Many people dread just even the thought of an interview. Just the thought of being in an actual interview and answering the questions would surely terrify people and teacher interviews are no exception. In order for you to get a position or a job in any field especially in education, you would have to definitely deal with an interview. An interview would determine whether you will get that teaching job or not.

Being fully prepared would really do you good when you face an interview. Do research. Know the role you are applying for inside and out. 

We’ll be looking into some ways you can prepare for an interview as well as your mindset before going into one.

How to Prepare Effectively

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Feeling nervous before the actual interview is perfectly normal. Actually it’s a good thing to have nerves sometimes to help you focus more and concentrate. However, there are ways and tricks that you can use to help you manage those butterflies in your stomach. 

Figure Out Your Why

First, you have to ponder as to what is the main reason that you want to become a teacher. Knowing this, and using this would motivate you not only to do well in studying but as well as facing the actual interview that would bring you a step closer to your dream of becoming a teacher

Channeling your motivation and hard work would definitely impress the interviewer because you will be able to show them that you have strong reasons for pursuing your career as a teacher

Researching or even knowing the mission and vision of the school or educational institution that you’re applying too would be a big plus. It would also show that you are prepared, and that you want that teaching job. Maybe sharing a story of the moment when you realized why you became interested in teaching will definitely score highly with the interviewer as it will show your care for the job.

In addition showing your “why’s” would add up to the dedication that is badly needed for anyone who would want to become a teacher. 

Hone and Have Your Own Teacher Style

It’s not easy to have your own teaching style. It would take years for you to be able to have your own identity as a teacher. And it’s crucial that you have to have your own teaching philosophy. 

First of the many things that you have to consider is your personality. There are a million styles in teaching but if that style does not suit your personality, it would not look good and may even look awkward. Consider your teaching style a tailored-fit suit that is only for you. Your teaching style should blend perfectly with your personality. Even your techniques in managing a class should be in line as what is your disposition when you’re enjoying learning. 

Another thing to consider is the general teaching philosophy of the school or educational institution that you’re applying for. Try to find out more about the school you’re applying to and if the school has a motto. Most schools have Latin mottos and you can use that to add up more to your philosophy as a teacher

Lastly, the teacher training programs that you attended would have prepared you for these things.

Develop Problem-solving Skills

For sure at some point during your interview, you will be required to answer and solve situational questions and imaginary problems that may arise in the classroom. 

Although it’s good to draw answers from your past teaching experiences, just don’t forget that you have to set your mind into the future so that you’ll be able to pass your interview with flying colors.

One way to prepare for this is by browsing through the internet and checking out lists of the most common teacher interview questions. THis would help you formulate and develop an answer for a certain situation or question.

If you’re unlucky you still might get asked a question that you haven't encountered when you were preparing and practicing so the best way to prepare for this is by spending time picturing and thinking about the most strange issues that might arise in the classroom, tackling everything from behavioral problems, technical issues, and even understanding the lessons materials in class.

Lean on Your Past Experience 

Remember this, your past teaching experience is something you could lean on as much as possible especially during your interview. 

Even if your experience is not that many, as long as you were able to spend that experience in a classroom in a teaching role, then you can use that to help you answer tricky questions in an interview. One good example is how you build good relationships, good routines, and rapport with your students. 

Even if these ideas of techniques came from the teachers that you have observed, shadowed, and worked with, you can still use them because you learned from these teachers by observing them. 

Just make sure to make your answers sound personal so that you’ll be able to sell your experiences in the interview.

Examples of Interview Questions for Teachers

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As you are researching and preparing for different interview questions, you somehow now have an idea as to what the common questions in an interview are. Here is a compiled list of the most common questions in teacher interviews and how you could possibly answer these questions intelligently.


  • Why should we hire you to teach here?


The most common but one of the trickiest questions in a teacher interview. This is a question that the answer is so obvious and thrown out there but at the same time if you will be answering wrongly, it may bring up doubt and uncertainty as to why you should be hired and why you deserve the position that you’re applying to. 


  • How do you assess student performance?


This is a question that would showcase your teaching philosophy and what kind of teacher you will become if you will be hired. If you have experiences in grading or assessing students then you should draw from those experiences. And if you have worked with a student before when you were on the job and you made a difference in that student, then it’s a good story to bring up when answering this question.


  • How do you handle classroom management?


This is a question that you cannot escape in a teacher interview. You should be able to give the interviewer a mental picture as to what your classroom would look like. Your teaching philosophy and teaching style would play a big role in this kind of question as it will show the interviewer how you would not only manage the classroom but as well as how you might handle individual students who have different personalities.

This would also be a great opportunity for you to explain as to what values you may want to instill to your students and how you will be able to uphold these values.


  • How do you motivate students?


This can be your make or break question in the teacher interview. Not being able to satisfy the interview when you answer this question, then you have to think as to what confidence will the school be able to give you to help their students boost their grades and unleash their full potential. 

One of the many ways of  dealing with this question is by bringing up and acknowledging the different learning styles of students. You should make the interviewer feel that you respect the different learning styles of students. Because there are students that are visual learners, there are students who learn by their auditory senses, etc. 


  • How would you interact with the parents of students?


This question is really important because you won’t really only be dealing with the students but also you have to deal with their parents. You will have interaction with their parents whether they have good grades or not. And for some, the dread of the thought of facing the student's parents.

One way to answer this question is by making the interview feel that you’re sincere in involving the parents and being able to communicate with them the progress of their kids. You should be able to have a good answer that would emphasize the role of the parent in the child’s education and how you would involve them.

Getting the teaching job that you want. Source: Pexels

It really is not easy to prepare for a teacher interview. There are a million numbers of questions that might get asked to you. Preparation would really be a key for you to pass that teacher interview. Just merely researching the most common teacher interview questions and practicing the answers in the mirror would be a great help. Lastly, always draw from your experiences and the things that you have learned in school and in your teaching experiences. These things would help you secure that teaching job that you want.

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