Working as a tutor can be a rewarding career. There's also a lot more benefits that go along with becoming a tutor. You can have your schedule, be your boss and get paid more than a traditional job just to name a few. Becoming a tutor can be the perfect part-time or full-time job. It can also be a good way to make some extra cash if you're looking for something casual.

Tutoring is a great job to get into but most people aren't sure what they want to tutor. In today's world, you can tutor anything from your traditional school subjects to random things like learning the Rubix cube. Teaching traditional subjects can be the easiest way to start as a tutor. A lot more people are wanting to learn subjects like math, history or science. Knowing to be able to teach any of these subjects would be the perfect subject to teach. If you have an interest in history, geography or modern studies you’ll be able to offer students a great social science experience

Social sciences help us understand our world and make changes that are needed. We need people to study social science. Social sciences can be a broad subject so focusing on any of the branches of social science would be a better idea. The 3 most popular social sciences are history, geography and modern studies.

Tutoring social sciences can be the perfect job.
Tutoring social sciences can be the perfect job. Source: Polina Zimmerman, Pexels

Why Work as A Social Science Tutor in Canada?

People that work as tutors are doing it full time, part-time or casually. They are people that have a passion for teaching and a passion for the subjects they teach. Tutors help people understand information better but they also do so much more. For one they hold students accountable. It can be hard to learn something on your own or to work on social science homework when there by themselves, but with the help of a tutor they can help you stay focused and on track. Another great reason for working with a tutor is the learning experience. Often students have trouble learning in class. The teacher is teaching the class in a style of learning that doesn’t help the student. This isn't the teacher's fault. They have 30 other students that they have to worry about, but that one student can get lost and their marks will take notice. Working with a tutor means they can get the independent learning they need to exceed.

A lot of times with subjects like history, geography or modern studies students start to do poorly and they lose interest in the subject. We all don't like doing things we’re bad at. You might have had a bad experience with math in school. You were bad at math, but to this day you say you hate it. If you take all the subjects you're good at you would end up saying you like those subjects. If social science students can receive the help they need in class with a tutor they’ll like social sciences and want to continue it into a career.

Becoming a History Tutor in Canada

Teaching history doesn’t have to mean your tutoring your students about meaningless dates. Of course, if you have a love for the history you know this isn't the case. History is about improving our decisions and how we can improve our judgements. It shows us how to learn from our mistakes so we continue to move forward. To become a history tutor you need to share a love for history. History tutors can make their classes exciting if they have a passion for the past. Students can often see history as boring, but as a tutor, you can turn this around for them.
After you know you have a passion for the history you're going to need the qualifications to tutor people in history. Most history tutors should at least have a degree in history to be considered qualified. Another addition to your profile would be if you worked in the history field. This way you can share how history connects in today's world.

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Tutors help students get through their struggles.
Tutors help students get through their struggles. Source: Julia M Cameron, Pexels

Becoming a Geography Tutor in Canada

Geography is about understanding the relationships between people and the environment. Geographers want to understand things. For instance, where things are found, why are these things found there and how do things develop and change. Geography can help us understand our planet. We need people to continue studying geography. It helps us understand the systems that affect our lives. For instance, we can better understand how water systems work or create better systems to understand disasters. Without people studying geography we can miss out on a lot of opportunities to help the planet. This all starts in the classroom. Students can lose interest if they don't understand the class material. They need a tutor.

Geography tutors should have a degree in geography to be considered qualified to teach the subject. Having a geography degree will make sure you're able to successfully answer any questions. As a tutor, you want to know the ins and outs of the subject so you fully help your students. This way you'll be able to help your students in the best way possible.

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Becoming a Modern Studies Tutor in Canada

Modern studies can be a broad subject, but it's mainly focused on understanding political, social and economic life. Having an understanding of modern studies means your students will be diverse and excel in life. Modern studies can be confusing to a lot of students because it covers such a large range of topics but as a tutor, it'll be your job to help them understand. As a modern studies tutor, you should be an expert on the subject. You want to be able to answer your students efficiently and effectively. A good way to become educated on modern studies is enrolling in a modern studies degree program. You'll learn everything from start to finish. Having a degree in modern studies will also give you an edge over the tutoring competition and you'll be an easy pick when students need help.

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You can work anywhere as a social science tutor.
You can work anywhere as a social science tutor. Source: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

Start Teaching Social Sciences in Canada

Being able to teach any of the social science to students such as history, geography, or modern studies can be a rewarding job. It's the perfect job that could casual, part-time or full-time. You'll be making a difference in every student you come across. The best way to get started in tutoring social sciences is to get started. Don't over complicate the process. Get the necessary qualifications to become a social science tutor and get started. You just have to make those first few steps forward.

If you're looking to get started the right way in tutoring social sciences you can start with Superprof. Superprof is one of the largest tutoring platforms in the world. They allow tutors to offer their services in an easy and clear way. They also provide a place where students can look for tutoring help with any subject. All you need to do is create a profile and get started.

Start tutoring social sciences in Canada today!

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