Not only is Canada currently number one in terms of quality of life, but the quality of education you can get in the country is top-notch. There  is no wonder why students and even professionals choose to study or even migrate to Canada. 

A lot of people want to study in Canada. Even professionals from all over the world come to Canada to further hone and enhance their skills in specific fields. One of the most in demand skills is business english fluency

The big question though what is business English and what makes it different? 

Yes, you can have a great grasp of the English language and become fluent and fluid in using it, but conversing in an informal and casual setting is entirely different when you’re in the business world. A lot of vocabulary, idioms, and jargon are different from that of a normal setting. This is what people from all over the world come to Canada to hone their skills in Business English, not only non-native speakers.

But how do you choose the best Business English courses in Canada?

The Best Business English Courses Near Me

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You can improve your Business English skills by getting additional certifications from top schools in Canada. Here are some:  

Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology: Graduate Certificate in Communications - Professional Writing 

Based in Toronto, the Communications Professional Writing program will prepare you to work as a versatile communications professional. The graduate certificate program will combine assessing audience needs and delivering thoughtful and relevant content with effective project management techniques as you develop the skills to write and produce copy for a variety of professional settings and styles. 

You will have the advantage of being able to create a diverse and professional portfolio that will include training modules, complex visual aids, and compelling layouts for various print and virtual platforms. With the well-rounded training that you’ll gain from this course, your writing career will catapult and be able to take on a wide range of roles on either a profit or non-profit organization.

Georgian College: Ontario College Graduate Certificate in communications and Professional Writing

You will focus on enhancing, honing, and professionalizing your communication skills through intensive and practical writing and the application of relevant theoretical content. You will plan, create, edit, and deliver messages for a range of audiences, purposes, and mediums. You will gain professional and entrepreneurial skills for industry and self-employment. 

You will have a wide range of employment opportunities. These include writing for social media and web-based environments, engineering business, and social services, as well as within the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Students who will graduate may also pursue self-employed entrepreneurs. 

Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning: Ontario Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing and Communications

Humber’s Professional Writing and Communications graduate certificate programs supports you as you learn and practice the craft while building a professional portfolio. A unique program that will provide you with the core transferable skills that you need to build a successful career in a variety of communications roles. 

You’ll have a chance to build foundational skills such as storytelling, drafting, editing, pitching, interviewing and research, you will also be able to build proficiency in areas such as media writing, social media management, project management and design. You will also learn how to think strategically in preparation for taking on leadership positions within communications departments or even starting your own freelance writing business.

Alonquin College: Graduate Certificate in Technical Writer

Technical Writer Ontario College Graduate Certificate program will provide you with the skills and training if you want a great career in technical communication. It’s going to be a one-year course that will help equip you with the skills to create different kinds of online and print documents such as instruction sets, training materials, user manuals, white papers, proposals, online help, instructional videos and podcasts. 

There are also short courses that people can take anytime, anywhere: 

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English for Work (EC Language Centres)

With locations in Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. If you want to develop fluency, accuracy, and communication skills you need to work confidently in the English-speaking business world, this is the place.

They offer General English and Business English. Their Business English course will surely help you develop your skills, helping you build an international career. By the end of your course at EC, You will have improved your English fluency and will have the language, knowledge, and skills to confidently deal with a variety of business issues.

Course: Business English (Language Across Borders, Vancouver)

With the curriculum thoroughly designed to improve technical grammar, business vocabulary, and give you the English skills needed to communicate with teams and business partners at work and speak English with confidence in a professional environment.

During the course, you’ll be learning and enhancing your skills in creating cover letters and resumes, skills in communications and meetings, company structure and organizational field trips, and many more. 

Business Year (EC Language Centres)

Another course from EC Language Centres that would surely help you improve your specific sets of skills. The course will teach you language skills and culture that will help you succeed in the English-speaking business world. 

Once enroll in the Business Year Course, you will: 

  • Take a placement test to check your current English level.
  • Join a class with other business-focused students of the same level.
  • Meet a personal mentor, your teachers, and your Business Year coordinator.
  • Also receive your personal Portfolio, which is a unique study tool taylored for your individual needs, goals, and motivation for learning Business English.
  • Start an interesting and challenging English language course designed to improve your General English level and allow you to communicate fluently and effectively in a variety of corporate situations.
  • Be provided with support, monitoring, and feedback you need to succeed as you progress towards fluency.
  • Receive continual personal assessment through class tutorials, homework, and regular tests
  • Have confidence that you learning is improving, you are reaching your goals, and your new skills are opening a ot of doors for you 

These are the many benefits of taking the Business Year course in the EC Language Centres.

English for Business plus 10 one-to-one lessons (Language Studies International (LSI): Toronto)

The course comprises a special, flexible, 12-module course designed to rapidly improve your business communication skills. Offering a wide variety of topics that will hit your desired specialization. In each module through a combination of written exercise, presentations, dialogues, and role-play in realistic business situations, you will have lots of opportunities to practice and improve your skills in business vocabulary and “buzz” words or business jargons, email, memo and letter writing, negotiating, interviewing, and telephoning in English. 

Mini Group (Language Studies International (LSI): Toronto)

This course combines general grammar and skills development with an in-depth focus on the language of business. 

You will be having small, intensive groups that will provide the ideal opportunity to practice negotiation, presentation, and meeting skills in a realistic situation. Intercultural awareness is important in global business and communication. The international mix of the courses and experiences of the teachers will provide the perfect forum to gain the valuable knowledge. General grammar and skills development with an in-depth focus on the language of business. The focus on negotiations, presentations, and meetings will be relevant to students in business and non-business situations. 

You can also learn at the comfort of your home. Yes, Online Business English Courses are also available. Here are some: 

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Udemy (Business English Courses for ESL Students)

What better way to learn Business English than in the comfort of your own home. In this course you’ll be able to understand and use hundreds of common English words used in business. Also, you’ll hone your skills in speaking in English during meetings, phone calls, presentation, letters, and other situations at work. 

Their lessons contain videos, autios, and texts, combined with lots of exercise activities that will help you review and practice your Business English.

Online Business English (West London English School)

The classes are for everyone that wants to improve their knowledge in business skill as well as gain confidence in workplace situations. You’ll improve and hone your skills in giving presentations, negotiation and attending meetings. 

With a maximum number of 6 students per class, the teacher designs a lesson specifically around the precise needs of the group. So the learning would be more focused rather than a classroom setup.

There are lots of Business English Courses, be it the traditional classroom type. Surely, it would eat up more of your time but you will be confident that you’re going to receive the best training, and education for your desired outcome. There are also Business English courses for short-term classes that are perfect for those who are busy and can only squeeze in a minute number of hours per week. And lastly, online classes are now widely available. So you can now take your courses with just the click of your mouse.

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