Bodybuilding is a popular sport and has followers from every background. Between weight loss, muscle gain, nutrition and your workout program. Bodybuilding allows you to see real changes to your body after a short to medium space of time. Even within a few classes, it is then possible to see concrete changes in your shape and physical form and through the enthusiasm and inspiration of your success in your workout session.

With the ease of entry and the speed of seeing results beginners bodybuilding is becoming a more mainstream style of working out. Which is proven by the array of gyms opening up across the country, access to online platforms and the rising number of fitness professionals. The fitness industry is set to rise, and even social media platforms are supporting the growth of the fitness industry. With fitness models inspiring people with the millions of photos posted to Instagram every day.

When starting out, many beginners have the fitness goal in mind to get ripped, build muscle fast and burn fat. Lead by images that they see on social media, or from movies that they have seen. Many before and after pictures also give beginners hope that they too can achieve these fantastic results.

Having fitness goals to aspire to is very important when you are just starting and when you are dedicated to changing your whole body. But all beginner workouts need to be based on the personal reality of each person. Because six pack abs, full body fat loss and building muscle fast is not the bodybuilding reality for everyone in the first month.

If you are a skinny guy or an overweight girl, it might take six months to a year (depending on your metabolism and other things) to see the transformation. So having fitness goals are important but also being realistic about what is possible for you is essential for every workout plan. These fitness goals are instrumental in helping beginner bodybuilders stay the course with their training and keep them on track.

But precisely, what are the best exercises to practice when you start bodybuilding? Let's take a look!

Sometimes bodybuilding sports are disciplines
There are inspirational quotes to give us courage, motivation, and make our efforts more enjoyable. Photo Source: Unsplash

Why Start Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is essential for the mind body connection; it is the kind of workout that forces you to strengthen your mind. Every time that you think that you can't do one more repetition, and you do it. You gain strength by lifting weights, not just physically but mentally, bodybuilding has the power to train your entire body and mind on how to be stronger.

Emotional weakness, as well as physical weakness, will become more accessible to ignore. Waking up early to do your training workouts, spending time at the gym weight lifting, drinking protein powder shakes and paying attention to your nutrition. All become part of your discipline in your pursuit to build a lean muscular body, and your lifestyle will never be the same.

The discipline of bodybuilding is to realise that each exercise is essential. It is necessary to master the workings of each circuit workout, each squat, each dumbbell lift and each bench press. So that you learn and become aware of how to develop and maintain your physical condition to the best of your current ability. Biceps, quadriceps, abs, buttocks, all muscles require special attention depending on how you want them to develop.

The muscle growth and strength gained while practising bodybuilding is what makes your weight training plan a complete sport. There are a thousand reasons to practice bodybuilding, here are some examples, that could help you understand why you should learn to practice muscle strengthening, mass building, a chest workout routine or backbone sculpting at each session.

  • It's a sport that burns calories, so you lose fat,
  • It's a motivating activity because you can set concrete goals,
  • We can meet many people who are motivated and have a gym community,
  • You can go at your own pace and evolve according to your motivation,
  • We can see concrete progress over time,
  • You will become mentally agile and stronger
  • You will learn to have discipline and achieve your goals
  • To see the control that you have over your total body workout is very satisfying,
  • There are many exercises for each part of the body,
  • People who practice are generous with information.
  • There is lots of help to support you every step of the way.

However, the practice of bodybuilding, especially as a beginner, is primarily conditioned by your reasons. Because you have to decide your commitment and effort which produces your set level of results. You choose to do the maximum or minimum effort, this or that exercise, this or that circuit training.

Bodybuilding for all has entered the collective imagination.
We know muscular male and female bodybuilders. Photo Source: Unsplash

Sports Workout Routines

If you want to practice real bodybuilding, you have to commit and dedicate yourself to the process. Here are some great exercises for the abdominals here:

  1. The alternative core workout: Watch Steve Cook's workout video guiding you through 5 ab exercises - Click here
  2. The intense ab workout: Watch Jeff Cavaliere's workout videos, guiding you through a 7-minute ab workout - Click here

These two exercise plans alone will make a difference to your belly, which will be much more toned with more lean muscle mass than before. To see real results you should practice in sets and reps, in a series. If you find doing both of these too overwhelming, then you can start with doing half of the workout, which is an excellent starter for a beginner workout.

These videos are guaranteed to burn fat and the high intensity of the movement. If you are doing it right, they will get your abs to begin to burn, but this pain is good news. Because when you take advantage of this pain, you will know that your body is ready to evolve and change physically.

The body is made up of a muscular system, and everything is connected and working together to give you a functioning body. For example, these are the muscles that make up your core muscles and are activated during your workout while you are getting stronger.

  • The stabilisers: Transversospinalis, Transverse abdominals, The diaphragm, Pelvic floor muscles, Internal Obliques.
  • The movers: Hip abductor, Hamstrings, Rectus abdominis, external obliques and the erector spinae.

Arm Pumps For A Beginner In Bodybuilding

Pumps are famous in the bodybuilding world for a reason, although this is a basic exercise it is powerful. When you start bodybuilding, this exercise is important to practice because it allows you to develop your motivation, your resistance to the effort, and your physical capacity. Arm pumps develop the arms and the pecs. The safety tips to trying arm pumps well when you are a beginner:

  1. Remember to warm up first.
  2. Keep your back straight.
  3. Squeeze your muscles during the exercise.
  4. Make sure to do the arm pumps in a transversospinalis sequence that includes reps.
  5. Don't lock your arms and keep fluid motion.

If you would like some guidance on for creating an arm pump workout program watch video on the - Super-Pump Arm Workout for Mass with Abel Albonetti. And voila! You have an easy to follow routine to help you gain muscles on your arms.This is great for beginners who like to work their triceps and other muscle groups to gain muscle mass.

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A Good Beginners Exercise For The Pectoral Muscles

The bench press is similar to the arm pumps in that it is a highly effective method to build muscle. The bench press allows you to strengthen the pectoral muscles and is a classic movement which requires weight training equipment (a bench and a dumbbell to lift). This is so that you can promote the maximum muscle gain in the time that you are working out with this exercises.

This type of exercise is very good and invigorating for the general well being of the beginner athlete. Doing some push-ups and gaining muscle mass is easy as you can find the equipment in every gym and it gives you great results.

This is how to make the bench press a success:

  1. Make sure your hands are grasping the bar a width wider than your shoulder width
  2. Controlling the movement and don't collapse in action.
  3. Breath properly, Inhale on the action and Exhale on the release.

If you would like some guidance on for creating a powerful muscle building bench press watch personal trainer Mike Rashid's Benchpress tutorial for beginners video. Mike's routine is clear and easy to follow, and he gives you advice on how to do the reps to reach his stature. Not only that is he breaks down step by step and piece by piece what you have to do. How to lift the weight, where to place your hands, style of lifting, protecting yourself from injury are all discussed in this video. Mike's results speak for themselves, ignore him if you dare.

Quotes help when it's hard to motivate yourself. 
Bodybuilding sits between sport, discipline, and lifestyle. Photo Source: Unsplash

How To Build Muscles With Squats For Beginners

The squat sounds like a barbaric term, but what does it mean? Halfway between crouching and sitting, the squat is the ultimate full body workout and is a bodybuilder favourite and is also loved fitness pros alike. It gives you fast and consistent results, and you can do it in a million different ways and see the results.

The squat is at the core of beginner bodybuilding and the fitness program, the movement strengthens the total body especially the quadriceps, thighs, and buttocks and even the core. The fluid movement of this one exercise engages the muscles of the lower body, the upper body and tones the rest of the body as well.

Although it is just a simple motion, it does allow you to work for your whole bodies muscle groups. Don't be fooled by its ease, it is powerful, and you should pace yourself when you are getting started as a beginner especially if you want to walk the next day. The squat is a very motivating posture for every serious bodybuilding beginner watch Howcast's video on How to Do a Squat with Max Tapper.

Important exercises to help the beginner to build muscle

  1. Pull-ups - Watch The 3 Most Important Pull Up Exercises And pay attention to the reps.
  2. The deadlift - Is a bodyweight exercise, watch The Deadlift Checklist which will help you avoid making common mistakes.

Bodybuilding is more than a sport, but a real way to improve your body and mind. Bodybuilding is much more than a workout tool; it can help you to work on self-confidence, motivation, your effort, your perception of your body and much more. If you are considering bodybuilding as your next sport, just get started and maximize your result, it's worth trying.

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