Biology is a favourite subject for students of all ages - think of a child intrigued by animal behaviour, an undergraduate engrossed in conducting laboratory tests, or an adult looking for a career change in the biomedical field. At any age, the study of living things is deeply fascinating, highly relevant, and rewarding.

With its proximity to marine ecosystems and network of schools and post secondary institutions, Surrey has many learning pathways students can take to study biology. From Bachelor of Science programs at Simon Fraser to continuing education courses at local colleges, Surrey is a surprising fantastic place to start your career in the sciences. Let’s take a closer look at all the learning options this city has to offer.

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Why Study the Life Sciences?

Study plant physiology in a biology program
Learn all about plant life in a Biology program. Source: Pexels

Studying biology means learning about the basic, simplest elements of life, analyzing the connections between living things and their environments, and the vast diversity of organisms. Biodiversity, neuroscience, immunology, conservation, and botany are all part of this discipline. Biology also covers socially relevant issues - everything from epidemiology to climate change to human behaviour - just to name a few.

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The breadth of biology as an area of study also makes it the basis of many careers. Biology courses and credits are typically required for programs in scientific research, laboratory testing, health and wellness, conservation, and more. If you are an adult student looking for a new profession, or a teenager choosing which subjects to take in grade 12 or first year university, it is important to know that a study of biology can make dozens of professional options available. You can find work in the biomedical and dental fields, biotechnology, botany, education, and more.

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start a career in biology research
Research is one career pathway you can take. Source: Unsplash

The Best Schools to Learn Biology in Surrey

If you love nature, Surrey is an excellent choice to study. Located in beautiful British Columbia, the city boasts a coastline with a unique marine ecosystem and is filled with parks and greenbelts. Surrey is also home to college and university campuses that offer degree and diploma programs in Biology and related topics. Let’s take a closer look at what Surrey has to offer.

Get your High School Biology Credit

While we don’t often envision ourselves going back to high school after we have left, you may find you need to return to get a prerequisite biology credit. Thankfully, adult students don’t have to go back to having a locker and eating lunch in the cafeteria: there are plenty of options for going to an adult school or completing courses online.

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If you’ve found that you need a high school biology credit to get into the program of your dreams, you’ll be pleased to know that Surrey has options for students looking for an upgrade. Surrey Schools Adult Education program offers in person and online high school completion programs, where you can finish your diploma or work toward raising your grade in a required credit.  

students learning in a biology class
Learn biology at the secondary or post-secondary level. Source: Unsplash

Start a Biology Major in University

Students with an interest in applying their biology knowledge in a career will find great options at one of Surrey’s university campuses. Taking biology in university has many advantages, as a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) is foundational to many practical applications of scientific knowledge in the world of work. Having a BSc can also lead to getting a Masters or Doctorate degree, or entry into dental or medical schools. Kwantlen Polytechnical University offers BSc degrees in Biology and Health Science, alongside related programs in nursing, agriculture, and ecosystems. Simon Fraser University also has a campus in Surrey where students can start a Bachelor of Science program and take courses with their department of Biological Sciences. 

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Enroll in an Open Course 

Because Surrey does not have the easiest access to the larger institutions of major cities, it may be worthwhile to consider open courses if you are looking to build your knowledge in biology but do not require a degree or diploma. Open university courses are offered by the most renowned schools in the world like Harvard, MIT, and even locally in BC from the University of British Columbia. These classes are cheap and self-paced, and enable students to experience learning at a top school without the pressures of applications or exams. For a reasonable fee, you can even get a certificate to verify completion.

Here are just some Biology based MOOCs you might find:

  • Principles of Biochemistry
  • Origins of the Human Mind
  • Human Anatomy
  • Case Studies in Functional Genomics
  • Tropical Coastal Ecosystems

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Find a Biology Tutor at Superprof

Having a private tutor to support your learning can make a difference no matter what level of study you are at. Tutors can tailor learning experiences according to the needs of the student, focus solely on areas of need, and share their expertise and resources in new ways. Sites like Superprof make it convenient and easy to find a teacher who specializes in the area you need. Whether you want a tutor for an upcoming biochemistry exam or an expert to explain concepts of microbiology, you will surely find someone who can teach you in a way that suits your learning style.

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A one-to-one tutorial session can supplement and enrich your regular classes in new ways. The right tutor can help you succeed when your program intensifies, and push you to perform at your best. With a tutor helping you learn, you will feel more confident for the next exam and secure in knowing a critical set of eyes has proofread your essays and reports. With so many ways to communicate online, you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

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