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“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” – Henry Ward Beecher

We have all seen that vignette before. Be it in movies or television shows, artists and curators are often portrayed as snobs that are convinced they are better than everybody else. Usually set at a swanky party in Downtown Vancouver or a gallery opening in the middle of Toronto, the depiction of people involved in the art community are unfavourable. They are the uptight villain to the protagonist’s underdog.

Unfortunately, media has skewed how most people perceive art. So much so, that taking it up as a hobby has become unattractive and unachievable. Based on the perception alone, there seem to be quite a few prerequisites a person has to have in order to enjoy and create art pieces. As an ordinary person, why would you want to involve yourself in a scene that doesn’t think you are worthy to be noticed.

Nevertheless, there is barely any truth to how programs portray artists. While there are people involved in the arts who think highly of themselves, they are a reality people have to live with in every industry.

If you are thinking about taking art classes in Edmonton but are deterred by the preconceived notions surrounding the hobby, below are a few myths about art that need to be debunked:

Art is All About Painting and Drawing

Most people associate making art with creating drawings and standing behind an easel for hours on end. Because not everyone can draw, this preconceived idea becomes a hindrance for most from taking up any other form of art. While painting and drawing are good mediums, there is so much more to making pieces than holding a piece of charcoal or mixing watercolor.

Art comes in many forms. Photography, sculpture, pottery, and even filmmaking are forms of art that many people fail to remember. You don’t necessarily have to be skilled with a pencil to call yourself an artist. You can even use your computer in order to create a masterpiece.

If you want to be involved in the art community, it is important that you keep an open mind. There is no right or wrong way to create art. It is all about finding the medium that you can draw the most inspiration from.

Taking on Art as A Hobby is Expensive

Art can be as cheap or as expensive as a hobby as you make it out to be. Like any other interest, you can choose the materials that you want to invest in. More than money, it is your time and energy that you need to direct towards art in order to improve your skills. As they say, practice makes perfect. People don’t say money makes perfect for a reason.

Truth be told, you don’t have to make any purchase at all. An aspect of creativity lies in making do with what you already have. Having to create something beautiful out of scraps is evidence of pure talent.

Start with the things that you can find at home. If your daughter has an art kit, borrow a few colors. If your phone has a good camera, take it out for a spin around the neighborhood. Your options are limitless - you just have to be creative.

Art is Difficult to Understand

The beauty of delving into art is that there are no right or wrong answers. You are free to express your creativity in any way that you want. With that said, understanding the works of the greats come with a set of rules. Appreciating pieces means that you respect the thought, techniques, and artistry that the artist assigned to his work. With practice and a little bit of reading, it is easy to be well-versed in basic art concepts.

Nevertheless, art is still subjective. After recognizing the artist’s meaning behind a piece, you are free to interpret it in the way that it speaks to you. Again - no right or wrong!

People are Born Talented

You probably had that classmate in middle school who is good at drawing. Be it watercolor, crayons, or good ‘ol number 2 pencil, he can recreate any cartoon character that he or she fancies. While there are a few people who are gifted in the arts, that doesn’t mean that you cannot train yourself to pick up a new skill.

Drawing, painting, creating sculptures, or throwing a pot isn’t necessarily second nature to most people. However, being diligent and practicing your art of choice every day can develop your skills. If you put in time, effort, and resources, you would see results - that’s a guarantee.

Only Talented People Produce Masterpieces

Similar to the point above, the general belief is that art is reserved for prodigies that create million-dollar pieces before they are even allowed to drink alcohol. It isn’t true especially if you take into consideration a few of the most renowned artists of our time.

Pablo Picasso, for instance, had to practice his craft before creating the pieces he is most known for. He gained success when he was in his mid-thirties. Likewise, it took Leonardo Da Vinci, half a century to paint his Mona Lisa.

If you are thinking that you are too old, to take classes or opt for an art tutor in Edmonton, just remember that you are in good company.

Edgy Edmonton: What to Expect from the City’s Art Scene

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The city of Edmonton is without a doubt a sight for sore eyes. However, it might not be considered as one of the trendier cities in Canada. But similar to art capitals like Montreal, Edmonton has a unique and burgeoning art scene that begs to be explored.

Located in Alberta, Edmonton is the edgier sister to Calgary. The capital city is home to one of the oldest government-funded art establishments in the province.

Interested in diving deep into the colorful art scene of Edmonton? Below are just a few stops that should be on your list:

Art Gallery of Alberta

No list of Edmonton art locations would ever be complete without mentioning the magnificent Art Gallery of Alberta. Housing over 6,000 pieces, the architecture of this gallery is just as much a masterpiece as the paintings and sculptures inside.

West End Gallery

Established in 1974, the West End Gallery is a landmark in Edmonton’s art scene. With four decades of experience, this gallery focuses on showcasing the beauty and talent of contemporary Canadian artists.

Harcourt House

At the heart of Harcourt House is the philosophy that artists should be helping other artists. Aside from world-renowned exhibitions, this artist-run establishment also offers studios and workshops for new artists.

Dandi-Lines Art Gallery

Similar to Harcourt House, the Dandi-Lines Art Gallery offers workshops for both adults and kids. However, what makes this establishment truly unique is the fact that they host exhibits that include their students’ work. Talk about proud mama!

Art Classes Near Me: Pursuing Art in Edmonton

Man wearing an apron before art class. Source: Stocksnap.io

With a thriving art scene, it isn’t surprising how Alberta’s capital is rife with art classes and workshops for you to choose from. From painting to photography, there is something for everyone in Edmonton.

Itching to start your art journey? Below are a few places you should check out:

Pen Drawing at the Paint Spot

As discussed earlier, you don’t necessarily have to buy a tonne of materials in order to learn art. Mastering an artful craft is all about allocating your efforts and investments towards practical experiences.

For those who are looking to release their inner artist without spending for so much as a pen, the pen drawing class at the Paint Spot is the perfect workshop for you. Learn what you can do with a lowly ball-point pen today!

Phone Photography at the Canadian Photography Learning Center

Similar to the pen drawing class, this phone photography workshop hosted by the Canadian Photography Learning Centre is proof that art doesn’t necessarily require you to spend.

With just the power of your phone’s camera, create a masterpiece with what you already have!

Artful Gardens at the Art Gallery of Alberta

All the cities in Canada - Ottawa, Calgary, and even Edmonton, possess natural beauty like no other. Learn how to encapsulate that beauty with this Artful Gardens class hosted by the Art Gallery of Alberta!

Learning Art with Superprof

Art is a worthwhile hobby to pick up. It provides a lot of benefits that can positively influence your whole life.

With that said, not everyone thrives and learns in a class setting. There are people who absorb information better through one-to-one lessons. We at Superprof know how time-consuming it is to find an art tutor in Edmonton. That is why we have made the process easier for you.

We have vetted thousands of online teachers and picked the cream of the crop. All you need to do is select the tutor you prefer, schedule a class, and you are on your way to becoming a master artist.

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