Acting jobs can be inconsistent. This means sometimes you're not working a lot and more importantly, you're not getting paid. A lot of actors can find themselves working part-time jobs. Most part-time jobs actors attain it doesn't relate to the acting industry. This could be working as a server or any other customer service job. When you want to work as an actor these are the last jobs you want to be doing. Something all actors should consider is working as an acting coach. It can be a great way to earn income when you're not getting any acting jobs and it's a perfect way to fill in your schedule. It can be completed on your own time. It might even turn into full-time jobs.

It can be a rewarding career working as an acting coach.
It can be a rewarding career working as an acting coach. Source: Matheus Bertelli, Pexels

Why Work as An Acting Coach in Canada?

Acting coaches have a very rewarding job. You can enrich the lives of your students every time you have a class. You’ll be giving them the skills they need to become great actors. It can be a rewarding job seeing your students get their first part or make it on to a big set. You played a part in their achievements. Working as an acting coach has a lot of great benefits that will list down below.

Own Schedule - Working as an acting coach won't restrict your time like other part-time jobs. You teach classes privately working as an acting coach and work on your schedule. You’ll be able to teach classes when it’s best for you. If you want to teach in the morning or at night the choice is yours. Even if you teach for someone else most acting classes are typically in the evening, so you’ll have time to continue to work as an actor.

Good Pay - Acting coaches can get paid well. You're an asset to anyone that wants to become a better actor. Your pay can be unlimited. If you want to make more you can teach students more. You’ll have the option of teaching individuality or in a group setting. Group settings are going to be more work but you can make more money.

Enjoyable - Working anywhere else besides acting you won't necessarily enjoy it, but working as an acting coach it won’t even feel like work. If you love acting you’ll love sharing your passion with others. You won't have to settle for a job you don't like when you work as an acting coach.

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How to Become an Acting Coach in Canada?

Acting is a lot about the experience. Yes, you can attend acting school, but it's not necessary to become an actor. The same goes for becoming an acting coach. Working in the field as an actor will give you the experience you need to pass on your knowledge to students. There are some skills you will need to become a good acting coach. Just because your a good actor doesn't automatically mean you’ll be a good acting coach.

Your first skill is knowing the ins and outs of acting. Acting has a lot of techniques like auditioning, cold reading, or memoirs. There's a lot to know when you're an actor. You need to have these techniques understood so you can properly teach your students. Your next skill is teaching experience. You need to be able to properly teach your students in effective ways. It’s not about just relaying the information across. Good teachers are good communicators. They can effectively reach their students by communicating with them.

Knowing acting and teaching experience will guarantee you’ll be able to teach your students. If you're missing some information about acting techniques you can work with a Superprof tutor. Superprof has 100s of acting tutors all over Canada that have the knowledge and experience to teach you the skills you need to become a good acting coach. Superprof offers lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn acting when you want to learn. If you need to gain teaching experience a good way is to volunteer at your nearest acting school. This way you gain the experience you need to teach and learn more about teaching acting.

Acting coach working with an actor.
An acting coach working with an actor. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Where to Work as an Acting Coach in Canada?

The simplest way to find work as an acting coach is to work as an acting tutor. Acting tutors can be the fastest way to start teaching acting. You can start asking family and friends if they know anyone that is looking for acting help. Of course, this is easier said than done, but the idea is still the same. Besides working as an acting tutor you can also find yourself working for an acting academy. You could be teaching a wide range of students from new to experienced actors. These two ways of teaching acting are the most popular acting coach jobs.

Working as an acting tutor has a lot of freedom and flexibility. You'll get to set your own hours and be your own boss. You can teach people in your house or through webcam you wouldn't need a lot to get started. The problem with working as an acting tutor is finding clients. You have to actively market yourself to build a steady flow of clients. There are 100s of articles online about getting acting clients so don't let finding clients be a reason you don't pursue teaching acting as a tutor.

Working as an acting coach is an academy that can be a good option. You'll get to work with a wide range of people. You'll have the opportunity to work with individuals or in a group setting. Working with an academy can mean consistent pay and set hours. You also won't have to get clients the workplace will provide that for you.  Another positive benefit of working at an acting academy a lot of people will enroll in your class for a fun experience. It gives you the chance to have a good time teaching each of your students

Choosing a Method to Teach Acting

One of the skill sets that can set you apart from other acting coaches is specializing. Specializing means you know everything about that one acting technique. You don't have to specialize in one thing you can specialize in more than one thing. You shouldn't just say your a general acting coach. Let’s say you're good at auditions. As an actor, you ace your auditions and know how to get a callback. Auditions are big techniques actors need to know. This could be one of the things you specialize in.

Why does specializing matter? It makes you an easy choice for anybody looking for specific skills. For instance, if you have somebody that is looking for audition help and they come across two profiles. The first profile is you. It says you specialize in auditions. In the second profile, the acting coach has listed 30 different techniques with auditions one there. Who would you pick? You're always going to go with a specialized person. This tip of specializing can be a good way to get clients as an acting coach.

Specializing as a coach can increase your chances of getting clients.
Specializing as a coach can increase your chances of getting clients. Source: Wallace Chuck, Pexels

Start Teaching Acting in Canada

Don't let working a job you hate help cover your bills as an actor. You could start working as an acting coach in Canada and love going to work every day. You'll be able to meet new people and have an impact on someone's life. Acting coaches can also be paid well for the knowledge they have. Working as an actor already you have the industry knowledge people want to know. It all starts when you make that first step. Start working as an acting coach in Canada today.

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