Truth be told, physics courses can be a difficult for most students. The topic requires a high level of problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, and a great degree of mathematics. While these skills are invaluable even outside of school, not all learners have developed the necessary traits in order to be successful at learning physics.

Without a doubt, Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. However, despite its caliber, a class size on average is still twenty students to one teacher. Even the best educators would find it difficult to give attention to each and every learner. This truth is quite unfortunate because most “slow” students require extra help. Thankfully, there are ways to improve a student’s academic performance outside of the classroom.

There are plenty of benefits to hiring a private tutor for your child. For one, taking lessons outside of school helps them catch-up on physics topics that they have struggled to understand. Moreover, these sessions offer young learners tips and tricks they wouldn’t otherwise be privy in the classroom.

Despite the benefits, most parents are still apprehensive about hiring a private tutor for their kids. Misconceptions about tutoring prevail and above all concerns is the cost. There are parents who believe that private tutoring is a service that is not within their reach. This, of course, cannot be further from the truth. There are affordable means of tutoring available for your child.

Affordable Physics Tutoring Options

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Especially during these trying times, it can be difficult to justify spending hundreds of dollars on private tutoring for your child. Choosing expensive options can wreak havoc on your budget. However, just because it is tight doesn’t mean that your child’s physics grades should suffer. Below are affordable tutoring options that you can opt for:

After School Peer Remedial

Depending on your location, there are schools that offer free after-school peer remedial options for difficult subjects. More often than not, these programs employ the help of well-performing students to assist their peers on various subjects including physics. These sessions are supervised by teachers from the school.

This is a good option especially if you don’t have ANY room in your budget for tutoring. It is free and since it is arranged by your child’s school, you know that they are getting the right help that they need.

Group Tutoring Lessons

Unfortunately, not all districts have after-school peer tutoring programs. However, you can still choose to hire a private tutor for your child without breaking the bank.

Physics, again, is a difficult subject. There is a high chance that your child’s peers are also struggling with their grades. If you are in contact with the parents of your child’s classmates, it might be a good idea to arrange group tutoring lessons for the kids that need it the most. This way you get the expert help of a private tutor but without having to foot the entire bill on your own.

Online Physics Tutoring

Some households can afford the cost of a private tutor but not the other resources that come along with private tutoring. Often the problem lies in not having time to commute to and from lessons.

Thankfully, in this day and age, you don’t have to take time out of your already busy day to take your child to their tutoring sessions. There are online options for you to choose from. More often than not, online lessons are less expensive than having to meet a teacher face to face. Not only do you save time on the commute, but you can also save money from the overall costs.

Is Tutoring Even Worth it?

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The help of the right tutor is invaluable for your child’s development. More than their grades, these sessions can help improve their problem-solving skills, their confidence, and their overall disposition towards learning.

With that said, not all tutors are created equal. There are several factors that determine whether or not tutoring is the best choice for your child.

Your Child is Falling Behind

Without a doubt, tutoring is ideal for children who are struggling to keep up with their lessons. The extra time and attention that they would get from a private tutor are often enough to improve their academic performance. These one-on-one sessions can provide them a safe space to ask questions, make mistakes, and eventually improve without the pressure of being in a class.

The knowledge and skills that they get from their physics lessons can be applied to most of their other subjects. Choosing a private tutor can make school fun for any child.

Your Child Hasn’t Formed Good Study Habits

Truth be told, very few students are actually “slow.” Most of them simply do not know how to study physics in such a way that is conducive to their specific learning style. There are kids who are visual - they absorb more information when they are exposed to pictures and videos. Likewise, there are children who enjoy studying and using their hands in the process. Unfortunately, the classroom setting doesn’t afford kids the time to explore and develop good study habits that are specific to them.

A good tutor is able to adjust lessons in order to accommodate a child’s unique needs. They are able to provide tips that would make learning in the classroom less daunting.

Your Child Dreads School

School should be fun. Otherwise, your child wouldn’t develop a good relationship with learning new things and understanding new concepts. In as much as the teachers in Canada are capable and qualified, there are a few that plant seeds of dread onto the hearts of kids.

Not being able to answer in class shouldn’t be an embarrassing situation for a student. It should be a learning experience. Again, a good tutor provides a safe sanctuary for a kid to ask questions and make mistakes without the risk of getting shames for their “studpid” questions.

Your Child Lacks Confidence

As discussed earlier, the classroom isn’t necessarily the kindest of environments to learn in. While for the most part, teachers in Canada know how to treat their students with respect, the dread of going to class can sometimes be attributed to having to make mistakes in front of twenty other students.

Private tutoring lessons allow your child to understand lessons in their own pace. When they armed with the knowledge that they understand concepts, they are most likely to answer confidently in class.

Your Child Enjoys Physics and is Advanced 

A common misconception when it comes to tutoring is the idea that it is reserved for kids who are struggling. While it is true that tutoring can improve a kid’s academic performance, students who show appreciation for subjects as difficult as physics should receive more lessons regarding the subject. This way you plant the seeds of interest in their heats.

Who knows? A couple of private tutoring lessons in physics can push your kids towards a career in the field!

Things to Consider Before Your Child in Physics Tutoring 

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As with any expenditure, it is best to take a pause and truly assess your situation before opting to work with a private tutor for your child. After all, you want to allocate funds to worthy causes. Your child’s future is well worth the investment - but it is important to assess if tutoring best fits his or her needs:

Free Options 

For the most part, private tutoring lessons are more affordable than most parents think. However, if there are free options in your area, it wouldn’t hurt to check them out. Again, you can check your child’s school for after-school programs. Likewise, if you have the time to tutor your kid after their classes - then all the better.


Most kids would prefer to play with their peers after school. Very few children would probably choose tutorials after a long day answering seatwork and sitting through lessons. This is why you should consider the logistics of the private tutor you are vetting before signing onto the program. Making the process convenient and pain-free for your child would produce better results.

Your Goals

When it comes to private tutoring, it is best to identify your goals before vetting tutors in your area. This way you can tell the professionals that you are choosing from exactly what you need from them. They would be able to pivot their lessons based on your expectations.

Word of the wise, however, tutoring works but it takes time for your kid to top a class.

Your Child’s Needs

Every child is different. They learn differently, they absorb information in different ways, and it can be difficult to anticipate how they would respond to extra lessons. The approach of your tutor would depend on the needs of your child. A good tutor would be able to identify the reason why your child is finding it difficult to perform well in class.

At the end of the day, as a parent, we understand that your number one priority is your children. Online tutoring can not only provide them with a great future but the right tutor would be able to equip them with transferable skills they can use well beyond their school years.

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