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Getting a college degree or a certification always comes with certain costs—may it be monetary or intangible costs. 

For some, this can be quite a burden especially that higher education tends to be more costly than the primary and secondary ones. But if there’s one thing about spending for education, it will always be a good investment. 

Sure, you shell out tons of cash in the first 20 years of your life without guaranteed returns. But if you hustle and study hard, you’ll undoubtedly see that ROI in no time. 

The only thing that remains is whether or not you can afford to invest in yourself and your education. 

To answer that question, you need to know the options of studying geography in Canada—specifically geography. This is one of the courses that have guaranteed career paths after graduation, so it’s definitely a program worth investing in. 

Want to find out the real costs of pursuing higher education? Read on to find out tuition fees, online courses fees, and tutoring fees. 



Fees and Expenses College Students Have

Right now, you’re reading because perhaps you’re a parent looking into funding your child’s tuition or you’re probably a student interested in studying geography in Canada. Either way, brace yourself for the upcoming wave of information and perhaps get your calculator ready.

Before we give you the necessary information, let’s first establish the different expenses that could possibly come with this learning option. For the record, these expenses aren’t just applicable for geography alone, it’s more like a skeleton for every other course out there.

But we’ll dive into geography program specifics because that’s what you plan to pursue, right? We’ll ask again later. 

First we have the tuition fee. As you probably know, not all schools offer the same range of tuition fees; some can be affordable while some might need a little more saving up here and there. 

If you’re an international student, there are additional fees and expenses for that—depending on the school. International students should expect to pay more than the local students. 

This is solely because these students do not pay Canadian taxes that support universities and institutions. With that being said, the fees depend on which region and school you’re studying in. 

Another potential expense is the housing costs. If you’re going to study within the same town or city, you’ll potentially save up more if you don’t move out. But that’s quite rare these days, so housing costs should definitely be considered. 

School requirements are another expense to watch out for. Different courses and programs require different expenses, and since geography tends to have more field work, expect to shell out costs for field trips and researches—if they’re not going to be covered by the institution.

And last but not the last, basic needs and necessities. A laptop, notebooks, pen, papers, food, etc. These are just some of the things that students will need in the course of their college life. They might seem small but they accumulate into a large sum each month or year. 

Now that we’ve gotten the summary of expenses out of the way, let’s dive into specifics. 

Expenses of a College Student in Canada. Source: Pixabay

Costs of Studying in Different Regions in Canada

As a one of the most important and relevant courses in the world, geography is quite a common course offered in different world-class institutions all over the country.

In this section, we’ll mostly focus on the costs and expenses a student will have if he or she chooses to study in certain regions. Since there are a couple of regions in Canada, we’ll focus on locations where the top-ranking schools are located.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The first city would be Vancouver, as it houses the University of British Columbia (UBC) that has ranked top 7 in the recent university rankings of QS World. 

This city is consistently in the top cities to live in because it has such a great quality of life and it’s also very secure. For students who want to study in UBC, the domestic tuition would cost you around $5,600 CAD per year. For international students, it’s around $38,900 CAD per year

As for cost of living, Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in the country, where the standard cost of living can reach as high as $2000 CAD per month. 

So for students who plan to study here, prepare between $1500- $2000 CAD per month. This is already inclusive of the housing costs, basic needs and necessities, as well as other personal expenses for leisure and emergencies. 

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is where both University of Toronto and McGill University are located, each ranking top 11 and 28, respectively.

The tuition fees for Toronto are between $2,600 CAD to $6,100 CAD annually, depending on what university. Sometimes, it also depends on whether you’re a resident of the city or not. 

McGill University charges differently for residents and non-residents, with residents paying significantly lower. International students can expect to pay between $21,500 CAD to $64,800 CAD per year. 

Cost of living is significantly higher than Vancouver, between $3,500 CAD to $5,700 CAD, making it one of the most expensive cities to live in Canada

Edmonton, Alberta

This city is the home of the University of Alberta, ranking within the top 150 schools in the world. 

Tuition fees for Canadians would be around $5,600 CAD per year. For international students, it would be between $9,750 CAD to $45,208 CAD per year. As for cost of living, this city seems to cost less with just aout $1,255 CAD to $1,505 CAD per month. 

Online Courses Fees

For those who simply want to study in a Canadian university without the hassle of moving to the country or leaving the comforts of their own homes, distance learning can be just the method for you!

There are several universities in the country accredited for distance learning. The price range differs, depending on the school but these are generally lower than the standard tuition fees and expenses you get if you study traditionally

Some of the university who are known for their low fees and have geography programs are listed below:

Thompson Rivers University

Known for having lower tuition fees, Thompson Rivers University charges about $1000 CAD per course. If you compare this price range to other credible universities, it does prove to be much, much lower. 

Athabasca University

Athabasca University also has geography programs that you can opt to take online. Although the price of an online course depends on the number of units you choose to take, it generally costs $1,600 for a 3-credit course.  

Queen’s University Canada

Another notable university is Queen’s University Canada. However, the price also differs between Canadians and international students. For international students, the cost of online courses would be about $4,600 per 3-credit course.

However, it’s much cheaper for Canadians with only about $600 for the same course. 

Online Credit Courses in Canada. Source: Stockvault

Private Tutoring Costs 

Tutoring can either be your main method for learning or it could just be a supplementary one. Either way, tutoring can be quite expensive considering that these professionals have years and years of experience on top of their knowledge and expertise. 

Just think about the different branches of geography you need to master in order to graduate from this program. While it’s not extremely difficult, it pays to have extra help when studying. 

In Canada, the average cost of private tutoring is about $24.39 CAD per hour, and for geography, the standard rate is about $19 CAD per hour. If you plan on employing a tutor or looking for a job for at least 10 hours a month, you stand to spend between $190 CAD to $240 CAD per month

But there’s another alternative that you might want to look into if you’re looking for more options—it’s Superprof. 

Here, you’ll get a wide range of rates per hour. But that’s not all! With these rates, you get to see what these private tutors have to offer. Whether you’re looking to focus on just one topic or the entire program in general, you can find it all here.

Plus, you can check out the reviews made by former students if you want to know more about their strategies and teaching methods. 

What are you waiting for? Find a tutor today. 


It’s a given that education is costly but that shouldn’t deter people from pursuing it. There are lots of good-hearted people out there giving out scholarships to deserving ones and there are also various methods to learn.

The reasons to study geography definitely outweigh the costs. Weight out your options and see where you can best learn according to your capabilities. Whether it’s the traditional university lectures, or the virtual courses, or perhaps the tutoring sessions, set your priorities straight and start your journey today!

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