Edmonton is the capital city of the province of Alberta in Canada. It is on the north side of the Saskatchewan River. They were founded in 1795.  It is the fifth-largest city in Canada, with a population of 1.5 million people.

Edmonton is a city with rich cultural diversity. Thousands of immigrants live in this city, including Arabs from the Middle East. And they make up 35% of the city’s population.

Therefore it is essential to learn a second language. The Arabic language is diverse and highly respected - one of the most intriguing languages in the world right now. It is also one of the languages spoken mostly in the world. At the moment, it is ranked fifth after French, English, and Hindu. There are two forms of the Arabic language spoken in the world. Classical Arabic (the language utilised in the Quran) and modern standard Arabic.

Learning the Arabic language in Edmonton has several advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Job opportunities

 Although the Arabic language is widely spoken, the number of Canadians who speak it fluently is still small. Hence, the reason those who have a good command of the language are highly sought after. If you can speak Arabic fluently, there will be job opportunities for you in all the provinces in Canada, especially if you want to pursue a career in Arabic teaching.

  1. It will make it easy to understand other languages

The Arabic language is complex. However, you can learn quickly if you are dedicated to the language. A good thing about learning Arabic is that it will enable you to understand other simpler languages like French easily.

Who Teaches Arabic in Edmonton?

To learn Arabic in Edmonton, you can use the services of any of the following group of people.

  • Students

Students in Arabic language schools can teach Arabic to those who do not know the language at all. However,  most of them may not be able to teach beyond the basics. Also, students studying other things can still teach Arabic if they are native speakers.

Student studying
Many students teach Arabic part time in Edmonton. Source: Unsplash

These kind of students can teach beyond the basics. However, the teaching may not be structured in a way to encourage quick understanding. The good thing about engaging students' service to teach the Arabic language is that they usually charge less than many certified teachers. See if you can find them in Montreal.

Hence, if you are on a low budget, you can use their services to learn basic Arabic vocabulary of the Arabic language. If you need to learn Arabic for job interviews or on a professional level, you may have to look for another group of people to teach you. Are you in Toronto? Get help with Arabic learning.

  • Certified tutors

These groups of people have the required certificates to teach Arabic. You can find them online and even right here on Superprof. They can teach the Arabic language because they have obtained the right certification to do so. Certified tutors can teach you beyond the basics. Therefore, if you are learning Arabic for a job interview, you can use their services. They are professionals who can teach Arabic in a structured manner, which enhances quick understanding.

  • Retirees

In Edmonton, you can learn Arabic from retirees. These groups may have worked as teachers, lived in the Middle East, or learned Arabic as a second language. Most of them ventured into teaching as an hobby after retirement. Hence, they love to spend time with learners.

Many retirees often charge less than certified tutors because they are only teaching for the sake of passion and need to stay active. Therefore, they are an excellent option for students on a low budget.

  • Professors

They are mostly consists of university professors. They are great professionals and could help you learn Arabic in a short time. They have many years of experience teaching Arabic. And many of them have written books that aid others in Arabic learning.

Lessons provided by professors are well structured to meet international standards.  Hence, they utilise the modern teaching method to ensure that you learn Arabic. However, they are more expensive to engage as Arabic language teachers than any other group listed here. Therefore, they may not be ideal for students on a low budget.

Why is Arabic Hard to Learn?

There is no simple language in the world. However, patience and dedication will help you to learn any language in the long run. When you tell anyone that you want to learn the Arabic language, they will comment on how complex the language is and why it is so hard.

We know Arabic is different from the English language, but what makes the Arabic language hard to learn?

  • Gender complexity

Arabic language, like the French language, considers gender when forming a verb. An English language speaker who is interested in learning the Arabic language from scratch may have to consider the gender involved when forming a verb. This is not easy to grasp on the first day of learning. It takes time to know how to form a different sentence for each gender.

Student holding a book
Many people find it challenging to learn Arabic due to its complexities. Source: Unsplash
  • Writing form and pronunciation

Alphabets in Arabic are different from those in the English language. These alphabets are difficult to comprehend in a short time. Furthermore, the Arabic language is written from right to left. Hence, reading an Arabic language text means you have to start from the opposite side of reading an English language text.

Learn more about Arabic courses in Vancouver.

Reading from right to left is a significant challenge for learners of the Arabic language because it is the only major language with such characteristics. Additionally, the shape of a letter changes under its position. For example, when a letter is in the middle of a word, the shape is different from when it is at the end of a word - another special characteristic of the Arabic language, but very important. See the various Arabic lessons across all provinces of Canada.

How to Understand Arabic despite its Complexities

Many who are interested in learning the Arabic language are searching for viable means to make it easier for them. Here are some tips to help you find the learning process easier each day as you learn. When you decide to learn Arabic but have no idea where to start, you need to take time and know the various dialects before settling to studying one of them. Common examples of Arabic dialect include:

Levantine - This is the form of Arabic that is most common in Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia.

Modern Standard Arabic - This form of Arabic language is the most spoken in the West and the United States of America. It is called the language of the media.

Egyptian - The Arabic dialect used in the northern part of Africa is called Egyptian Arabic.

What You Should Know About Arabic Tutors in Edmonton

If you are in Edmonton and interested in learning the Arabic language, these are the things you should expect from tutors in the city.

Pen and paper
Learning a new language involves research. Source: Unsplash
  • Teachers are available to teach all ages

There are teachers to teach all ages. Therefore, you can easily find teachers for your level and even bid for discount if you will need their services for many months.

Should You Hire A Private Tutor For Home Lessons Or Learn Arabic Online?

Choosing between online and private lessons has a lot to do with personality.  A student learning Arabic part time may opt for online lessons because it enables them to be flexible with their classes. Also, students who live in campuses at the university may choose online lessons because they may not be able to invite the tutor to the campus for private lessons.

Could online Arabic lessons be a better option?

Furthermore, if your job requires you to travel often, and you are interested in learning a new language like Arabic, you may choose online lessons due to its high level of convenience and flexibility. But if you think your home will be more conducive for learning, then, you can hire a teacher to come take you Arabic lessons at home.

There are more than enough tutors on Superprof that offer private home lessons for adults and kids.

How to Hire the Best Arabic Tutor in Edmonton

To enable you hire the best Arabic tutor in Edmonton, you need to consider the following:

  • Experience

Experience is necessary for hiring a tutor. Experienced tutors offer a better quality of teaching and many of them charge affordable rates too with the first lessons free.

  • Qualification

The qualification of the teacher could determine the proficiency level of the tutor. For example, a teacher with Bachelor's in Arabic studies may not have the same depth of knowledge as those with a PhD.

  • Location

If you prefer hiring a teacher for home lessons, it’s better to hire the one that is closest to your location than the one that will spend several hours commuting to your residence for Arabic lessons.

Arabic is a fun language, although a bit complicated. In Edmonton, you can learn the Arabic language easily if you can follow the tips discussed above.

Are you in Calgary? See how to hire a Superprof tutor.

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