Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world. One interesting fact is that out of its more than 400 million speakers globally, about 350,000 live in Canada. Vancouver is home to thousands of Arab immigrants in Canada and a vibrant multilingual city where you can take a variety of language lessons at your convenience.

Arab culture is a dominant one across Vancouver. If you decide to learn Arabic in this multilingual city, you will find many resources and places to learn this unique language from scratch. See other places in Canada.

Why Is Arabic Hard To Learn?

The Arabic language is just as tricky as you take it. Some many myths and facts surround the learning of Arabic. Your ability to filter the truth from invalid myths can speed up your learning process.

It can be learned easily if you use the right approach and commit yourself to its study. The language has 28 letters written in a clockwise manner, except for one letter - Hamza. The sounds in Arabic can be learned quickly through imitation.

The vocabulary of Modern Standard Arabic is no more complicated than most languages. The verb consists of past and non-past only. Hence, it is not a complex thing to learn at will. Arabic is a Semitic language whereby you can derive an array of words from a single route.

The Quran
The language of the Quran is not difficult to learn. Source: Unsplash

It’s also written phonetically. This means you will have less trouble with words and their meanings as you learn because each word is spelt exactly as it sounds.

If you analyse it more critically, you will discover that Arabic is far easier to learn than the majority of the other languages you probably think are simpler. If you devote several hours within a week to learn this language, you could see positive results in your fluency within a few months of learning it. Many Arabic speakers always acknowledge the fact they faced challenges when they started to learn the language since it is not their first language.

Can You Learn the Arabic Language For Free?

Just like the English language, there are many ways to learn the Arabic language. You could decide to take the other route and scout for free lessons online. However, you should know that you may not have more learning options if you choose this route, and you may not be able to learn the critical details of the language. This is because many Arabic online free lessons are limited in scope, and they can at best; help you to learn only the basics of the language.

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If you can cope or learn the ropes easily after understanding the basics, then you can go ahead and learn Arabic for free online via YouTube channels and free online language learning platforms. But suppose you feel you may have problems conversing with another in Arabic or constructing a simple sentence using the language. In that case, you should seriously consider enrolling for paid lessons or hiring a tutor online to teach you at your convenience.

Many people seeking for ways to improve their language skills in Vancouver find online paid lessons very helpful.

You will not just have the opportunity to learn from experienced tutors, you will also enjoy the perks that go with it learning from a professional which is centered on flexibility and convenience.

Arabic teacher
Depending on your budget, you may have to hire a tutor to teach you the Arabic Language. Source: Unsplash

However, its highly recommended to consider your budget, availability and learning capability before deciding whether to learn Arabic for free or not. But if you choose to pay for Arabic lessons in Vancouver, you might be interested in the amount of money to budget for this and how much the overall lessons will cost eventually.

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How Much Do Arabic Lessons Costs?

Many universities in Canada, offer short term and degree programs in Arabic. At the same time, some offer Arabic courses as elective, mini-programs or as part of other extensive programs. To enable you determine the costs of each Arabic lesson, you could estimate such costs to be 1/10th of the tuition fee charged by the school. In most schools, credit for Arabic courses is mostly three out from the 30 credits offered.

If your budget is a bit lower, you could opt for language schools which are a bit cheaper than university courses. Many language centers in Vancouver charge between $30-$60 per hour session of teaching. As for Arabic tutors, many of them charge between $30-$80 per hour. However, your fee could depend on whether you will be taking group language lessons with other students, taking Arabic lessons via webcam or inviting the teacher over for private lessons at your convenience.

Superprof – the world’s best tutoring platform has more than enough tutors for Arabic lessons either online or at your preferred location. Each tutor charges a slightly different price per hour of the tutoring session. Many of them offer to teach the fundamentals of Arabic language for as low as $15 per hour. And 99% of our tutors offer their first lesson for free. This is to enable you to make the most from each lesson and determine whether to continue or not at no cost to you.

You Can Choose Your Arabic Teacher on Superprof

In colleges and universities, you may have the option to choose your tutor. But this is often from a limited pool, and the options are limited as well. But with Superprof, you have an array of opportunities to choose a tutor whose teaching style and fee per hour conforms to your learning goals. Superprof is the best online learning language marketplace for all levels.

A teacher
You can hire whoever you think is qualified enough to teach you on Superprof. Source: Unsplash

Even with a low budget, you can access world-class tutoring from the comfort of your bedroom when you hire a teacher from Superprof to teach you Arabic. The options are limitless, and you could decide to explore the platform to see how you can improve your language lessons with them.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Arabic In Vancouver?

This is relative because most people can learn a second language faster than others. To these, it's more like a talent, and they can achieve even more with less time devoted to studying the language daily.

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But for others, they would need to dedicate as much as 500 hours to study before they can speak the language fluently—the time you need to devote to each lesson depending on your budget, time, and location. If you live in an area where Arabic schools or private coaching cannot be accessed quickly, you may need to spend time searching for them and eventually need to dedicate more time so you can make the most from each lesson.

It also depends on the level of your knowledge of Arabic before you began taking your first lesson. Most people already have basic knowledge but can communicate little with it. They only need to sharpen their skills and learn the language at advance stages. If this describes you, you may need lesser time to study for fluency than a student that barely understands the language at all. Are Arabic lessons in Calgary better?

Why Study Arabic in Vancouver

If you are considering relocating to Vancouver or learning a second language in one of its institutions, you should give a thought about developing your language skills in Arabic. It’s essential for international students to know how integrated Arabic is in Canadian culture and its educational settings. They may need to undergo an Arabic proficiency test where a certain level of proficiency in the language is required before gaining admission to study the major. Studying Arabic as a major at the university could open the door to a vibrant career path filled with thrills, opportunities and other benefits.

If you like music and live in Vancouver, you can easily match music vibes with native lyrics sang by most Arab natives in Vancouver. Learning this fantastic language also affords you the opportunity to key into the rich Islamic culture and famous Muslim cuisine prepared by immigrants in Canada. Learn the language of the Arab world and discover a variety of foods you can enjoy cooking as you socialise more with the natives.

When it comes to Islamic culture, there is more to discover with learning Arabic in Vancouver than you think. Many Arab natives could easily share their ideas, thoughts and skills with you when they discover that you can communicate in their language fluently. So you will have many opportunities to build and expand your network of friends when you begin taking Arabic lessons at any level in Vancouver.

If you want to learn the Arabic language in Vancouver, you will have four options before you. You can enroll for Arabic learning at universities or colleges that offer Arabic courses for beginners. This is a good idea to start from if you have a high budget. You can also learn Arabic from continuing education and language centers scattered across the city.

The third option is the various non-for-profit learning centers. They offer affordable group lessons but a more expensive learning session if you opt to take private lessons with them.  Finally, you can hire a private Arabic teacher from Superprof to teach you whenever you want. You can compare the various online Arabic tutors that are available in Vancouver and hire the one that befits your learning goal and style.

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