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“Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colours flowers, so does art colour life.” - John Lubbock (1834-1913)

Burnout is a term that people seem to throw around more often nowadays. More than just a buzz word, burnout is a real condition that plagues many. According to statistics, almost 50% of working adults experience a form of burnout in their day-to-day. While not everyone’s symptoms are debilitating, burnout makes their life a little harder to traverse through.

Especially in big cities around Canada like Toronto, burnout can manifest in different ways. This phenomenon isn’t simply feeling down or tired. There are a few who experience extreme fatigue coupled with sleeplessness. For others, experiencing burnout means loss of interestest in their hobbies and withdrawal from social activities. When you are in the throes of burnout, no amount of rest and relaxation would cut it.

With that said, there are plenty of ways to circumvent the effects of burnout. Avoiding the reason for your burnout is a good way to ease its effects. Moreover, taking a break and taking on a new hobby can also help you get back to your normal self.

We at Superprof know that if you are feeling burnt out, art could be the release that you are looking for. Research regarding the physical benefits that come with art is plentiful. But did you know that making art and surrounding yourself with art can also tremendously improve your quality of life?

Below are just a ways art can improve your way of living:

Looking at Art is Similar to Falling in Love

When people claim that art is similar to falling in love, they are not just waxing poetic about beautiful paintings and impressive sculptures. There have been several studies that show how art appreciation and the feeling of desire and affection activates the same part of the brain. During these situations, the brain releases dopamine, otherwise and colloquially known as the feel-good hormone.

Falling in love is a beautiful and wonderful feeling. Especially if you are in the midst of burning out, it plays a hand in melting stress and worries away. However, for most people, finding a person to love can be complicated. Thankfully, surrounding yourself and decorating your home with art is an easier way to get more dopamine in your system.

Beautiful Things = Joy

A lot of people believe that your home is a reflection of how you are doing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Likewise, your mental, physical, and emotional health more often than not is reflected through your living space. There is a connection.

If you are experiencing stress and burnout and are debilitated by making big changes, purchasing art or making one for yourself is one great step to better wellness.

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things sparks joy. Even if it is just one art piece from a thrift store or a small succulent from your local farmer’s market in Calgary, you have to start from somewhere and it doesn’t matter if you do smart small.

Art Helps You Know Yourself at a Deeper Level

Developing your personal aesthetic is a lifelong journey. You don’t necessarily find your taste over a weekend. Art plays a hand in your quest to know and love yourself even deeper.

Collecting trinkets and pictures that you find beautiful, as well as scouting locations that spark joy in your life, are small ways to find the things that make you happy. More often than not, these tiny things are art pieces.

Simply put, appreciating and creating art is a step to personal discovery. In the chaotic and confusing world that we live in nowadays, who doesn’t want that?

Art Makes Your Brain Feel Good

As discussed earlier, art has effects similar to falling in love. Viewing and taking part in creating art releases happy hormones aka dopamine. But more than emotional effects, the production and ample supply of dopamine also has benefits to the brain.

According to research on stroke patients, creating art can lead to better general health, improved memory, sustained energy levels, and a better disposition. People who have art in their lives, be it making art or decorating with art, are less likely to develop anxiety or depression.

Art is Taking Time for Yourself

Life is busy and demanding. Even if you are single and don’t have any dependents, having to juggle the demands of work and your personal life can be a lot. Enough for you to burn out.

Art can improve your quality of life because it can give you an excuse to take time for yourself. A quick trip to the museum by your lonesome or a 30-minute break to doodle and draw are tiny things you can do in order to enjoy the break that you deserve.

Immersing yourself in art is a truly personal experience.

With that said, purchasing art pieces can be expensive especially in big metropolitan areas like Montreal and Edmonton. In order to deck your home with affordable pieces, learning how to paint or throw clay is your best recourse. Thankfully, if you like to learn art, Vancouver is the best place to be.

Hip and Happening: Art Scene in Vancouver

Vancouver skyline. Source: Unsplash

Every city in Canada has different art scene going for them - each as thriving and colorful. Nevertheless, Vancouver is a unique spot to delve into the wonderful world of art.

Similar to most of Canada, Vancouver is home to stunning landscapes and breathtaking views. What makes Vancouver truly interesting in terms of art is the fact that the city is a melting pot of different cultures. It is a global city that mirrors the art trends happening across the globe. It has a very tight-knit art circle that includes artists in every generation.

Learning art in cities in Canada like Ottawa is a delight. More so can be said in Vancouver. If you are ready to dip your toes into beauty, below are must-see spots:

If you are a true art novice, visiting the world-renowned Vancouver Art Gallery should be your first stop. Built in 1931, this not-for-profit establishment spans 15,300 square feet - the largest museum in Western Canada.

Home to both international and local artists, the Vancouver Art Gallery is focused on emphasizing the beauty and accomplishments of First Nation artists.


An artist-run establishment, Artspeak is home to pieces that try to marry visual art with literature. The main goal of the gallery is to keep an ongoing dialogue between the artists it supports and the community it belongs in.

Artspeak encourages artists to push boundaries and create art that provokes. If you are looking for something edgier, this is the gallery to visit.

LeSoleil Gallery

As they say, nothing beats the classics. Between the original works of Picasso and Van Gogh, LaSoleil Gallery offers an experience like no other. It is home to unique pieces from contemporary artists as well as the works of the greats.

You can expect Pablo Picasso, Pierre Auguste Renoir and Vincent van Gogh as well as Johanan Herson, Elena Yampolsky and Shai Mandel on a visit at the LaSoleil.

Joining the Scene: Taking Art Classes in Vancouver

Wooden Loom. Source: Unsplash

There are plenty of benefits that come with surrounding yourself with art. But more than that, creating your very own pieces can do wonders for your quality of life.

If you are interested in starting your art journey in Vancouver, finding a class is as easy as googling “art classes near me.” Below are some classes that you might be interested in:

Cedar Weaving at the Roadhouse Community Arts and Recreation Center

Weaving is a handy hobby like no other - pun intended. Knowing how to weave makes it easy to decorate your home with tapestries or gift your loved ones with weaved mementos.

Excited to get your hands busy? The Roadhouse Community Arts and Recreation Center offers weaving classes the entire family would enjoy!

Painting the Landscape at Canvas Method

If there is anything Canada can boast about, it is the country’s magnificent terrain. The natural beauty of the Great White North is a sight for sore eyes. So why not learn how to document it through oils and charcoal.

Canvas Method is offering landscape painting lessons for adults. Time to get those creative juices flowing so sign up today.

Night Life Photography at the Luminous Elephant

Between posing a model and finding a sufficient light source, the nigh life photography class from the Luminious elephant is a fun and educational way to spend an evening. With just your phone camera, a couple of friends, and a few glasses of wine, who knew learning art can be this fun!

Incorporating art in your day to day life is easier when you have the foundations to create beautiful pieces. The classes above are a good way to dip your toes into a new hobby. Nevertheless, if you are looking to perfect your drawing and painting skills, hiring a private art tutor in Vancouver is the only way to go.

We at Superprof have made the process of finding private art classes easier for you. No need to interview teachers and ask for credentials. We have done all that work for you! All you need to do is pick from our roster of qualified tutors, schedule a class, and you are all set! So, why wait? Visit today!

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