As a want-to-be violinist, you should know that your violin lessons are central to the skills that you will be able to develop as a musician. No matter which course of study you take whether it is online music lessons, private violin practice with a qualified violin teacher or self-study. The traditional violin method or the Suzuki method. Your violin needs specialised knowledge, a lot of attention and special care if you hope to succeed as a violinist.

There is no shortage of things to learn, and once you have mastered the foundation, your knowledge will move on to the intermediate and advanced learning. Once you decide how far you want to go the sky will be the limit on what you can achieve if you are dedicated to studying violin.

But what is the cost of your dedication? Violin playing is well known to be an expensive hobby so how can you maximise your time learning the violin while minimising the cost?

Maximise your time learning the violin
Violin playing is well known to be an expensive hobby. Photo Source: Unsplash

How to Start the Violin: What You Need to Know

Playing the violin takes dedication, discipline, patience and motivation, for no other reason than that it can take years to master this instrument. But despite the investment, you make in money, time and practice the violin itself comes with some fantastic benefits.

Equipment You Need To Start

When getting started you will need to buy a violin, there is no way to study without it and no way to get around the initial cost. Investing in a good violin is essential as this is the tool that you will use to hone your skills. If the violin is of poor quality or faulty it will make learning all the more challenging if not impossible.

The good news is that you don’t need to go out and buy the most expensive Violin. The violin that you buy should suit your current level, e.g. beginner violin for a beginner. This is great because beginner violins come with beginner prices. A typical violin for a beginner could come from the Stentor instrument line for example, and the prices ranges from £250 upwards.

But don’t forget not all violins come with everything you need to get started, there are some accessories that you will need to purchase in addition to the violin especially if they are not included. To protect your violin, you will need some accessories, necessary if you hope to avoid damaging your violin and playing it well.

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Violinist Equipment List:

  • You will need to buy a violin that is the right size and suitable for your level. Beginners and professionals will likely use different violins.
  • A violin bow.
  • Additional violin strings.
  • A protective violin case.
  • Violin rosin, a type of resin which you add to your strings to increase the friction and the vibration when playing the violin.
  • Optional:
    • Music stand for your to help you to read your sheet music
    • Metronome for timing
You naturally begin to have better posture
Better posture is key to being able to hold the violin correctly. Photo Source: Unsplash

Benefits Of Playing The Violin

  1. Playing the violin can help relieve stress insomnia and depression.
  2. Learning how to read music while playing the violin can result in Improved motor skills such as hand-eye coordination etc.
  3. Learning the violin can result in a refined hearing, listening precisely for the right note and working to hit it now has a new prize.
  4. Mastering the violin over time can lead to having better rhythm.
  5. Even as a beginner violin student you can begin to see that you have more of an appreciation for using your listening skills.
  6. Better posture is key to being able to hold the violin correctly and thus play it correctly. When you are practising and when you are not, you will find that you naturally begin to have better posture.
  7. Whether you are in your violin classes or playing in an orchestra, you will need to have incredible levels of concentration.
  8. Because it can take such a long time to see results with the violin when you finally break through and start to get results it can be such a celebration. Naturally, your self-esteem and confidence rise with each success.

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Best Way To Self-Study – Cost: Free

Everyone loves the word free. There is nothing better than hearing the word free, especially when it comes to having an expensive hobby. The violin is an inspiring instrument and perfect for the disciplined musician. But to learn how to play it, to an accomplished level can cost a lot.

Although self-study isn’t the best way to become a professional violinist. It is a great way to further your practice and overcome any challenges. Self-study despite being a way of studying in its own right, is also a necessary accompaniment to private lessons.

If you choose to self-study, you will have access to a wide range of free resources. Including books, apps, sheet music resources, music tutorials, free online lessons and violin communities. With personal practice, you have the opportunity to fast track your learning, raise your confidence in the instrument and drastically improve your fluency in playing the violin.

In the past, it was difficult for violinists to find encouragement and support, but now with the internet, all you have to do is turn on the PC, and you have a plethora of information at your fingers tips.

Pros Of Self-Study

  • It is free, need I say more
  • There are millions of free, high-quality resources to help you online
  • It is entirely possible to learn how to play the violin just by using self-study

Cons Of Self-Study

Learning how to play the violin is a very hands-on string instrument. Achieving the correct posture and placement when practising is paramount to improving as a violinist. Self-study limits your access to someone who can correct you.

Stay motivated in your violin lessons
You must be passionate about the violin. Photo Source: Unsplash

Some Great Free / Partly Free Resources For Playing The Violin

  • The violinist is a free website that has everything that a violinist could need and more all neatly organised into 1 place. Learn to play the violin and join the growing community of like-minded The discussion board is a great place to meet other violinists and post questions or discuss topics on music. The site is a fantastic resource for beginners, intermediate musicians and professional violinists. If you are lucky, you might also be able to get free invites to concerts, recitals and fun workshops. Anyone passionate about the violin will love this website.
  • The Violin Lab is an excellent resource for finding tutorials on how to become a better violinist. They have more than 100 videos guiding you from beginner level to advanced. Their video is informative and very focused on supporting you to play the violin with confidence and passion. They inspire you with technique and even have the Suzuki violin method books available which are a popular method of teaching invented by Shinichi Suzuki. They also have a community forum where you upload your videos and get constructive criticism and support with you playing.

Private Tutoring – Cost: Moderate To Expensive

Private violin tutoring is the traditional way that professional musicians have learned to play the violin and other instruments. The main benefits of getting private violin tuition are that having a teacher work with you one to one. Can ensure that you are making the most of all of your practices.

Private teachers will focus on eliminating bad habits, on improving posture and intonation while playing. This is the unique form of tutoring that gives such a hands-on approach.

  • Cost To Learn The Violin Privately

Private violin lessons can be a bit pricey, but they are well worth it for the quality and improvement in your proficiency that you will notice after a short time. A benefit of private violin lessons is that the teacher can be supportive of your abilities and personalise all training based on your music level. Studying privately is how many classically trained violinist learnt to play the violin. Private lessons are suitable for all ages and are great to help you with learning music from beginner to professional level.  Private violin lessons cost from £35 per hour for a regular private tutor and much more than that for highly skilled violinist teachers.

  • Cost Of A Group Violin Tutor

Group violin lessons can be very motivating and useful to increase confidence, they are an excellent opportunity to play with other talented violinists and musicians. Group lessons are much cheaper than privately taught violin classes so it can be tempting to book more of them. But while it can be supportive to work with others, you will not get the attention you require to improve drastically in group sessions. Group sessions are primarily an opportunity to meet with other musicians and learn to play with other people. Reading your violin sheet music in time with the others will also be great practice in rhythm and timing. Group violin lessons cost from £80 per month

  • Cost Of Online Violin Music Lessons

Online violin lessons are an excellent way to learn you can pick a teacher from anywhere in the world and join them using online conferencing software such as Skype. Online lessons tend to be cheaper than private violin lessons and slightly more expensive than group lessons. Online classes have the benefit of giving you access to the world. Online violin lessons cost from £20 per lesson.

Practice, practice, practice will be words that you become used to if you are passionate about the violin. However you choose to learn, privately one to one, online or by yourself, you will need to be dedicated and determined to succeed. If you can stay motivated in your violin lessons, eventually you will reap incredible rewards.

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