Acting classes are one of the best ways you can propel your career forward as an actor. It helps you gain the skills you need whether your new to acting or are an experienced actor. Everyone can benefit from taking a class. The skills acting classes allow you to work on our numerous skills such as voice acting, stage acting, auditions, memoirs and so many other things. But these skills aren't the only skills you gain.

Actors are great communicators. They need to know how to listen well and communicate back to others. Actors need to take direction but also have a voice onset. Acting classes help reinforce these skills. They teach you 2 main communication skills. The first one listening and the second one negotiating. You don't have to be an actor to enrol in an acting class. If you want to work on your communication skills joining an acting class would be a fun and exciting way to practice.

Communication skills effect all parts of our lives.
Communication skills affect all parts of our lives. Source: Ketut Subiyanto, Pexels

Why Do Actors Need Good Listening and Negotiating Skills?

It may seem odd that by going to an acting class you not only gaining acting skills. The truth of the matter is actors need a variety of skills outside of acting skills to succeed in the industry. Actors need good communication skills to effectively do the job well but also interact with other members in the industry. Just having acting skills won’t help you. Acting classes are all about giving their students the skills they need to succeed. It may not seem directly that you're learning these skills, but it's something you’ll work on in every acting class.

Listening skills are perhaps one of the most important skills. If we look at what listening skills mean it's the ability to effectively communicate. It’s to be understood. Not having good listening skills can result in you not understanding the message. Now if we relate listening skills to acting, they need to be able to take directions. As an actor, you’ll get constant direction from other staff. It’s going to help you grow as an actor because you can understand feedback and thus work on your acting skills.

Negotiating skills are another important skill. As an actor, you need to be heard. Again, if we look at what negotiating skills means it's to reach a conclusion that the two sides are happy. Being an actor you can't just say yes to everything, even if you're a new actor. You need to be able to stand up for yourself and have a voice. This means when your discussing contracts with agencies or companies to find a resolution your both happy about. Another example would be getting direction on set. If you don’t feel right about something or have an idea you should feel comfortable speaking up.

Feel comfortable negotiating.
Feel comfortable negotiating. Source: Cottonbro, Pexels

How Does An Acting Class Work on Negotiating and Listening Skills?

As we mentioned before acting classes don't necessarily work on these skills directly but there are a few ways acting teachers have incorporated activities to help their students work on these skills. More and more acting teachers are seeing the benefit of having these skills. A lot of acting classes are now realizing their students need the business side of acting. This is when negotiating skills get introduced to students. Teachers want their students to be prepared in all aspects of their acting career from being on set to negotiating contracts. Listening skills are more actively practiced than negotiating skills so let's see some examples below.

Improv is one of the best ways to practice listening skills. Each student needs to listen to everyone's responses rather than saying something funny. This will actively keep the scene going. Everyone needs to be listening to do this well.

Meisner technique is another popular listening exercises for actors. This technique involves 2 students saying the same thing back and forth to each other. For instance, both actors continuously say “Your shirt is green”. This technique helps actors listen to their acting partners. Acting is not about talking, it's about doing. The Meisner technique forces you to listen to your partner not just by their words but by their actions. You can find out more here.

These acting skills such as negotiating and listening will transform into other areas of your life. This is why everyone can benefit from taking an acting class to work on these skills. It’s a fun and exciting way to practice these skills. You might even end up loving the acting class and want to become an actor. Acting classes also allow you to meet new people and try something new. Going to an acting class can be a fun and rewarding experience.

What to Expect From your Acting Class in Canada?

The thought of walking into your first acting class can be scary. It's completely normal to think this way but these thoughts are far from reality. Everyone is experiencing the same thing. Whether you're a new actor or have little experience you're going to be joining a class where everyone has the same experience level. There is a good chance it's someone's first acting class as well. Acting classes are a welcoming and safe environment. Everyone is there to get better at acting or work on other skills like communication. Your acting teacher will be able to motivate, inspire and encourage you so you can feel comfortable in their classroom.

There are a few proactive steps you can make prior to your first class that can ease your transition. The first step is to meet with your teacher. This step should even be before you sign up for a class. You want to be able to get a good feeling about your teacher. You can ask any questions you may have and see if they're a good fit for you. If you do decide to enroll with a teacher you can ask about the class. Any thoughts that worry you your teacher will be able to help you understand. Your next step is being prepared. Again, talk to your teacher about anything you need to bring or what to wear. This will leave you feeling confident walking into your first class. Your last step is to think of the reason you're joining. You're enrolling in an acting class to better your communication skills. You're taking the first step forward in having better listening and negotiation skills and you will be better for taking this class.

Another option for acting classes is enrolling with a tutor. Acting tutors primarily work one on one with students, but can still provide you with the same benefits as working with a class. Acting tutors can also personalize the lesson plan so it's based on your need. They'll be actively assessing your strengths and weaknesses so you continue to progress forward. You can gain the same benefits as learning from an acting tutor or acting class. The choice is based on your preference. Superprof has 100s of acting tutors all over Canada that can help you with your listening and negotiating skills. They have years of experience and knowledge to teach you the best way possible. Superprof's tutors offer lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility so you can learn when you want to learn.

Make the first step to improving your communication skills with an acting class.
Make the first step to improving your communication skills with an acting class. Source: Cottonbro, Pexels

Enroll in an Acting Class in Canada Today!

Thinking about working on your listening and negotiating skills is only the first step. The next step is pursuing how to get better at these skills. Enrolling in an acting class in Canada can be the perfect way to learn these skills. You'll learn from industry professionals that know the best way to teach you. It can also be a fun and exciting way to work on these skills. You just need to make that step and find an acting coach or acting tutor that's right for you. Now is the time to start having better listening and negotiating skills to become the best version of yourself.

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