What is the language of Brazil? Although Spanish is considered as America's predominant language, Brazil’s mother tongue is Portuguese.

Portuguese is listed as one of the top ten of the spoken languages widely. With about millions of speakers over South America, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and Europe.

Thus, learning the Portuguese language is your pathway to a more convenient, and rewarding experience when travelling in any of those ten countries.

To assist you in reaching your language goals, Canada has prepared a progressive guide along with effective tricks and tips from Canada's language teachers themselves.

Language teachers in Canada and some of its cities such as Calgary, will not only assist students through advice but also offer professional tutoring assistance. Such as a one on one lesson conducted by Portuguese tutor native speakers around the world using a video chat that is user friendly.

You can find Portuguese tutors in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa by searching the internet, schedule your Portuguese online class right away and start to learn using your own devices.

Canada has various platforms online that are designed for your Portuguese language learning. The goal of Canada and some of its cities such as Edmonton is to connect with students and teach the language using the best possible method of teaching.

Canada and some Canadian cities such as Vancouver have developed a system that is unique wherein students can easily book lessons, find tutors, and book online classes.

Learning Portuguese

Choosing A Portuguese Language Tutor In Canada. Source: Unsplash

Portuguese is an easy language if you are an English speaker.

Since Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish belongs to the language of Romance. Well, if you are now ready to speak any of these languages, you can be able to learn its language pattern immediately because of their several language similarities.

However, fluency can be achieved by a language learner depending on their invested effort and time, persistence, and motivation.

Essential Qualification That Tutors Must Have 

Well, it all depends on the students learning style, if a student can learn faster with a professional tutor then they should find a professional language tutor for themselves to make a smooth learning process.

However, If a student is a type of learner who can learn just by making conversation with a teacher, then that student must find a fun, enthusiastic and friendly tutor in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Toronto so that the student can focus well on the lesson.

Upon looking for a tutor, you must always read their introduction to have an idea of what kind of personality they have and their way of teaching.

Everyone knows that finding a good tutor is the key element for a student's success or failure in learning a new language.

Having a bad tutor can lead to difficulties in learning, there's a chance that a student can’t completely understand the lesson being taught by the tutor. Unfortunately, students might lose their interest halfway.

On the contrary, a great tutor in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Montreal inspires students to learn more about the chosen language and lets students have the will to engage themselves through the learning process.

In the long run, you should be mindful of some essential information about the lesson and do better during tests and examinations.

Portuguese language tutors should always be available to help and encourage their students to learn about the fundamentals of the Portuguese language.

Above all, students and tutors must be able to communicate with each other using a common language.

Learning Portuguese takes a while, it will require more resources and effort to accomplish. If you have a particular length of time expected, then you will need more and more effort especially when the language seems too difficult for you.

You need to be open to your language tutor about the difficulty you are facing in your language learning journey so that everything flows smoothly. Your tutor can adjust and help you achieve your language goals.

Most importantly, when taking an online language course it is required to have a strong internet connection since it is the only way to make all things work with your online tutor. You must choose an online platform that enables you to pick your eon schedule.

Helping Your Language Tutor To Be Effective 

Helping Your Language Tutor To Be Effective. Source: Pexels

Is it possible for you to help your tutor to become successful in teaching you the Portuguese language?

First, you must be attentive always with your tutor, to what your tutor is teaching you, and all the instruction your tutor will give you.

Listening to your language tutor you can understand each lesson easily, just ensure to follow your class schedule.

You must also be willing to participate always in your tutor's given activities since it's all tailored to fit with your learning needs. If you want to practise throughout the day, when you don't have sessions, you have to do it frequently.

The most important is that you should be assured to apply and practise what you've learned. Language Tutors will provide you with tips on how you can practise all by yourself.

You need to help yourself too, you can practise when you have no class schedule so that your tutor will feel fulfillment watching you grow in your Portuguese language learning journey.

Advantages Of Hiring A Portuguese Tutor

Advantages Of Hiring A Portuguese Tutor. Source: Pexels

Before deciding on learning another language, you need to reflect on this question first, what is your purpose for learning? Is it because you want to have a promotion in your career? Is it for your relationship? Or Is it because of your future travel goals? There might be many reasons why you must learn Portuguese.

Your reason for learning affects your motivation level, and it will also help you see your language learning progress.

Studies have shown that learning a particular language helps in your cognitive processes, it helps you to have a sharp mind, improves memory, helps you to multitask, enhances concentration, improves comprehension and listening skills.

It will also help you to easily solve problems and create effective solutions. Hiring a tutor is an advantage since all lessons are customized according to your needs, they will guide you in your learning process, and provide positive outcomes.

You can also interact and ask them any questions, those Portuguese language terms, words, and phrases that might seem unclear to you. Tutors will also make an assessment and feedback on your language learning progress.

Just make sure you are mentally ready and prepared to learn the Portuguese language. There are times that you might struggle, but it will always be a challenging one, you must work hard and do your best.

The idea of studying another language, especially when you don’t have any idea or knowledge of the language you want to learn, and you're just learning it for the first time in your life because you want to have another accomplishment. You need to learn how to speak the language, memorize vocabulary words, understand phrases, and learn new grammar.

You have to be determined, motivated, and optimistic regardless of the obstacles that you may encounter in the long run, if you would just pursue and continue what you have started, you will achieve your Portuguese language fluency.

Canada's Portuguese Tutors 

Personalized Lessons 

Canada's Portuguese tutors provide personalized lessons that focus on the student's wishes and needs. Lessons are one on one and customized according to the student's language level. You can talk to your tutor sincerely and ask them all your concerns.

Verified Tutors

Every Portuguese language tutors in Canada have gone through a process of verification conducted by Canadian experienced staff. Those who are approved and verified can proceed to teach the language in Canada. Canada always focused on enlisting the best teachers and tutors worldwide.

Affordable Prices

Contrary to popular opinion, hiring a native speaker tutor is not as high cost as you've expected. Canada's Portuguese language tutors are at low cost and are tailor-made to everyone's needs of the language, and do not require any extra payments.

Booking Your Classes 

Upon finding a Portuguese language tutor, you can now view those available hours on the profile of the tutor. Each tutor should choose available hours during the process of their application and should keep an updated calendar regularly.

The calendar system makes the process of scheduling easier for both students and tutor since through the scheduling you can focus and relax on your Portuguese language lessons.

Booking Your Lessons

If you have already chosen your Portuguese language tutor, you can pick your time slot, mark your schedule, and wait for your language lesson to start. Canada will also provide a trial lesson for twenty-five minutes.

Learning Online

The great benefit of language learning online is that you can be connected with your Portuguese language tutor from all over the world. Both desktop and mobile phones are supported by Canada's online platforms.


Learning the Portuguese language doesn't need to be tedious and a slow process, though your hard work and effort are irreplaceable it is required. You can achieve your language goal if you follow the right steps with dedication, and with the help of Canada’s Portuguese language tutors.Experience Canada’s language tutors, where learning Portuguese means a change in your career, letting yourself get the advantage of online classes.

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