Economics can be a complicated subject to learn and understand. Similar to math, economics concepts can be abstract. While the consequences of economics permeate through day to day life, it can be difficult for students of any grade level to relate them to their daily experiences. Moreover, economics builds on itself. More often than not, topics within the subject are interrelated. If a student fails to understand the fundamentals, it would be very challenging for him or her to catch up. 


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Nevertheless, while complex, economics is a rewarding subject to dive into. Not only is it interesting, but enjoying economics can be the foundation to lucrative job prospects. 

If your child is struggling with their economics subject, there is no need to lose hope. Hiring an economics tutor to supplement the lessons he or she gets from school is a great way to support their journey to an understanding of economics. Private economics classes in Canada not only can improve their academic standing, but it can also spur a lifelong interest that can shape the rest of their level. 

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Misconceptions about Hiring a Private Economics Tutor

Unfortunately, despite the benefits that a student can get from a private tutor, a lot of misconceptions still prevail. Below are just a few to be wary of: 

Tutors Aren’t Skilled Enough to Teach in a Classroom Setting

One pervasive misconception about tutors is the notion that they do not have the necessary training to teach students. Most people assume that these individuals failed to be tutors and that is why they had to settle with being a private tutor instead. 

This cannot be farther from the truth. 

Most tutors are experts in their field. In fact, some of them are practicing economics as an economist, analyst, or forecaster. Consequently, there are teachers who provide tutoring services as well. They, on the otherhand, have the know-how as to how to teach your child in order for them to learn the subject well. 

Tutors Are Exclusively for Slow Students

Across the country, there is one teacher per twenty students.Unforuntately, Even the best, most diligent teacher, won’t be able to give a specific student their entire focus. After all, there is a whole class that needs tending to. 

With that said, tere is no denying how much a student can benefit from private tutoring - no matter his or her current academic standing is. 

For students who are finding it difficult to catch up, private tutoring allows them the space to improve their skills and ready themselves for lessons in the classroom. For children who are already doing well, hiring a tutor can give them the competitive edge. It can also spur a love for the topic which can pave their future. 

Tutors Are Reserved for College Admission Prep

Similar to the idea that tutors are reserved for struggling students, quite a few parents believe that extra help is only needed during college prep season. While students can reap the benefits of attending college prep courses, giving them the help that they need early on builds a strong educational foundation. 

Private tutoring can boost a child’s confidence. It also builds a student’s work ethic as well as their appreciation for learning. These are the things that need to be nurtured. They can’t possibly build this positive attitudes within a four week period. 

Hiring Tutors Essentially Equates to Buying Good Grades

Most parents want the best for their kids. Often, they would provide them the necessary support in order to see them succeed. Truth be told, there is nothing wrong with that. It is almost instinctual for parents to look out for their offspring. 

With that said, private tutoring is extra support, it does’t guarantee good grades. The student still needs to work hard, harder in fact, to understand the lessons and translate what he learned with his or her private teacher onto the classroom. 

Tutors Are Expensive

Without a doubt, the cost of private tutorials is probably the biggest misconception that deters parents from giving the extra help their kids need. While it is true that tutoring is an expense, there are various more affordable options that is available across Canada. 

Moreover, when it comes to private tutoring, the cost doesn’t necessarily reflect the kind of service that you would get. Affordable options aren’t a waste of money. 

The Value and Cost of a Tutor

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One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding opting for the help of a private tutor is that it is expensive and is reserved only for the rich. While this might be true in the olden days, there are plenty of economics tutoring options in Canada that would suit any budget. 

If you are interested in additional help for you kid, below are the more budget-friendly options that you can choose from:

In-School Remedial Classes

Designed specifically for kids that need help, there are some schools in the country that offer remedial classes for their students that require extra attention. Most institutions offer this service for free. Likewise, often this is a peer-to-peer activity that allows students to help other students with their lessons. 

Before opting to hire a private tutor, it is best to ask your school if there is remedial class program within the institution. Doing so would not only allow your household to save money, but these lessons are crafted by the student’s teachers themselves. 

Group Tutoring Sessions

Another affordable tutoring option that you can look into for your kid are group tutoring sessions. There are a few review centers that offer this service, and while it isn’t necessarily private or one-on-one, the smaller class size would allow your child to receive more attention and support than in the classroom. 

If you can rally up a few parents to join you, all the better. This way your kid is in the presence of other children they are already comfortable with. At the end of the day, it is easier to learn when you are at ease. 

Online Private Tutoring

Opting for online private tutoring is not only more affordable but it also the most convenient option. With online tutoring, you no longer have to spend on the commute nor do you have to take the time our of your busy day in order to take your child to his or her economics session. With online tutoring  not only do you save on money but you save on other resources like time and effort as well. 

Red Flags You Should Watch Out For

Tutor Red Flags in Canada. Source: Pexels

Cost doesn’t necessarily dictate the ability of a tutor to provide what your child needs. Nevertheless, not all tutors are created equal. To ensure that you choose the right one for your child, below are the red flags that you should be wary of:

They are Always Late

Being on prompt and on time is a sign of respect. It means that a person knows and values the time you have allotted for a session and acts accordingly. 

While you can be gracious with a tardiness or two, habitual tardiness isn’t something that you should tolerate. If your tutor is consistently late, it means that he or she doesn’t take his job seriously. It could be an indication of how good of a tutor he or she truly is. 

They Lack Credentials

One of the first few things that you should ask for from a tutor is their credentials. You want to be able to provide your child with the support that they need from a reputable source. 

When it comes to economics, not only should you be looking for a background on the subject, but you should ask if the tutor has experience teaching as well. While their credentials shouldn’t be the only thing you should be looking into, it is important to remember that while a person is good in his or her field that doesn’t mean they are good teachers. 

Your Child is Afraid to Go to their Tutoring Classes

Tutoring lessons are a safe space for a student to make mistakes and grow at their own pace. Children might not be enthusiastic about their lessons - since it takes time away from other leisure activities, but the thought of going to their extra classes shouldn’t fill the with dread. 

There are times that no amount of vetting would lead you to the right decision. I tis still very much important to listen to your child. 

Your Child’s Academic Performance Hasn’t Improved

Maybe the biggest red flag of them all is not seeing a change on your child’s academic performance. Tutoring is designed to help a kid improve their academic standing. While there is a bit of a learning curve even for tutors, it shouldn’t take months to see grades and performance improve. 

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At Superprof, we believe that finding the right tutor for your child shouldn’t be difficult. As such, we have done the groundwork for you. Our roster of economics tutors is equipped to provide your child exactly what he or she needs. Check out our website today to learn more about how we do it at Superprof. 

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