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Creative writing is writing artistically, and it is the art of creating content in a way that is not technical or academic but still gets attractions to the readers. 

Creative writing is considered as writing self-expressive and original content. The bottom line of creative writing is to share the human experience as well as to please the readers. 

If you have the desire to try learning how to do creative writing or you want to seriously take a creative writing degree to become a professional writer. 

The first thing you need to do is to find someone expert in teaching you the basics along with the most difficult part. That’s where Canada can be the first place that might come to your mind. 

Building Your Future In Canada 

Studying in Canada can let you feel the enjoyment of living standards. Canadian colleges and universities have a high level of education.

Canadian universities provide excellent degrees including creative writing and most of it are welcome for all international students 

Canada and some of its cities like Calgary are serious about education, it is the most educated country worldwide and it's a pleasure to get a chance to study in Canada.

Canada and Canadian cities such as Ottawa have expert instructors in the field of Technology, Medicine, Politics, and Journalism. The country is known to be flexible in terms of education. 

Canada and some of its cities such as Edmonton offer a wide variety of institutions, vocational schools, polytechnics, colleges, and universities depending on your goals. You can also try an online platform in Canada where you can have personalized lessons according to your needs.

Educational Information

Every Canadian university has its website systems that will let students enroll and apply in their chosen Creative writing programme or degrees. 

Students can choose the universities or online programs they want and then proceed with the application process and finally submit the requirements.

Masters Degrees in Creative Writing, Canada

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University of British Columbia - Creative Writing MFA 

The University of British Columbia has established the first creative writing program in Canada. UBC is the most comprehensive and largest university in Canada.

It has high standing globally and is popular with students around the globe because of its multi-genre writing instruction approach.

Students enrolled in the creative writing programme of the university are required to write multiple genres. Rather than learning literature, the program focuses on practicing how to write.

The university program provides small intensive workshops including eleven genres of creative writing to learn along with many opportunities related to writing all over the world.

University of British Columbia - Film Production and Creative Writing MFA

The entertainment industry recruits thousands of people in Vancouver, Canada and produces about billions of dollars into the locality. 

The university keeps its agreement and partnerships into the union and professional organizations, rental houses, and post-production facilities to obtain a smooth process of the students learning process as well as post-graduate opportunities, networking, and education.

UBC offers the one and only Master's Degree in Creative writing and Film Production in the western side of Canada. The university is among the few programs of MFA Film Production worldwide that require an undergraduate degree.

Career options

Those who graduate in MFA film Production and Creative Writing - MFA has been working as a producer in the entertainment industry. Some became directors and screenwriters, some also work as a professor and instructor to pass in their knowledge of the field. A lot of them have served on the film organization as a board or became juries at various film awards.

University of British Columbia - Creative Writing (Distance) - MFA

UBC has also established the first program for Optional-Residency (Distance) MFA in Canada. It remains the only full MFA program in which students can take online. 

Designed to be flexible and unique, it allows students to learn about writing with an advanced degree while residing in their municipalities and have the time to fulfill family obligations and their career.

This program is comprehensively unique since it has a multi-genre writing approach. Students in this degree course must work in multiple genres. 

Career options

Graduate students of this MFA program can work in different fields related to communication and writing. Some were teaching at the universities and colleges in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Montreal, even overseas. Others have already published their books and won various awards in literacy. While some have become magazine and book editors.

University of British Columbia - Creative Writing and Theatre - MFA

It is a program of UBC which focuses on writing. Emphasizing critical and creative discussion of creating original writing rather than learning literary criticism or literature.

The readings suggested by the writing instructor are all relevant without criticism.

This creative writing program includes the study of new media writing and translation, graphic novel, lyric and libretto, writing for children, radio drama, playwriting, screenwriting, poetry, non -fiction, and study fiction.

Students are required to work on more than three different genres during this creative writing course. It is cross-training to help students finish the course with fulfillment. It is designed to build a well-rounded writer in every student so that they can receive many opportunities such as in publication and teaching as soon as they complete the course. 

Centennial College/ Graduate Certificate - Graduate Certificate in Communications: Professional Writing

The professional writing program at Centennial College will prepare students to work as flexible communications professionals. It focuses on the needs of the audience and assessing it, to deliver relevant and thoughtful content along with effective management techniques. 

It will help students to develop their skills in writing and producing a copy of different professional styles and settings.

This custom course is consist of a variety of discipline in communication and vocational skills such as : 

  • Digital storytelling
  • Information design and data visualization
  • Content management
  • Presentations and speech writing
  • Content marketing
  • Writing for social media
  • Proposal writing
  • Technical writing
  • Web copywriting

Career Options 

  • Report business/writer analyst
  • Instructional designer
  • Proposal writer
  • Web copywriter
  • Editor
  • Social media officer
  • Communications coordinator
  • Technical writer

Centennial College/ Graduate Certificate - Graduate Certificate in Advanced Television and Film: Script to Screen

This Graduate Certificate Program in Advanced Television and Film provides hands-on, in-depth, and comprehensive understanding for students to be able to produce and develop quality feature TV shows and films.

It is a two-semester multidisciplinary, post-graduate advanced film and television program, assisted by the School of Arts, Media, Communications and Design in Toronto to focus on television and media district. Particularly for the benefits of television craftspeople, film, editors, actors, producers, directors, and writers who want to improve their knowledge in the creative writing-related fields.

The main objective of this program is to teach students about polishing, drafting, developing, outlining, pitching, and creating production-ready scripts for short films. Also, students will have the chance to shoot, perform, and prepare various productions.

Moreover, students can learn in these programs about interpreting scripts of all genres, television shows, and classic films.

Online Creative Writing Courses in Canada 

Online Creative Writing Courses in Canada. Source: Unsplash

Aside from Canadian universities, the country also offers online creative writing courses. This online program will help aspiring writers to develop strategies on different writing styles, through a slide presentation, live sessions and other creative writing materials that could help students to achieve their writing goals. 

Here are some creative writing lessons you can learn with an online writing instructor : 

Personal Creativity in Writing

In this lesson, students will be focusing on their certain goals in writing, and the importance of creativity in writing.

Various Creative Flow And Written Forms 

Students will be exploring various kinds of writing styles, such as fiction, essay, and comedy.

Thoughts of Writing Poetry

Students will be describing Poetry's history and its different forms.

Simple Essays for Creative Happiness

aspiring writers will be dealing with writing easy and simple essays.

Fiction and Stories in General

In this lesson, the writing instructor will be discussing how to be a creative writer of fiction.

Dramatic Forms

Students will be writing fictional adventures and dramas.

The Novel Novelist

Students will be able to understand those factors to consider in novel writing.

Admit You Know Nothing and Write What You Know

Students will be assessed on what they want to become. Either writing of the things they know or a specialist writer.

Your Personality as a Writer

Writing instructors will be explaining how students can assert their identity in their writings.

Creative Writing as Therapy

Students will learn the benefits of writing and how it can be a remedy in various situations.

False Ideas and illusions About Creative Writing

Students will learn how to their psyche from their writing, and solutions about writing blocks.

Writing to Please Yourself

Students will learn the importance of writing for yourself.


Since creative writing programs are growing through the years, more aspiring writers will be doing visits in some writing centers, universities, colleges, and online classes which offer a wide range creative writing program. Well, in Canada you can find everything that you need in terms of creative writing, all the resources, experts, and professional writers. You will be able to handle every writing obstacle and issues you might face along the way with the help of professional writing instructors In Canada. 

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