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As adults, we often forget how important it is to have a creative outlet in our lives. It is terribly easy to be consumed by your career and your home life that having a creative hobby is often the last on the list of priorities. Nevertheless, letting your creative juices flow can have massive benefits in your way of living. In fact, incorporating hobbies can impact your work and home life in positive ways.

Creative outlets can improve the way that you handle stress. As we know, having a full-time job and managing a household can get pretty intense. It is easy to get swallowed up by the demands. With that said, having a space to let your creativity flow allows you to breathe out from the stressors of the day.

Moreover, stretching your creative muscles plays a role in improving your mood and self-esteem. There is something fulfilling about accomplishing a creative project. Knowing that you built a piece with your own two hands is empowering. It encourages you to do more and dream more for yourself. If you can finish an art piece, what stops you from getting that promotion or fixing up your entire home?

With that said, one of the best ways you can let your creativity flow is through painting. Painting is a fulfilling hobby that lets you unleash your inner artist without the fear of making mistakes.

In art, there is no wrong way to create. However, if you are starting from zero and would like a good foundation for painting, seeking out classes online is a good start to develop your skills. If you live in Canada, there are plenty of online painting resources to choose from. It is all about finding the right website and painting tutor to cater to your interest, skill level, and learning preference.

Benefits to Painting Classes Online

In today’s modern world, gone are the days when you have to go somewhere in order to accomplish a task. Even learning about a new fact can be easily done in the comforts of your living room on your phone. As such, learning to paint can be easily done online. While there are still merits to going on brick and mortar, live workshops, below are just a few reasons why you should learn to paint online:


Attending a live painting workshop can be a fun learning activity. Being around like-minded people trying to learn a new craft is as exciting as it is inspiring. Nevertheless, if you work full-time, making time to attend a class regularly can be close to impossible. After all, aside from spending time in class, there is also commute to and from the venue that you need to account for.

Painting classes online allow you to learn a new skill in the comfort of your own home. You can schedule the lesson during the times that you have to yourself. There is no pressure to drive anywhere and be with other people. For most online class portals, cancellation within a period of time is allowed. This means that if an emergency comes up, you don’t waste money on a workshop you weren’t able to attend.


There are several factors that contribute to the cost of running a painting workshop. Between the materials provided and the venue, it is difficult to organize a profitable class without charging an amount that covers all of the logistics. As the student, the cost is passed down to you.

Nevertheless, opting for online painting classes can save you a lot of money in the long run. In general online lessons are cheaper than live workshops because there is no venue that needs to be paid for. While you do need to invest in materials, you can choose affordable ones if you are simply a beginner. In the long run, it is more sustainable for your budget to opt for online classes.

Individualized Learning

People learn in different ways, Truth be told, not everyone thrives in a classroom setting. It can be intimidating and to be honest, there are some topics during a workshop that you might simply not be interested in.

Choosing to learn to paint online ensures that you learn in the best way that you can. Not only is there an option for you to find a private tutor, but you can also opt to individualize the topics that you want to learn about.

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Traits to Look for in Your Online Painting Tutor

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It is relatively easy to find a painting teacher online. In fact, if you pop into google, plenty of search results would come up. However, there is a difference between a tutor and a good tutor. Not all teachers are created equal and you must identify the traits that make one great:

Passion for Painting

We are certain that you are excited about taking on a new hobby. In looking for online tutors, you must find someone that shares that excitement. Passion is contagious. It can affect the way that you learn any given skill.

If you are starting from zero, it makes sense to employ the help of a tutor that is excited about teaching and imparting his or her knowledge in painting. Enthusiasm can encourage you to do well in your classes and to practice even beyond your lesson time. Moreover, someone who is passionate spends time to perfect their craft. With that said, who wouldn’t want to choose a teacher that is well-learned in the subject that he or she is teaching?

Flexibility and Schedule

Aside from passion, it is also important to find a tutor that fits your schedule. While one of the best benefits of opting for online classes is flexibility, an online teacher who is in demand might always be fully-booked.

You would want to ask about their availability before employing their services. This is why it is best to vet several teachers at a time. The perfect teacher isn’t exactly perfect if he or she can’t fit in the schedule that you have. It is your investment and it should be exactly in the set-up that you want it to be.

Teaching Style

As discussed earlier, not everyone learns in the same way. There are people who are visual and learn better through visual cues. There are others who learn by doing and enjoy practical learning. With that said, not all teachers teach in the same way.

Your learning style and your tutor’s teaching style should match. This way you would be able the get the most out of the lessons that you would take. After all, not only would you be investing money in the online classes but you would also be investing your time and effort. It has to be worth it.

How to Find the Right Tutor for Your Painting Needs

Now that you know the traits that you are looking for, it is time to do the groundwork. Finding the best painting tutor that suits your needs is easy if you follow these steps:

Ask for Referrals

Yes, you can go online to find an online teacher that fits your schedule. However, if you want to ensure that the person that you would employ is any good, getting referrals from your family and friends is your best bet.

Unfortunately, we understand that not all social circles have the same interests. You might not know anyone who is as interested in art as you are. With that said, there always reviews online. Take note of these - as reviews and comments from real people are important. You would want to get the opinions of people who actually went through a class. So take heed.

Set an Interview

The only way that you can get a feel for a person is by scheduling an interview or a call. They could look good on paper but until you get to speak to them, you wouldn’t really know if you jive. Set an interview for a time that is convenient for both you and the online tutor. A short call would do. You would be able to tell - trust us.

Ask for a Trial Class

Similar to an interview, you wouldn’t know how a teacher teaches unless you ask for a demo. There are online portals that allow trial classes so make sure to take advantage of that option. During the class, take note of the things that you like and the thing that you think could improve. Even if you don’t choose the tutor, the notes that you take would probably be helpful for him or her to improve his or her craft even further.

Itching to get your creative juices flowing but don’t have the time to do your research, set and interview, and attend a trial class? Superprof has got you covered! We have a roster of brilliant teachers that you can choose from. They have all been vetted and we are sure that they are highly capable of teaching you to paint virtually.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start your painting journey!

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