Personal training and keeping fit are both becoming more and more popular as the internet makes taking on such hobbies more accessible. By simply finding a YouTube video, you can have an effective workout in the comfort of your own home.

Not only does YouTube provide viewers with content to help them achieve their fitness goals, it also provides a platform for people to build an online brand for themselves as they gain more and more subscribers.

When these two characteristics are crossed over, the result is the many health and fitness channels used by any personal trainer to share their expertise with the rest of the world. As the topic of fitness has gained ground over the past few years, the YouTubers who have made a name for themselves on the internet as fitness gurus have almost reached celebrity status.

According to recent figures, in the past 12 months, the amount of time spent watching sports-related videos has increased by 360%.

Out of the viewers of fitness-related content, 75% follow the fitness routines while watching the videos demonstrating them.

So, for anyone looking for YouTube fame, fitness could be a good route to go down, as most of us have an internet connection and a desire to get fitter – but who are the best fitness YouTubers out there?

The Body Coach TV, Bitesize Fitness

Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, is a familiar face on both social media and on our TV screens. Famous for his healthy yet simple 15-minute recipes and his 90-day workout programme that has seen people transform their figures, Joe is very popular among those with little time to spare, as it’s not just his recipes, but also his workouts that can save you time.

The Body Coach is known for his high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. This type of exercise is characterised by high-intensity exercises which last a short period of time and is championed by the Body Coach and many others as an effective method of promoting a lean body.


HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training on YouTube
Get strong and stay lean with HIIT ¦ source: Pixabay - Keifit

On his YouTube channel, you will find a wide selection of workouts for a range of abilities and needs. Joe also posts regular life updates on his YouTube channel, too, so you can get to know more about him – who knows, he might even become one of your favourite YouTubers.

Carly Rowena, The Reality of Fitness in One Channel

Not your typical fitness YouTuber, Carly Rowena’s channel is an eclectic mix of just about everything fitness-related.

Whether you’re looking for an at-home workout you can easily do without any fancy equipment, or advice on what to eat if you’re trying to tone up, you’ll find what you’re looking for on Carly’s channel.

With 412,000 followers, it’s clear to see that Carly’s videos have been a success. In addition to her fitness and healthy eating content, she also lets her audience into her personal life, often discussing tricky topics and offering much-needed advice on dealing with them.

As a mum-to-be, Carly also made lots of content relating to all aspects of her pregnancy, such as the changes happening to her body and how she keeps fit safely whilst expecting.

So, whatever your situation, whether you’re into your fitness, or simply looking for a new YouTuber to follow, Carly Rowena is a good choice for those who enjoy a regular stream of content as well as life updates from their online coach.

Kayla Itsines, Short and Sweet Tutorials

Aussie star Kayla Itsines first became famous on Instagram after the transformation pictures of her personal training clients got people interested in her workout programme. As a fully-qualified personal trainer london, Kayla’s Instagram account for somewhere she could post workout videos and tips on getting into shape. As her empire grew, and she launched her own workout app, she began to share her content over many forms of social media, including YouTube.

Though her YouTube channel only features very short clips of individual exercises, it is useful to get a feel for Kayla’s workout style and the sorts of exercises that feature in her workout programmes before you part with any money. Another reason these short clips are useful is that they focus on specific exercises, so you can make sure that you’re getting it right.

Robin Gallant, To-The-Point Fitness Advice

For many young women, Robin Gallant’s YouTube channel is at the top of the list when it comes to looking for inspiration to change up their workout routine or learn some life hacks for going to the gym.

Stay up-to-date with fitness on Youtube
Be in-the-know about the world of fitness ¦ source: Wakandapix

Like Carly Rowena, her channel is a fabulous mish-mash of all kinds of insights, product reviews, advice and tutorials. Whether you’re wondering about the quality of a certain pair of gym leggings, or looking for exercises that focus on a particular muscle group, there’s a high chance that Robin Gallant’s profile will appear in your search results.

Like many other fitness influencers, Robin also offers nutritional advice and recipe tutorials for those working towards a more muscular physique.

Farid Berlin, Fuss-Free Training

With more than 180,000 YouTube subscribers, Farid Berlin is one to follow. When he’s not filming videos of himself doing challenges such as the 1000-abs challenge or sharing advice on staying lean throughout the holidays, Farid Berlin also gives tutorials and documents his fitness achievements.

This channel is best for those looking for a bit of motivation when it comes to performing difficult exercises, upping their workouts or toning up. Though extreme, Farid’s videos show just what the human body is capable of, so if he can do it, you can at least have a go!

Amanda Bucci, The Power of Positivity

Amanda Bucci’s channel includes a bit of everything. If you’re looking to switch up your workout routine, find some healthy recipes to see you through the week or get inspired to take on new challenges, there are plenty of videos that have exactly what you’re looking for.

Amanda Bucci is all about good vibes and creating a positive mindset to see you through your fitness journey and in other areas of your life.

As a young, female entrepreneur, Amanda is also keen to share her experiences with others who may relate to her – this is why she’s not just a great ambassador for fitness, but also for personal development and helping others find their niche.

So, if you’re looking for a channel that promotes both physical and emotional health, Amanda Bucci’s account is a good place to get started.

TheLeanMachines, Keeping You Informed and Motivated

John and Leon, known on YouTube as The Lean Machines, are famous for their health and fitness videos relating to bodybuilding and the exercises and diet needed to build a bigger frame.

To their 426,000 subscribers, they give advice on nutrition, styles of workout and also make comparison videos on all kinds of topics, such as weights vs cardio, to inform others working towards their fitness goals.

Eat properly to get lean and tone up
Learn how to fuel your body with nutritional advice on YouTube ¦ source: Pixabay - RitaE

Though their content is most popular with male viewers, much of their content is relevant to anyone interested in fitness. For instance, The Lean Machines make a lot of videos demonstrating healthy recipes and giving advice on leading a healthy lifestyle in general with videos on getting enough sleep and quitting unhealthy habits, for example.

This channel is great for those who just want to live a healthier lifestyle. With lots of content on health habits and exercising self-discipline, their workout videos may also inspire you to hit the gym, too.

Em Dunc, Making Fitness Glamourous

Emily Duncan (Em Dunc on YouTube) is a YouTuber whose content mainly includes step-by-step workout tutorials for working towards specific goals (such as toning certain muscles). In addition to her gym workout videos, she also films aspects of her daily routine that her health-conscious viewers may find interesting, as well as comparison videos and information on aspects of fitness such as fitness trackers.

Emily stands out as a fitness guru on YouTube thanks to her interest in make-up. This is evident in her videos on her make-up and skincare routines that many of her younger followers may identify with.

Heidi Somers, How to Get Buff

Heidi Somers, better known on Instagram as ‘buff bunny’, has a YouTube channel for sharing her fitness routines and diet tips. Her workout videos are characterised by their step-by-step nature which makes them easy to understand and follow. Workouts are broken down into sections according to the part of the body the exercises target, making them perfect for beginners who are just learning the ropes of toning up.

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