While in high school, you must have looked forward to art classes. Whether it was graphic design, painting, drawing, or architecture, there are many opportunities to explore your passion in arts. If you are thinking about choosing painting as your major or planning to go to school for art studies, this guide will help you understand what it takes to do so effectively.

An Art School Portfolio: What Is It?

As an art student, you are probably used to the term "portfolio." If you don't, it's okay! Here is what a portfolio is all about for artists.

It simply means collecting the best artwork you put together and submitting it for review when applying to study in an art school. The kind of portfolio you have should fully indicate your area of interest in art and your vision as well. Do you desire an opportunity to learn how to paint in one of the world's famous art school? A well organised portfolio can open the door to many opportunities and aid your admission process into a prestigious art school.

Tips for Compiling the Perfect Art School Portfolio

Many students preparing for art school don't know how to go about preparing an art school portfolio. However, the steps are easy and straightforward.

  • Protect your work, ensure they are not organised in a manner that makes it difficult for others to view them properly.
  • If you must mat your work, always use neutral grey tones
  • Ensure your portfolio is attractive and clean
  • Ensure all your paintings are completely dried before adding them to your portfolio. As wet paintings could make your entire work look rough.
  • Ensure each work in your portfolio is labeled adequately.
  • Ensure your work is tidy, and all papers are intact.

What You Should Do Before Going to Art School

You must have soaked yourself in art classes while in high school, and you feel it's time to take your creativity to a higher level. You feel you are prepared to apply for college and learn how to paint. Here are some of the things you ought to do.

  • Do research

You probably don't like doing research. At least, not for too long, but you have to learn to fall in love with it this time. Artwork, especially painting, involves a lot of research. More so, it would help if you decided which art school is the best and whether you will need an extra tutorial at home. These decisions are not easy to make. That is why you need to do it early enough, before heading to art school.

  • Apply to different art schools

No matter your choice for an art school, chances are you may not receive an acceptance letter from that school you envisioned. That is the reality you have to live with now. You have to create a list of many art schools as possible and apply to all of them.

art school
It's recommended to evaluate your needs before going to art school.(source:unsplash)
  • Evaluate your needs

No doubts, you love arts, and it's a life-long passion that you have nursed for years, but there might still be some aspect of arts; it could be painting or drawing that you still find challenging. You need to evaluate your needs to determine if you would need a private tutor to prepare for art school.

Private art lessons are essential for ironing out any learning deficiency that you might have at the moment. If you are scared of struggling with beginner art courses while in school or coping with the series of assignments and other school-related tasks, it could be a sure sign that you need a private art tutor to help you plan and start your career in painting on the right foot.

  • Prepare a strong portfolio

This is a no brainer! Having a strong portfolio is non-negotiable when preparing for art school. It should be able to inspire the audience and demonstrate your skills as well. Ensure you showcase only your best works and the ones that truly represent your skills.

If you don't know how to go about preparing your portfolio, you need not worry. You may hire an art teacher to help you organise it in a manner that will align with the admission requirements of the various art schools.

  • Prepare for your interview

An interview is a great chance to stand out among others. Here is an opportunity to show the world that you have what it takes. You don't need to fret about this. If you need help with interview tips and tricks for art school, you will find the help you need if you hire an art tutor from Superprof to guide you.

See if you can learn how to paint from associations.

What to Expect From Fine Art Classes

Each art school has a slightly different curriculum. Ideally, most of the course work would revolve around fulfilling liberal art requirements, art history, and theory. As expected, your first year in art school will expose you to the profession's various career paths.

art work
Beginner art classes include a general introduction to art courses.(source:unsplash)

You are expected to grasp a good foundational knowledge of art courses in general before selecting a major or specialising in the aspect you have a passion for. Here are some of the art courses you will find.

  • Studio Arts
  • Sculpture
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Foundation Studio
  • Contemporary Arts
  • Print Making
  • Ceramics

As the study progresses, you are expected to undertake projects to be taken to the faculty for evaluation or exhibited at the school's public studio for evaluation.

Different Art Schools for Learning to Paint In Canada

When searching for an art school to learn painting skills, it's vital to explore various options and compare offers broadly. Fortunately, such offers aren't scarce in Canada. In every province you visit, you will discover several places to learn how to paint like a pro. Let's explore some of them.

Ontario College of Arts and Design University

This is one of the world's largest art schools. It is located in Toronto, Ontario, and it offers five study areas in arts, including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and integrated media. The school offers various art courses in its four-year degree program. The tuition fee varies and depends on whether you are an international student or local.

Concordia University: Department of Virtual Arts

The department issues Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree to its students upon completing the art courses successfully. The students must-have completed the following courses: creative arts, design and communication arts, theater arts, cinema, history of arts and education visual arts.

The tuition fee for Concordia University is categorised according to the credit level of the art courses taken by the student.

Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

This prestigious art school is located in Vancouver, Canada, and it's one of the oldest institutes for learning a variety of art skills such as painting and drawing. The school specialises in art education, design, and research. Hence, if these are your core areas, you will find everything you need to excel in your school passion.

The school offers a Bachelor of Design (BDes) upon completing majors such as communication design, interaction, and industrial design. During the undergraduate degree program that spans across four years, they combine design, art, and studio practice to deliver exceptional learning to the art student.

Aside from these, the school also offers a two-year professional program in art studies. These programs help the art student prepare for a life-long career in design, visual arts, media, and theater studies.

The University of Alberta (Department of Fine Art)

This university has been ranked to be among the top 100 research institutes of the world. The fine art department is divided into three primary areas: music, drama, and visual arts. Some of the majors that students can study in this school include sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, and digital imaging.

The school offers the Bachelor of Arts degree to its students upon the completion of their undergraduate courses. It usually takes four years to study arts in this university. And the students can take the school's art courses as a major or minor.

Take Advantage of Preparatory Art Courses

There are several preparatory paint courses you can enroll in to help you develop a strong background as an art student. More so, they will also help you in the future as you get along in your studies. So whether you are preparing for an aptitude test, interview, or you need help with your portfolio arrangement, the variety of fine art tutors on Superprof can help you with these tasks. Read more about hiring a tutor for art classes.

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A tutor from Superprof can help you prepare for art school.(source:unsplash)

The ability to develop an artistic and cultural background before heading to art school is non-negotiable. Besides helping you enjoy your art classes, they are also vital to enable you get a solid foot in the industry.

Since you have decided to explore your passion and learn how to paint, nothing should stop you. However, you mustn't forget to seek help when necessary. Across the Superprof platform, you will find many home tutors teaching a variety of fine art courses. They can help you brush up your skills as you prepare for an exciting career.

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