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When you are thinking about completing a creative writing degree in Canada, but later on you think of what are the career opportunities available for you as soon as you graduate in the field. 

When you feel like hesitation is one of the stumbling blocks of your dreams, since you are thinking about your future but can’t decide if a degree in creative writing is the perfect fit for you, and It’s a little bit frustrating. You keep on worrying about your future, but your mind and heart just want to make the most out of a creative writing degree while dreaming to be a professional writer someday. 

But it's okay, you should at least think about future possibilities, such as what jobs and career you can land upon finishing your creative writing program in Canada?

Unfortunately, not all of the students in a creative writing program can make it to a book contract or publishing a book, since not everyone wants to pursue becoming a creative writer upon completion of their creative writing course. Since some may simply not have the talent or courage to struggle for their jobs in a publishing business, sad as it might seem.

There are a lot of them who are lucky out there. From a lecturer to a librarian to a publisher – or something totally new – there's a range of resources out there for you and your artistic spirit.

So, as much as it scares you to hear so, you may consider listening to your instinct for a while. Since taking a degree course in a university is never that easy. 

Skills You Can Acquire In a Creative Writing Degree

Skills You Can Acquire in a Creative Writing Degree. Source: Unsplash

Creative Writing is not just about writing novels, stories, and poems. It’s a study of charismatic and effective writing that connects the distance between the reader and the author. 

Whether you’re composing a summary for the company's first smartphone product or you're designing marketing materials for prospective clients, being able to express your thoughts and opinions through different platforms can make you a suitable job-seeker in almost every field.

Here are the skills you will acquire when taking a degree in creative writing :


The essence of Creative Writing is its narrative strategy. If it's a customer testimonial, case report, or blog post, sharing stories is a perfect opportunity for flourishing businesses to communicate with potential clients. 

You can manage to put every idea or proposal to life, cultivating your creativity into an essential resource at your great expense. For a company, your creativity aims to unite consumers and products. 

Creative Writing is indeed a very profitable profession, so if your passion is writing, you should strive for it. As you spend your college years in a creative writing profession and get all the motivations and encouragement you need every day. Learn essential abilities that will drive your career forward.

Critical Analysis

Each university student uses critical thinking to help speed up progress. The method of evaluating a topic draws amazing skills to help find solutions to every problem.

Therefore as a creative writing student, spending time choosing diverse types of compelling and insightful writing will make you excel as you create opinion articles and detailed arguments. Your work will contain the strategies of those who inspire and motivate you, and you will be a successful writer. Using your motivation to encourage other people.


Some entry-level careers in writing would demand submissions of your creative writing sample be used as an initial reference for future clients. Having the initiative is key in any career development, so as a creative writer, the drive to publish your work is just as essential to the success of your eye-catching cover letter and resume featuring your internships. 

Creative Writing Career Opportunities In Canada 

Creative Writing Career Opportunities in Canada. Source: Unsplash

When deciding to study for a creative writing degree in Canadian universities, you must know about those career opportunities that await you. Here is the list of some jobs that might catch your interest after you graduate with your degree in creative writing.  

Public Relations

Public Relations is a suitable job for confident and easy-going people. It is for those excellent communicators and writers. 

There might be huge potential here, with consumer promotions, promotional content, and a copy of the requirements for a press release. 

If you like the thrill of working in an ever-changing and challenging environment, this could be the right job for you. And the benefits? Getting free products from customers, while attending some gatherings. 


Journalists usually work for radio stations, podcasts, broadcasting news, online publications, magazines, and newspapers. 


An editor functions in a publishing firm and does book-length manuscripts. Editors can also work in various industries such as in online tech and publications, magazines, nonprofits, government, law, business, marketing, and anywhere in which language is needed. You can be a research editor, copy editor, or be in the editorial strategy team. 

Social Media Specialist

The knowledge of writing to capture public attention is a valuable skill. It is also known as a social media specialist. 

It's not necessarily the most accurate field, grammar and vocabulary can experience some quotes changes in a radical way when having character limitations. But if you are someone who can interact efficiently, this job suits you well. 

You must be ready to dig deeply into metrics and statistics since the task you will do is about to prove yourself and provide effective content. 


A Ph.D. in English or an MFA in creative writing, based on what you'd like to teach and how far you want to go, if you want to work at a university level, so it's a profession that would give you time to write, and also require you to do so.

Content Marketing Specialist

This job is also related to content marketing, where you need to publish quality infographics or videos, articles, and content. It's essential for marketers to raise their market. Both of these types require an exceptional copy, so that product writers will be in-market demands.

Technical Writer/Editor

Technical editors and writers are extremely detailed people who write guidelines, process instructions, and manuals. They interact with rules and work as carriers of a specific dialect. If you choose this particular type of profession, you might be working in a pharmacy or medicine, which also needs some qualification and preparation.

 You can also work in finance, government, software, all kinds of engineering, and nuclear regulations.  


On another side, there are a wide variety of commercial options that are available to everyone with a degree in creative writing. From designing websites for companies of all sizes and shapes to writing promotional copy both online and printed. It can be a satisfying and huge task.  

A lot of people who are successful work really hard to enhance their abilities and skills in both areas. they will have chances to be in a different relevant field, such as in web creation or marketing, and manufacturing.


There is nothing more rewarding than spending time with books. It is required to have a library science postgraduate degree to work in the library. So your creative writing degree is your roadmap that leads you in such a career. 

Creative Writing Workshops In Canada 

Creative writing workshops in Canada provide you the opportunity to gain knowledge from a real expert.students should seek advice from an instructor and if it's a graduate or undergraduate creative writing program, it's always going to be an investment. 

So to be more advanced in your creative writing skills, taking this program is essential. Since writing, instructors in Canada might be of great help.

If you are considering taking writing workshops with some writing professors in Canada, do some background research. And see if that professor would suit your taste and learning needs. 

However, knowing your creative writing instructor through online platforms can be a nice way to create a bond with some other writer that most definitely has some substantial experience in publishing. They will give you tips depending on your experience, both as a creative writer and as a business writer. 

Plus, during workshops, you can ask questions for clarification. Yes, of course, you can still search google for queries, but you also have to dig with the answers to make sure that the response you get is accurate and reliable.

Basic research is fine and well, I still recommend that you do it, but having some of your concerns addressed by a professional writer is essential.

You should interact effectively with other social media writers, since it's a brilliant networking platform, but believe me, if you want more out of writing, you should be friends with creative writers, and doing it while you are in a university is the best time. 

The basic act of prewriting typically creates a lot of discussions, and the personal lives of authors frequently spill into their artistic creation in interesting ways.


You need to continue to grow and learn. Don't be scared to accept positive criticism from professional writers, it is really beneficial. In the end, the experience of undertaking a creative writing course is pretty awesome. It can be totally difficult, especially when you're interacting with many people. But it's extremely beneficial to your growth as a writer.

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