over the world who offer only online tutorials like Verbalplanet. Other platforms help students studying for specific exams like the SATS, GMATS, etcs. with many providing online tests and practice like Exampal or Magoosh. 


In addition to the big players who’ve been around forever, there are also plenty of newer  companies, when it comes to one on one tutoring, academic tutoring, and other special interest coaching or instruction. 

Superprof is the largest community of tutors online (1 million as of 2016). Tutors can create an account and profile explaining what type of tutoring they offer,  but the company also helps students find the online tutor or home tutor that meets their specific needs. 

Get information about tuition here.

When the Provincial Education Falls Short and What Can be Done 

There are some worrying statistics when it comes to education and students falling more and more behind.  

Children learning
Private tutors can improve your child's education. (Source: Rawpixel)

There can be inequalities when it comes to education, depending on the socio economic placement of the school, some students in areas like the rural north or disadvantaged metropolitan areas, find that their average ranking in the three core subjects, reading, writing and mathematics, fall behind the overall national average. 

 There are students who genuinely struggle at school, and in addition  especially when there are problems at home such as a divorce or bereavement or other traumas,  students may at times have educational challenges that make learning difficult and therefore may just need some extra academic support. .

These problems are compounded when you have overworked teachers trying to teach larger and larger groups of students as mandated by the new Ontario government policies.   So even the best teachers may find it challenging when the education system fails them. Funding cuts for education with the recent political changes as seen in Ontario, find teachers cuts slated at approximately 3,475 teachers province wide. So more and more we can see that the use of digital resources to bring together students and educators together is a necessity in our modern times.   

Therefore the academic support market can help you achieve academic success in these challenging times.   Whether you’re looking for an English tutor, chemistry tutor, math tutor or writing tutors, are easy to find. 

Are you a tutor or a student looking for a private tutor for instruction?

If you’re interested in teaching or becoming a tutor, you could easily start looking for tutoring jobs. More and more students are opting to be tutored privately and the best tutors have no problems finding students.

On Superprof, you can create your profile and immediately start offering one on tutorials, over webcam, or in groups. You can even set your own rates for your private tutorials. Generally speaking, one on one tutorials may cost the student the most per hour,  and group tutorials costs the student the least, but can earn the tutor much more. As a tutor you have the option to choose what to teach, your rates and the format. And you will be providing a much needed service to struggling students. 


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