What if we said you could do something your passionate about and make a difference in the world as a job. Of course, you would take us up on the offer. Working as a tutor is the perfect way to combine your passion for work. Tutors get to work on their passion every day as well as teach others. It's a rewarding career. Chances are if you're reading this article you're interested in becoming a modern studies tutor or at the very least your interested in modern studies. Having an interest in modern studies means you could have the perfect job working as a modern studies tutor. This would make the perfect casual, part-time or full-time job.

Combine your passion with your work.
Combine your passion with your work. Source: Evg Culture, Pexels.

Why Become a Modern Studies Tutor in Canada?

There’s a lot of benefits when you start looking into becoming a modern studies tutor, but first, you need to share a passion for modern studies. It’s important to love what you teach. It’ll show through your teaching style and you’ll be a better teacher. We’ve all had that one teacher back in school where they didn’t seem to even like the material they taught. You can easily tell when a teacher doesn’t like what they teach. The same goes for a teacher that loves what they teach. They make every class enjoyable and love talking about the material. This is how you want your tutoring sessions to go. So before coming to a modern studies tutor make sure you have a passion for it.

Modern studies are a pretty wide subject, but this also means the students you tutor will benefit from your class. Modern studies are about understanding political, social and economic life. Your students will be able to be diverse and excel in life after understanding modern studies. It's a rewarding career. Besides having a rewarding career being a tutor has some amazing perks. For instance, tutors have a lot of freedom and flexibility in their schedules. They're able to set their hours and be their own boss. Not all teaching jobs can offer the same thing tutors offer.

More Reasons to Become a Modern Studies Tutor

Work Anywhere - Tutors have the ultimate freedom when it comes to working. They can work online or in-person meaning they can work anywhere. You’ll be able to teach people from your local coffee shop, online or in your house.

Get Paid More - If you are looking for a job, modern studies tutors will make more than minimum wage. You could start your tutoring sessions at $20 an hour and still be underpriced compared to other tutors. After gaining more experience tutors will be able to charge more with upward of $50-60 an hour.

Excelling Students - Not every job you can have a big impact on someone’s life but with teaching modern studies you can. You’ll have a lot of students that are struggling with the material and with your help, you’ll be able to see them get better. It’s a good feeling.

Online Vs In Person Modern Studies Tutoring

Online tutoring is becoming more and more popular in today's world. Before nobody had online sessions but now you can find an online session for anything. Online tutoring has a lot of positives and negatives for students and tutors. As a modern studies tutor, you’ll have to choose between online or in person or you can always offer both learning methods. The positives of online tutoring are first, price. You can offer cheaper lessons because you're only charging for your time. You don’t have to worry about travel time or overhead costs. Your startup cost for online tutoring will also be lower. You don’t have to worry about buying materials you just need a webcam and computer to get started.

The second reason you can benefit from online tutoring is the accessibility you’ll have. You’ll be able to teach students anywhere. You can travel the world and not worry about missing a day of work, but you're also able to share your services with the world. In-person tutoring you're only able to teach people around you, but with online tutoring, it doesn’t matter.

Online tutoring does have some negatives. For instance, it’s new. A lot of people still prefer in-person tutoring. We can admit online tutoring does have a different feel to it, but after a few sessions, you get used to it. Some people need personal interaction. As a modern studies tutor, you can try out both in-person and online and use the one you prefer. At the end of the day, you want to be able to help your students in the best way possible. As long as you can achieve this it doesn't matter if you teach online or in person.

You'll be able to teach modern studies anywhere.
You'll be able to teach modern studies anywhere. Source: Valentin Antonucci, Pexels

How to Get Started as a Modern Studies Tutor in Canada?

The barrier to entry to becoming a modern studies tutor is low. To get started in tutoring you just need to have the knowledge to teach the subject and clients. Of course, having the bare minimum of being a tutor isn't always the best way to go. As a tutor, you want to be able to establish yourself as an expert. There are a few ways to do this that we'll talk about below. We recommended every modern studies tutor start with two qualifications. These qualifications should be teaching experience and an understanding of modern studies.

The first qualification is the teaching experience. It's a must. Just because you have a good understanding of modern studies doesn't automatically mean you are going to be a great tutor. You need the proper teaching experience to teach your students in the best way possible. Good teachers are good communicators. You need to be able to get your message effectively across. If you're missing teaching experience you can volunteer at your local school or work with other tutors around you. You'll gain the teaching experience you need to excel as a tutor as well as get a feel for what tutoring will actually be like.

The second qualification is knowledge of modern studies. Again, it's another must. You need to be able to know the ins and outs of modern studies. You need to be seen as the expert in the room. The more you know about modern studies the better you can help your students. Think about this: What if your math tutor couldn't help you with a math problem. You would question their ability to teach and you wouldn't know how to solve the problem. Know your material.

We mentioned above about becoming an expert in modern studies. A lot of modern studies tutors will have the bare minimum requirement for tutoring. Having extra qualifications will make you the easy pick when students are looking for their next tutor. Your extra qualifications could be a degree in modern studies. It could also be having experience in the industry. You want to be able to stand out from the rest of the modern studies tutors.

If you're looking to get started as a tutor right away you can use the Superprof tutoring platform to get started. Superprof is the top tutoring platform in the world. They have 1000s of tutors teaching any subject. There also visited by 1000s of people that are looking for help in any subject. You can make your profile and start getting modern studies tutoring clients.

Make a difference as a modern studies tutor.
Make a difference as a modern studies tutor. Source: Cottonbro, Pexels

Start Tutoring Modern Studies Today!

Now is the time to combine your passion for your work. If you have a passion for modern studies you can start tutoring modern studies in Canada today. You just need to make that first step forward. Working as a tutor offers you a lot of benefits such as having more freedom and flexibility in your life. It's the perfect casual, part-time or full-time job.

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