No need to become a world boxing champion or earn loads of money to put your boxing gloves on and get into the ring...

Your reasons for wanting to try the sport can be many, ranging all the way from wanting to know how to fight in our increasingly scary world to just needing to let off steam from work, wanting to be more slim, or just simply the curiosity to try something different, new and exciting.

"Mens sana in corpore sano" (a healthy mind lives in a healthy body) goes the saying. Popular wisdom usually has some experience to prove it correct, and we do think that punching into a punching bag could get you to a healthy body!

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Discover a New Way to Get a Full Body Workout with Fitness Boxing

Is boxing too violent and dangerous? Is fitness boring?

What about fitness boxing - put on your boxing shorts and sway to the rhythms of boxing with a high intensity workout without getting yourself into trouble!

As its name suggests, fitness boxing is a mix between two major sports disciplines: boxing (not specifically the English, French, or Thai kind, but boxing in general) and fitness. It mixes coordination, agility, technique and cardio to form a challenging and intense workout.

Sometimes it is called cardio boxing, air boxing, boxercise, or fit punch, although it may differ according to your region. Anyway, there are as many different types of fitness boxing as there are personal trainers!

You could become a better version of yourself through boxercise!
Cardio Boxing | Every French boxer knows that even the Savate form of boxing remains a high-impact sport | source:

With boxercise, there is no opponent or punching ball, instead the work out focuses on your flexibility and tempo while working out every single one of your muscles. You can also make friends with people in your boxing class who have similar interests to you.

It's more fun to practice a sport with other people than to sit on your elliptical bike on your own or row your way into boredom at the gym!

Here are some more great reasons why you should try boxercise, as pointed out by Fit Fluential, one of the best fitness websites on the web:

It provides variety for cardio

There are two kinds of people in the world. There are the people who love cardio, and the people who conveniently skip their cardio session each week. In both camps, more and more people are looking for other forms of cardio other than running because, well, running is the worst. I know, there are some people who find solace in their morning jog, but for those of us who simply can’t hang with the marathoners, boxing is an incredible way to get in a cardio session. Even for the runners, it’s a great way to mix things up and try something new!

It’s a combination of both cardio and resistance training

I’ve been talking about boxing primarily as a form of cardio, but it’s also an incredible resistance workout. The resistance of a heavy bag promotes muscle growth in the shoulder, back and chest. Each punch requires strength and precision, the same qualities needed in strength training with weights or other equipment. Of course, it’s a far cry from hitting the weight room, but it’s no secret that boxers have amazing upper body strength and power. Their physiques are chiseled and strong, with the repetitive movement or the sport creating a high volume workout for the upper body, core, hips and legs.

Fitness boxing is perfect if you are looking to feel good about yourself and looking to get the best from your body. It's a must if you are looking to stay in great physical condition and enjoy a fun and upbeat activity while doing so.

In some cases, there are some classes named "women's boxing," but there are almost always mixed classes, too.

You will also save money with boxercising as, much like jogging, there is very little boxing equipment involved. With fitness boxing, you will be warm - even in winter - in a beautiful gym...!

Find useful boxing lessons you can take in Canada here.

Your Fitness Boxing Routine in 10 Steps

Want to step into the big leagues once you've explored the world of boxing fitness?

Nothing easier, especially if you have the opportunity to sign up with an English boxing club (you can have a look online at which place might be best for you) or call on a private trainer for all your boxing desires!

Depending on both the instructor and the student's level, as well as the short or medium-term goals, a street boxer's training may vary.

Step into the ring after your boxercise training
Boxing equipment | In boxing school, you will probably need bear paws, shin guards, punch bags, mittens, MMA gloves, guards, and a tracksuit... | source:

That said, the same ten steps are always called on when learning to box:

  1. Warm up with a jog for at least 5 minutes to solicit your joints and muscles.
  2. Improve your punching techniques (with bare hands, hitting the air in front of you) to get ready for the class and review your techniques so that you do well in today's class.
  3. Increase your energy level by putting yourself in front of a punching ball and getting inspired.
  4. Protect your fists by wearing gloves (possibly with bandages) to hit a heavy bag during 3 fictional rounds.
  5. Build muscle with dumbbells and weight machines in the gym.
  6. Do some shadowboxing (see below) if you are alone or even sparring with a partner, in time with a fictional match.
  7. Run a bit (3 × 500 m for example). Interval training will help improve your endurance.
  8. Jumprope to demonstrate that you are ready for this (the sequence will make your heart work, and your progress will be quick.)
  9. Briefly confront an opponent  (but without wanting to hurt them.)
  10. Stretch for a while.

All these exercises must be done seriously. In case of fatigue, to avoid an injury, postpone your workout--it's much better to be careful than sorry you took it too far. Don't forget to look at your diet and nutrition too as this is a key part of getting stronger!

Learn more with these boxing lessons Toronto here.

How Can You Lose Weight with Fitness Boxing?

Nowadays there are reminders everywhere that one should absolutely exercise if one wants to live a healthy long life. Many magazines deal with this subject, and we hear about it on BBC Radio almost daily.

But here's the thing: jogging is a bore, hitting the gym to train is not as fun as it once seemed, and yoga is, well, just a drag... What's left when you are no longer old enough to join a football team with your school friends?

Boxing...boxing for fitness is still available to you!

People rarely think about it straightaway, but boxing is a really fun sport which combines many benefits. Not only does boxing allow you slim down and lose your belly quickly, but it's also a great way for you to blossom into a stronger, more confident you. A confident you who knows how to defend yourself when you need to.

In addition, there are many boxing styles: Thai boxing, French Boxing, Chinese boxing, kickboxing, Burmese boxing, the noble art, American boxing...something for everyone!

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Shadowboxing: A Remedy Against Obesity?

If wearing an amateur boxing helmet scares you because of the looming KO and the hooligans who could be hovering over your head, opt for a safer variant of the sport!

Here we are talking about shadowboxing, boxing with a shadow (or ghost) brief, an imaginary challenger.

Imagine your fight as you see fit (you could pretend to be an Olympic pro braving the Olympics for all we care)!

Fitness boxing is fun and allows you to lose a massive amount of calories, which will help to veer you away from obesity.

If you are overweight - that is, if you have a BMI over 25 - and don't like sports in general, then why not try boxing?

You will gain self-esteem and make a name for yourself in the fitness boxing ring!

An Example of an English Style Boxing Session

After some time as a fitness boxer, you may wish to go further - and enter a boxing competition, for example.

Boxing, or "the noble art," is most popular of all. You only fight with your fists, and these are rules that cannot be broken. No kicks here.

Jabs, hooks, and footwork may have become reflexes in your fitness boxing days, which is why you will have to train yourself specifically in English boxing before facing the ring.

During a typical English boxing practice session, you will go through seven steps, beginning with a warm-up and ending on a dire need to stretch your limbs.

Between the two, you will have done everything from smashed a pear with your fist to sparred with a real or imaginary companion.

Never lose sight of the fact that practice and regularity are your best companions if you are looking for lasting progress.

An Example of a Thai Boxing Session

Boxing is present in an infinite amount of films and books. It also occupies a more than respectable place on television. The same cannot be said of French boxing, or Savate boxing...

But that's without counting the Eastern competition. Indeed, and especially among the younger generations, Thai boxing has risen to be one of the most popular types of boxing. It is not so difficult to find a Thai boxing club.

Find out about boxing classes Vancouver here.

Battling out in the ring can be fun!
Boxing club | Competitors Battle Out Against Each Other | source:

This is an exotic sport, to be sure. Above all, it is akin to martial arts, but also contains a philosophical side.This makes it interesting. It incorporates the following: kicks, punches, knees, and elbows. All are allowed.

In order to excel in this sport, you must take your practice seriously.

Thai boxing training consists of a warm-up, reviewing the different moves (and sequences/combos) you have already learned, bodybuilding, conditioning (sparring, shadowboxing, or actual boxing depending on how much time you have available to boxing), stretching, and watching past fights to perfect your knowledge of the sport.

Cardio Boxing: Why Boxers Are High Level Athletes

Boxing is not for lazy people. Though it can be just a hobby to let off steam or a way to work out with friends, it is a sport in its own right.

It is therefore necessary to be in excellent physical condition if you are to head into the boxing ring. Young people are more likely to take it on, but a person of any age can try it.

It's good for those of you who want to work the heart through endurance and resistance efforts. In short, we sometimes call it cardio boxing!

If you aren't a fan of the gym, you may like to get your cardio exercise with boxing.

But cardio boxing is a downright boxing discipline, which strongly resembles boxing fitness. Indeed, it is about emphasizing your fitness and well-being. The notion of combat is not essential.

In terms of history, cardio boxing appeared in the 1990s in America. The cardio boxer hits the air or the bag in a synchronized manner by taking up specific kickboxing techniques. The choice of music is essential, and a coach will motivate you and keep you interested in the class!

Remember to maintain a healthy diet and always get a good night's sleep (go to bed early if you are looking to care for your body in the best way possible). Soon you could ready to enter the world of Mayweather, Mohamed Ali, Tyson Fury, and the other McGregor...

Pourquoi ne pas prendre un cours de Boxing ?

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